Blunt abdominal trauma: Perform first aid on a stomach-area injury – Tutorial (36/43) | LAB ROCK

During the descent, in particular, when concentration and energy levels
are beginning to drop, injuries can occur as a result of a fall, slip or stumble. If this happens and the person falls
onto an object such as a rock or trekking pole they may suffer what is
known as a blunt abdominal trauma The abdominal region houses many major blood vessels
and blood-carrying organs. A fall involving injury to the abdome can result in internal bleeding and this can quickly become life
threatening. It is sometimes possible to recognize an abdominal injury by a hardened abdominal wall or abdominal pain.
The circumstances of the accident will also provide clues as may contusions or bruising caused by heavy internal
bleeding. These in turn may give rise to symptoms of shock such as a cold sweat ashen skin, loss of interest,
shivering. Eventually the victim may experience disorientation or even loss of consciousness. Apart from any violent impact to
the abdomen various disorders can occur within the abdominal cavity. So if someone experiences pain
in the abdomen without having fallen ask them if they often experience this pain or recognize it.
Generally the individual will be aware of it and know what to do Your role is to help. You should also make a joint decision as to
whether to call the emergency services. If the accident victim loses consciousness it is vital to check breathing immediately. If the person is breathing,
put them in the stable recovery position. If you cannot detect breathing, begin resuscitation immediately. This should
be continued until the professional rescue team arrives. The accident victim should be laid out flat with
knees raised or put in the fetal position, and monitored. On no account give them anything to eat or drink.
It is also crucial to alert the professional rescue services as soon as possible in order
to ensure swift evacuation. With abdominal injuries it is less about
the nature of the pain and what is causing it The most important thing is to call emergency services quickly
and then look after the accident victim until the professional rescue team arrives

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