BMSc Medical Education at the University of Dundee

I chose to do a PMS see because I was the third year of the medical course I'd say that I wanted to do something a little bit different for a while I didn't have any sort of background in research don't have any background and so I don't worry if you I can do my own study management and teaching something that's obviously centers they're over doctor no and something that I didn't grow in or anything about either so I thought was a good opportunity to do something different so the project that I did was looking at a professionalism as a whole which is the whole outcome three and almost a third of what medical students expected to do now and I would say we're cest that so that was a good opportunity for me to learn a lot about this a lot about quantitative but also qualitative research and running focus groups and I sort of Sayed of the research as well as then putting it together and rating up we also had the opportunity to go out and work in high schools and that gives a different perspective on the teaching side of things working with students at university is a lot different to working with kids who are perhaps not quite so keen on your subject and that gives a different challenge in terms of how did you keep them engaged I would recommend the B MSC program as a whole and I would recommend the teaching of Medicine course and anyone who is considering an academic job or really anyone who would like to do something for for a year that isn't science-based I think there's a lot of bmc's that are science-based and they're fantastic in terms of research opportunities and really good for people who are keen on science I'm not so science centered if you I come a little bit more on the research and the teaching side of things and I think it's a really unique opportunity to immerse yourself in something completely different for a while whether I go into educational role specifically or not I would definitely be much more confident in teaching students on the wards as a junior doctor as a registrar and then further don't know if I was to pick up an educational role within a university or a teaching hospital it would certainly

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