Blue Cross Physician Choice PPO | PCPPO Introduction and FAQs

So, you’ve learned about Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s Physician Choice PPO plan. But, what is it really about? Physician Choice PPO is our newest and most innovative PPO plan that offers unique access to one of the most expansive healthcare networks, which includes 99% of all providers in Michigan. Blue Cross Physician Choice PPO plan is built around communities of doctors and hospitals, committed to providing members with affordable and high quality healthcare services. These communities are called Organized Systems of Care, or OSCs. By connecting you with a primary care doctor and other care givers within your own community, OSCs help to provide customized, coordinated care that’s right for you. The key to maximize your plan and pay lower costs, is to select a primary care doctor in a Level 1 OSC. Members have two choices to stay within the Level 1 cost share: 1 – They can receive care from any doctors, specialists, and hospitals within their Level 1 OSC without a referral. 2 – With a referral from their primary care doctor, they can receive care from any doctors, specialists, and hospitals within the broader Blue Cross PPO Network. Without a referral, a member will pay Level 2 cost share when using other PPO providers. As with any PPO plan, members who go out of network will pay the highest cost share. Physician Choice PPO offers high quality, coordinated care, potential for lower costs, and, freedom of choice. What’s unique about this plan, is that you have the freedom to choose doctors and hospitals for healthcare services. Your costs depend on the choices you make. You also have a wealth of online self-service tools and guidance from Blue Cross, to make sure you use the plan to your best advantage. Register and log in to to access great features to help manage and plan your health. To learn more about Physician Choice PPO plans, and more tips on how to maximize your plan, visit

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