Bo Knows #48

Oh, yeah, how are you folks Wednesday welcome to the show Treated to select a radio show eight Three three five nine nine Nick eight, three three five nine nine six four two five at the bottom of this hour six thirty East and the great Bo Dietl will be calling in and if you don’t know Bo you probably do know from movie roles and and Well, the soprano at The Sopranos the Goodfellas is one of the most iconic lines, you know, oh Your praise up that’s Bo Dietl And that’s a good way describing his appearances on TV whether it’s Fox knows or anywhere else a meat and potatoes guy police detective NYPD for years and just a Straight-up good cop. He said movies made about them and can’t wait to talk to him interesting, dude. Hey, excuse me real quick dates Tomorrow I will be on live. I don’t know if it’s live or not. I can’t figure out crowd is scheduled I can’t eat guys a master of Marketing and I can’t find out I’ll be taping his show in the afternoon outside of Dallas and That night tomorrow night. I’ll be at the Texas theater in Dallas, Texas. So check-in Crowder is a He makes waves. He’s got big balls and I he’s interesting smart, dude Saturday October 27th at Lucy’s in Pleasantville, New York, November 2nd and 3rd governor’s in Levittown, Long Island, New York Tuesday November 6 the fat black pussycat in New York City Friday November 9th and the 10th comics Mohegan Sun, Uncasville, Connecticut Friday November 30th Saturday December 1st the corner comedy club, Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada love Canadian audiences They’re very loyal I could have run for mayor in Montreal when I was hosting the nasty show up there And then Monday December 31st, which is New Year’s Eve bringing 2019 I’ll be at the very beautiful Tarrytown Music Hall right down the street from here and You don’t want to miss that one. I don’t work much on New Year’s Eve because clubs don’t know how to do it But this is a theater they know how to do it And but I’ve done it November I’ve done in the summer of that in the fall and this ought to be a real humdinger so Go to Nick dip calm for all you ticket information Obviously, what do I got here Oh a letter from care Mount Medical Dear mr. DiPaolo, I am pleased to report that your echo Graham Looked good the hardest pump in get vigorously the heart valves are normal. Please do not hesitate to contact if you have any questions and there it is cigarettes and all oh Yeah, pumping like a fucking 18 year old on his first date I’ll be kind of late for a date on that Alright You hear that Yes, you are correct, yeah So I don’t know what what that was all about. You know, they did a EKG they did a couple of them Oh, it looks different You’re flatlining. Well, whatever the girls stuck to the electrodes of my forehead They might have something to do it that I’m a little empty up there. So anyways can’t wait to uh Can’t wait to get back on the treadmill anyways What do we got going on today? I told you going to Dallas tomorrow Hey, what are you? Uh, what are you twinks want to make an extra hundred? They’ll be giving me a ride to LaGuardia early in the morning and pick me up on Sunday. It’s an extra hundred Sure I’m out Just the way I thought it was gonna go hey don’t be afraid they use that camera and I’m looking you away There you go. Now I’m directing Jason you’re right with that That’s fun picking me up around 7:00 tomorrow, right at 7:00. I mean mom. Yeah. Yeah, that’s doable tomorrow. Yes Wait, what time I never getting back? Back, from what? Never mind, I should be good. Yeah. Why what do you got it 9:00 in the morning. You got a paper out Yes. All right. Well You don’t have to if you don’t want. Oh, it’s it could be a but it’s an extra 100. You know, that’s two-thirds I don’t pain you What that’s right slave slave labor. I Got these guys making my pillows rip pops Take a bunch of my wife’s tampons and really about a week’s worth and make up 1,000 pillows. Oh That was not right Nick. That was just nasty eight Three three five nine nine six four two five eight three three five nine nine six four two five quick update on the Dunkin Donuts they Focus artistic one. All right Hey Dunkin Donuts update on the story We did a Dunkin Donuts employee was fired after he was filmed pouring a pitcher of water and a homeless man who appeared to be Sleeping in a store and sarig we covered this Jeff show the video again for this this fucking asshole All day you have enough time how many times until customers and the people gonna tell you to stop sleeping here? No, it was an accident. You know, I’m not playing with you You gonna get out of here I Like the painting in the background sack from Jimmy walked his good times. Apparently you saw that you could see Felmy in the background But you know when we were put it on yesterday, he hadn’t been fight He had been suspended but they had the balls to Khanum think Well, I’m sorry we should be doing jazz hands at that point Anyways a guy named Sam Brazil 23 old diesel mechanic and a Syracuse ed he saved a copy of the video after seeing it elsewhere on Facebook by Tuesday afternoon as opposed to been viewed more than 3 million times as opposed to the 8 million when the black guys at Starbucks were loitering and Violating the stores rules but 8 million on that one. So it just goes to show you how PC and fucked up this country is In an interview with Syracuse post-standard, mr. Dufresne That’s the guy though poor white homeless guy who was doused said he had entered Dunkin Donuts to charge his phone so he could call His mother he also said he was not asleep when the video was filmed but was briefly resting his head The video is the latest social media post that shows employees acting improperly at a coffee chain in June an employee at Dunkin Donuts in Cincinnati was fired after writing a disparaging note on a homeless woman’s cup What do you get against homeless people? Fucking Dunkin Donuts. They were there they usually posted outside though and Of course the April video of Starbucks when the two black fellows who are loitering That got viewed 8 million times But the guy the guy get fucked in can so You fired You fight you fight according to a statement from you by Kimberly wall ACK the chief operating officer of the walnut group which owns and operates that Dunkin Donuts other Employees were also let go but none of the workers were identified. Why not? Why not put a picture of her? Let me ask you this. I hate to go back to these double standards that are so obvious But if that was a black homeless guy and two white guys dumped ice on him. I was joking about it Do you think you had identified them the paper? Of course you would have that’s it. That’s the way shaming them It’s part of the punishment make their make their Put their faces in the newspaper. Goddammit anyways Dufresne That’s the homeless guy told the paper. He struggles with mental illness as most of us. Do they go to Dunkin Donuts? Havin fuckin crullers and give me a Couple of Boston creams You’re gonna eat all the sir? No, I gotta fuck them. I Mean, there’s a lot of mental illness and donut shops. I’ll be yeah. Thank you Fucking one of the twinks Ryan just did this I’m 56. I know what fucking is maybe I can teach you after what what kind of talk is that on the show? Anyways, uh He told the paper he lives outside he lives outside because he prefers it as Ronald Reagan said some of the Some of the homeless will they choose to be that way? His mother said she had unsuccessfully tried to get him to stay with her in another town Probably Poughkeepsie. He said fuck that. I live under a bench It’s funny from Area well, maybe Detroit after uploading the video. Mr. Brazil also launched a crowdfunding campaign. How about this guy? This is a guy making a difference. I usually hate people who make a difference This guy’s actually making a different this the guy who, you know re-released the video Launched a crowdfunding campaign for the mentally ill mr. Dufresne And as of Tuesday afternoon raised at least 13 grand, which he said he planned to give to mr Dufresne says he planned. He didn’t say he was gonna You know I plan to donate to a PBS a lot of the times – I want that fucking Rolling Stones tote bag, and I pledged $3,000 and then I don’t send it in and I look for the bag That’s the American Way eight three three five nine nine six four two five, but good for Dunkin Donuts and miss Wallach They’re having some balls as we say here in New York Let’s get on to the story what else What else Christine Blasi Ford just hate her fucking name I Don’t hate her. I don’t down something happened to her. But I like I got I’ll say it I think it had to do with that uncle in a fucking pool cue and six Miller lights Nick where do you get that? I don’t know. But anyways President Trump my favorite president and I’m not saying that sarcastically at a rally yesterday last night Mississippi mocked kristinb lazy Ford we actually have some of the video of President Trump, I mean this is how he talks to everybody and anybody okay So I don’t want to hear he’s picking on women When when where this is how he talks to fucking minorities gay people straight white men. He’s just a bull in a china shop Here’s him mocking Christine Ford Shouldn’t happen to him what he’s going through 36 years ago this happened. I had one beer Right. I had one beer One BL you think I was shooting up there was one beer good idea. How did you get home? I don’t remember Where is the place I don’t remember how many years ago was that? I don’t know Wow sounds like some people are on cabin outside What neighborhood was it? I don’t know where’s the outsider? Upstairs Downstairs, where was I don’t know but I had one beer. That’s the only thing I remember Hmm, oh my god, the feminists must have their giant bushes and a real fucking huff, huh? But here’s my only problem with that because he he said this many times after miss miss Ford, dr. Ford Gave her testimony. She’s very compelling very compelling So that kind of contradicts what he was saying last night Maybe he’s changed his mind. Maybe he has some inside info into the supplementary Investigation that the FBI FBI is doing and maybe he knows they haven’t found anything further Maybe that’s why or he gets cocky like all politicians do in front of their own constituency We do it we do it comedians do it You know, there’s a crowd there to see thinking get away with everything and you say shit Then you were young with the club cause you know, you can’t you can’t do that You can’t like the curtains on fire and kick a cat in the stomach, especially if it’s pregnant, but but my fans loved it But you get all excited Oh what? No, but he did say she was really compelling and now he’s mocking her So I’m guessing you might have some inside scoop as far as I know Nothing new has been overturned. There’s been a few things Overturned that might hurt her. I’ll get to that in a goddamn second Many ways three other people that fought it named As attendees at their party said they have no memory of the party including a lifelong friend of mrs. Ford You said she had never met Cavanaugh though. She believes Ford’s accusations Trump said a man’s life is in tatters his wife is Shattered they destroyed people he had it presumably referring to the Democrats no shit who have led the opposition to Cavanaugh They wanted to destroy people they these are really evil evil people. I got a believe it. I read it up We’ve discussed this ad nauseam and what it’s just a time delay tactic They’re trying to stretch this thing out the minute Trump agreed to the you know Supplementary investigation the next day there was fucking whining. It’s not enough time. We’re moving the goalposts and They fucking horrible people just watch three minutes of Pelosi whether it’s at a kid’s birthday party Or speaking in front of a Democrat. Just just fucking no compass. No moral compass You got that guy Ellison could never remember his first name? Let’s call him Malcolm X Ellison One of the first congressmen to put his hand on a Koran when he was sworn in in Minneapolis They have all kinds of evidence on that fucking angry black dude who dragged his girlfriend off the bed by her feet miss Monahan They have text messages. They has empirical evidence. None of the Democrats are digging into that So you’re all full of fucking shit. You play dirty. I wish god damned Mitch McConnell would pass away in his sleep tonight So we could get somebody young in there who’s just as hateful as the Democrats you got to fight fire with fire That’s what I say Guilty and Pru until proven innocent. That’s a very day. It’s very dangerous. That’s a very dangerous for our country I’ll said I’m talking Italian. That’s what Trump said. He says I have it myself all the time But for me, it’s like part of the job description. Let it happen to me. It shouldn’t happen to him He also went after the credibility of Julie sweat. Nick’s allegation against Kavanagh You remember who Julie sweat NIC is she was saying all kinds of stuff about? Kavanaugh and Mark judge trying to get girls drunk and then organizing rape parties and and so forth He he specifically Trump mentioned an interview that sweat Nick did with NBC News Kate snow on Monday in which her comments raised new questions about her allegation that Kavanaugh drugged girls his the video from NBC Police say she saw either man spiked it. Did you see Brett Kavanaugh? You know spiking the punch put in graceful I saw I saw him giving Red Solo cups to quite a few girls. Okay time frame in there very punch at those parties and I would not take one of those glasses from Mark Kavanagh, I would Brett Kavanaugh, excuse me was about to call him around the punch. I won’t say bowls or the punch containers I don’t know what he did, but I saw him buy them. Yes in her declaration sweat Nick also wrote Alright, I told you to cut it there. Come on guys He was around the punch balls and he was handing out red cups So he’s got to be guilty not to mention yesterday or the day before they we have evidence that Cavanaugh was in a bar fight in New Haven Connecticut actually threw ice at somebody so let’s Lock this guy up. He’s obviously a Detriment to society. This is the woman that went to ten so-called parties what gang rapes took place and Kept going back until it happened to her So I you guys can connect the dots on that one, but he was handing out red cups I start looking at the punch. He was around the punch bowl My aiken stem Juli sweat dick Love of Christ Snow that’s a woman when I interviewed her said that NBC attempted to contact four people sweat, Nick said Could corroborate her contention that gang rapes were prevalent at house parties in the area in the 1980s? According to NBC two did not respond of the four one was deceased and one said he had no memory of sweat Nick Not to mention her boyfriend said that she threatened his family and his kids his her ex-boyfriend employers said she was fucking cuckoo and Yet NBC still chooses to put her on there So but it’s so bad that NBC had to admit she might have been full of shit What do you think of that? I’ll tell you what, I think of that You hear that, it’s a healthy beating heart with a bunch of Marlboro light smoke mixed in with the blood and it feels good Let’s go to our buddy Kevin in Chicago the Windy City Hey keV what’s going on your thoughts on the whole cabin off fucking circus? The Jewish the Jews are really trying to keep this guy out of power What do you mean Do you mean what do you mean? Oh my head don’t fuck this game. I know your body will Crowder Hold on stupid I’m up buddies with a Crowder I’ve been to have been interviewed on a show two or three times fucking I’ve never met. I’ve never met him personally How about that? So I’m not buddies with them. But what is it? What is all this anti-semitic the Jews? There’s about a hundred other Democrats that are involved in this who aren’t Jewish. Oh, come on keV Oh peanuts now Two lawyers the two lawyers from witching cats Yeah You’re doing it for free, all right, I know why they’re doing it for free because you’re All right, that was one theory It’s the Jews again I make Jewish jokes on stage But I do it in New York in front of a bunch of Jewish people and they laugh their ass off And usually involves the Bible. That’s the one place. Well, they were controlling the media back there, but It’s Jewish lawyers, that’s right Chuck Schumer, maybe he has a point But how about all the other scumbags? How about Jeff Flake? Last time I check he wasn’t circumcised and that was about two hours ago. I ran it toward the bus stop in Albany What oh Did you hit that crackling? Why is that anyways, eight three three five nine nine six? Four two five keV. I hate the throw water on that that fucking theory, but that’s that’s that’s out there. I mean Who do you think runs? NBC where she just made a sub look look at like an asshole sweat Nick who runs that it’s not the Amish You know I’m saying Anyways, hey people have their theories and they’re all welcome here we’re not like Google who are gonna boat you get like they did the Alex Jones or whatever because your Conspiracy nut may be little anti-semitic But that’s some good. We have a super chat on YouTube a super chat on YouTube wait, Dan Do I get paid for addressing you do actually? Daniel Charney ask Nicky boy. Did you ever watch mainstream news? I can’t stand it So I watching it at all News instead. I feel so isolated from normal people because of this Yeah. No, I that’s a great point. I Don’t know who watches broadcast news anymore. I I’ve you know, I check in with them all what’s his name? Daniel Daniel I check in with them all but no, I I haven’t sat through a full broadcast Every fuckin broadcasts since I was I’d say 30 well ABC CBS NBC all the three major news broadcasts It would be three minutes of hard news at the top and then our piece on women’s health you know then 18 minutes on breast cancer and then why why people Abed and then his sign-off ya know at least at least I know because he makes a good point because Obama, you know was always pissing all over we’re divided because of cable news and there’s a little bit of truth to that I guess But he’d want it where? He wanted it the way it was where there was only three networks being watched for news and they’re all controlled by lips So that that was his big beep god forbid. Somebody like Fox News came along and opposed his marks his horseshit Plus the pussy is a lot hotter on cable knows Peter Jennings, he died of lung cancer. He’s a Canadian and Walter Cronkite Everybody thought was he was like America’s dad He was supposedly the most honest man and news and and after he retired you read shit about interviews, he’s done he was left is uh, you know, the Green Monster what? Fellas Baseball fans. Yeah, gee watch game last night. Oh, I did. I didn’t I didn’t finish it. I Conked out right around when they brought in Kyle Hendricks. Oh my god. It’s kind of sucks down a bit. Kyle Hendricks fan Well, you can really suck the life out of a conversation JC nothing Nobody gives a fuck of you’re a fan of Hendrickson the it was a great game, Colorado You know, it was tremendous. They just fucking went in there and Milwaukee beat the Cubs right? They won the division and then as a punishment the Cubs had to play, Colorado Very impressive that kid that lefty was throwing smoke for like 70 he’s really because he’s super funky to like you’d hope for a lefty to be but he’s just Play his fastball episode. No, he was nasty very nasty. And you got a nice one tonight the A’s and Yankees I’m still scared shit of the Yankees just as a Red Sox fan. I’d rather lose to the goddamn A’s The Yankees hit home runs like a fucking higher hierarch Softball league it’s it’s frightening. But anyways Anyways, let’s so let’s uh move on I can’t wipe it a game tonight baseball playoff baseball’s as good as anything That’s if you like that stuff. I mean if you’re into dancing and in pottery, that’s fine, too I got a story at the end I probably won’t you guys are starting with stilettos now so well Let’s all put our guns in our mouths everybody from the NRA myself and take our own heads off and ourselves a favor Alright, let’s go to let’s go We’re gonna get a international opinion Chris from Canada wants to talk about Blasi Ford Chris. Welcome to the show How are you? Very good, Nick. Thanks. Yeah, I’m an agreement in Blasi Ford It almost looks like the left picture out of like a lineup and just said look something happened to you. Great Here’s here’s your talking points. We don’t care if it’s Cavanaugh or not Just blame him blame him blame because let’s be honest. Every white man has done this as far as they’re concerned Yeah, you made a great point. It’s turned into race now I showed that Jeffrey Toobin and and there’s a montage of people on the left on cable TV It’s all about old white men now And of course Ann Coulter has to bring some logic to it and I say that seriously, I love her She actually said white Western European males Which is most of the country when they talk about all white guys the probably the least rapey culture when you when you look around the planet when you look what goes on in South America and the Middle East and I mean, who are they shitting? So you’re right. It’s it’s somehow transcended from just gender Into race and and I don’t want to bring up the rape statistics in this country that involved people of color cuz that would only bring some sense to the The argument but I think you’re right. They said you got a great story. Let’s use this broad She didn’t want it to come come out in the public and they used her like a rag and threw her away anything for power Chris anything for power on the left in the United States and so great point Absolutely, though you’re 100% right and anything for power I mean do you think in in the right mind anyone would bring in someone like swerd Nick there? I mean she is she is batshit crazy. There’s no doubt about it you could see it in her eyes when she’s being interviewed and And the things she’s saying well he was in Connecticut at the time therefore. He should be accused I mean, she’s out of her mind that woman Yeah, and yet I can’t believe that the news would even allow her on I can’t believe that there isn’t a possibility of a lawsuit Against her for making accusations where there’s absolutely nothing to support it that and that’s a great point That is a great point that this investigation this supplemental Investigation should look into all these woman’s past dig as deep as you did against Kavanagh and they should be held accountable Sweating it should definitely For perjury, whatever but it backfired on NBC. Thank you for the call Chris it backfired on NBC Did they put her on and then they had to go she didn’t even they had to admit NBC who carried water for Obama for eight years and you can’t get a more liberal Network, even they Said this is you know, none of her shit corroborates what she said in earlier interviews, so it’s suitable up in their face But I love how it’s turned into old fucking white maneet a lesson and how to treat women. Are you shitting me? Just go online and look at fucking you know Whether it’s Ray Rice or whatever look just look at the NFL the police blotter Every year, you know They turned it into an anti white anti male and I told you Oprah started all this shit with her stupid show years ago Let’s let’s move on and staying on on Blasi Ford this is interesting and they’re gonna have to dig into this a little deeper an Ex-boyfriend of Christine Blasio reportedly wrote a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee contradicting her testimony last Thursday on polygraphs Prompting Grassley to raise doubts about her truthfulness Okay, you raised him now investigate him the man who says he dated Ford from 92 to 98 wrote in a letter that he once Saw a Ford help ease the nerves of a friend preparing to take a polygraph by in Quote-unquote explaining in detail what to expect and how they work Okay. Why is that a big deal during last Thursday’s hearing Arizona sex crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell Remember John Madden and address feel bad for her Asked for if she had ever talked with anyone other than her lawyers about how to take a polygraph Polygraph and Ford said neber she said never You’re lying And your piece of shit That’s gone a little too far I wouldn’t call that but the man whose name was not released also said that during his relationship with food She never mentioned Brett Kavanaugh or her experience as a victim of sexual assault Which is a little more understandable a little more I don’t know if she get into details about sexual assault, but she might have brought him up And they let her late Tuesday. Grassley asked Ford’s lawyers for the polygraph results Saying the exes claims raised specific concerns about the reliability of Ford’s polygraph examination I keep seeing polygraph polygraph God. I dated a polygraph in high school for chrissake. How could I get that wrong? About the results. Anyways, I want to see these women held accountable. Okay, the law is supposed to swing both ways but in the era of Hashtag me two of my snatch Men had treated like you know like dirt in my Opinion, so I hope they dig into it. But ya sweat Nick is cuckoo Ramirez you got the one who said that he you know Cavanaugh exposed himself to her. She actually touched his penis. They had a dildo with the party and stuff They’re still working on that one But you just watch this blow up when they when the Republicans say, okay, it’s over We’re gonna vote on Friday or whatever you watch the kicking and screaming and you can bet right now Around the clock the Dems are working trying to dig up Derek on anybody Anybody who sides with Cavanaugh and this thing is that Bo is Bo Dietl Oh Keep an eye up a bo. He’s calling it at 6:30. So like banging on the window if you have to to get my attention Anyways, I was hoping to get to him before I get into the Michael Savage audio cuz he’s gonna He put a theory out there that I don’t know what to make of Real quick, I’m gonna go to Dale, but we’re waiting for Bo to call in Dale so I might have to give you the boot right in the middle a bit, but let’s Go to Dale in Jersey. What’s going on Dale? You ever notice that last yeah yesterday I saw like, you know They said the FBI is going to take one week one week and then yesterday I saw reports FBI can’t include this on Wednesday Okay, and then I wake up tomorrow and see the news reports. Well Trump has 500 million from his father. I’m like you gotta beat this thing And I’m like really I go. This is what you got. I’m like this is why I use Wow. Was that like Yeah was a midterm tonight. Was that the tax the tax returns story you’re talking about there Yeah, his father gave him some money. So it was like some legal loopholes Nick you notice they never said illegal he’s active Oh, it was loopholes Trump said this when he won the president right the because they use the laws of the land, right? Like what would you puppies kidding me? Hey and it’s like do you really think Trump is like one step ahead it truffle II thought Cavanaugh was guilty or this and that each of the guy in Alabama. He wouldn’t support him So he’s gonna wait and he’s gonna they’re gonna get lost in the midterms because Nick real quick What is this happened at the Dems? We’re gonna win the house in the Senate. I’m very confused I just I don’t think I was ever gonna happen. So you believe there’s not gonna be any blue wave or anything close to it He’s gonna keep the house and this is my prediction he’ll get like 56 I wish you’ll get 60 56 in the Senate, but I wouldn’t be surprised because I’m gonna sum this up you remember when trunk won the presidency how everyone lost their minds they didn’t realize this No-one did everyone forget that the Democrats ran the Senate with Trump won. You also put the Senate. Oh, yeah It was like yeah, you suck 52 now ya know we really talked about that right guys I don’t think you know what you’re in for. No, you’re exactly right. No, you’re exactly right Everybody was wrong about it specially in the media. Hey good. Call Dale. I’ll talk to you soon preciate Owning us right now on the phone and boy I tell you I admire this guy for a long time I’ve seen him as a fox news contributor. I Guess tonight calling in-game publicity as an NYPD detective in the 70s and 80s Solved high-profile cases like Palm Sunday masca, 84 most notably the rape and torture of an East Harlem nun and and they turn that into a movie if you guys saw it with Harvey Keitel called the Bad Lieutenant and His time in Hollywood didn’t end there he started Scorsese’s Goodfellas and obviously we all know the line And he also wrote an autobiography One tough cop in 1998. He’s a Fox News contributor and just just one tough nut And if in a perfect world, he would be mayor of New York City Bow welcome to the show. I can’t can’t thank enough for calling in No, that wasn’t my movie the Bad Lieutenant was Harvey Keitel, my movie was one tough cop based on a book with Stephen Baldwin and I didn’t pull my penis out like I’m well. Okay, I’m gonna I’m gonna blame it on my producers, but that’s what it said in the bio They pulled up but I didn’t I didn’t think that was about you either I had never heard you connected to that movie and I owe you. What have we do? They want you know what they wanted to do New York history right the rape of the done where they call coffee 27 courses they put broke. They write k Tadhana, so they wanted to take the most horrible case and had this drug using lieutenant break the case But he was a junkie and all that hobby play the great thing had that nut Abel Ferrara He was – he was a direct. He’s a screwball and But the real movie was one tough cop was Steven ball, right they had me killing about 40 fuckin 20 fuckin people anybody Well, let me ask you and how long how long were you on the force? NYPD, I Came on. I came on 1970 and I retired 1985 what happened was I had a body guy? I had a body guard company with the Saudi Arabian princes Yeah I had to travel all over the world and the day that I ended up being on the cover of every newspaper and Every news reel with the Palm Sunday mask. I want to meet these epidemic dudes over at the palace. Oh Yeah, they go like this boy, you’re so brave did you come with us to La Jolla California we’re gonna have a big party and So I go out there I fly out there next means they have a party by 25 off-duty actresses for 2,500 each to party up drink Dom Perignon Next thing is the Arabs gonna be they were both of them and then military So they had jumped a hundred times each go boy. You’re so brave. Did you ever jump out of a plane? I go No, they go. Are you afraid I say I ain’t afraid of nothing but an egg damn citizen And the fuck I jumped out of the plane I had no fucking clue what I was doing Before that I had a full shoe And the next thing is I didn’t realize they had to do thing called landing, you know Yeah, I hit the ground about 30 miles an hour. I broke my leg in half. The ball was dig out my face Wow, I had none of that and I scoured the internet but man you you aren’t afraid of any well, you know It was it was something that I tell you the truth more before I became a cop I was a concrete labour and I was in I worked on the original World Trade Center I was really afraid of height I was always afraid I but I would fight the fear When I would work as an iron worker, and I didn’t want to act like a pussy nice to walk The gird is at the end of the day. Just trying to defeat my fear of heights. Oh I still get that twiddly feeling in my stomach when I’m up by yo Let me let me get you to weigh in here quick Bo that’s unbelievable, man. You aren’t afraid of anything Let me get you I think it’s scarier hanging out with those Arabs and actually walking those high girders But let me get your take on because I haven’t talked to you but and I know this is a little dated but you’re such a true-blue cop I want you to weigh it on Kaepernick and the whole nailing thing and him having socks Depicting cops like pigs and and what do you think of guys like him and people who who back him? Well, you want to know something though, it’s all just one cause and I’m gonna tell you something He was my president and I respect him as a president, but he didn’t do dick He divided this country a guy named Obama and he caused this division when he pre ejaculated with his news Conferences before any of the information was in and he started to divide the cops and then this whole black lives matter Bullshit started fresh and then all of a sudden you got all these grace pages that started no one cares about the 6,000 African-americans that were killed in Chicago, you know led 10 years, which I’ve been talking about, right? When did you see this fucking president? Bullshit? What did you ever see that my friend skinny? I used to be fat al Sharpton. And that other Jesse pimp Jackson that punk that shakedown punk Right. Did you see them ever have a watch in Chicago? Nobody cares about that seven-year-old little girl Leticia sit on the stoop. They got shot in the head six thousand african-americans No one said a word if there’s a if there’s a shooting that’s questionable Hey, you have millions and millions of interactions. Of course this country every day with cops. Cops are all not bad I just heard on the radio five cops were shot down in the Carolinas. It’s just I hope they’re alive They said it white cop you just shot Yeah, so my point is everybody wants to be condemned cops. It ain’t an easy job You’re out there making a fraction of a second decision that day going to be able to question you now they got these fucking cell phones If that cell phone rice the brass knuckles these cocksuckers if their self up That try to be in jail fucking money kill anybody. So special limitations is over and I ain’t running for mayor and whatnot Welcome. Let let me ask you. Let me let me ask you this If you make great points about during the Obama administration, you actually saw like the the the upper brass The people that run the city of Baltimore telling the cops to stand down. There’s a lot of that going on and What would you tell a young guy a young Bo Dietl in his 20s who wanted to become a cop today? because cops are actually was personally just like I won’t tell them I Tell you I Thank God, he’s got a great job you want to become a cop I break his fucking arm I never let him become a new york city cop they spit at cops. They disrespect them These four cops are out there trying to do their job. They got no support You got some psycho kid judge overseeing what they do. You got somebody else on the scene that one Oh Looking a cop is out there to protect you when you have somebody coming through your back fucking window You want that cop to come over and help you and say, you know what respect goes both ways Hey something really cool that I got involved in real fast, but have to do it what we’re talking about I got involved in every magazine, of course Americans did called bola. Yes. I was gonna bring a wrap Oh, yes. Yes. I was going to bring that up. Tell the baby tell the people what that is Okay, no, I’ve been involved with a lot of things I get a call from somebody They said Bo you gotta see this I go over to, New Jersey I’m in Montclair University over there and I see something that I’m my hair whatever here I got looks still stood up on my head how Unbelievable. This is it’s the chart. It’s a size of a cell phone your point. It has a laser pointer You pay point it in between a person’s legs or? Around their on their chest right in within a fraction of a second. It’s unbelievable a thing shoots out sudden 50 feet per second It wraps a person in a fraction of a second with a fish hook and he’s got a Kevlar rope around him He can’t break it and he’s around his arms or his legs. You can’t run away It’s it the most remarkable, please cool So now you got a guy with a knife and you know up the shirt you bolo wrap the bastard and then you go over there you Handcuff them and we will say people now. I’m not doing this for the cops You know why I’m doing it for I’m doing it for the community. I want to save some people in the fucking community So this way a cop has an option He doesn’t have to shoot the guy because a lot of these people that you’re coming against one out of five calls Are you got mentally disturbed people? So people were mentally still don’t even know what the fuck they’re doing right and you know what to shoot him Very Cousy. Yeah. Remember I was a cop in the 70s in the 80s I was hospitalized 30 times Franky skull I was shot up Many times one time a guy shot at the 15 feet away. He pulled the trigger. He didn’t had a shooting squeeze He messaged me with five shots. And he throws the gun. He goes you got me. You got me I said motherfucker I got you. I Lock them up attempted murder. Yeah, that’s right. I did do that. I think kill them statute of limitations is over. Fuck you Hey the thing about the ball around, you know, what would I do? What would you do? What would you yeah What would you do if a guy shoe tell you five times and he misses anything throws the gun down since you got me fuck You I got you You got me like you’re gonna go. Okay all is fair, but you know the bowler rap thing I have one concern about that invention Bo I’m afraid that people are gonna steal those things and use them to get girls You see you see a drunken girl in front of a club That’s a whole nother subject In the Adam’s apple we had an Adam’s apple the city ice to bang all the students I was hitting them on a fire escape in the back office at the heliport. I saw two or three Always going. Oh, no. No, I don’t really don’t want to see you then You got the cock out and then all of a thing you got the cock on then don’t stop Oh Something to do it faster now, I I got it. Stop ain’t got no more ready Well, yeah It’s a good segue into the Cavanaugh the Cavanaugh thing and in how right now You know men are being not just Cavanaugh but guys and college campuses being falsely accused and and and and all these accusations Against Cavanaugh and all of a sudden become it. Oh, it’s an old, you know white guy thing rape, you know Can we bring a little honesty to the conversation? Yeah, I I really feel I got a really good opinion on it Oh Cavanaugh drank beer like every other kid drinks around and Did he throw up like every other kid and did he maybe not remember what he did one day? Hey We all went through that fucking my own son drank too much and his belt cops take my handcuffs off And I’ll take his eyes pop them in the face the next day never even remembered book into these cup like that My point is Mike Tyson’s like this chick that says that she got it’s actually first of all she didn’t say she got right mom She said he put his hands over my he tried to feel her up or something kid I mean I used to do that all the time what the fuck is nothing and then all of a sudden she’s there and she’s With these psychiatrist. I had a cousin who was a PhD psychiatrist. She was more fucking nuts than anybody because she has a Psychiatrist and when they laid back, well, what’s bothering you you deepest recesses of your mind? Oh, there was a party me there was this guy Cavanaugh was going through this pretty good. Yeah, I think he was there I kidding. We’re in love. I got laid last fucking week I mean this guy goes this woman’s going back thirty six fucking years ago. Come on Give me a break now as far as Cavanaugh goes Yeah, just like every other red-blooded guy, right how many times you have dry humping abroad. You’re dry humping abroad. She’s gone No, no, you’re grabbing the breasts little bitch. No. No, she push away next things you go down and grab the jelly box He’s pulling your shaft out pump. It is in. I mean at what point at what point is it sexual? It’s not as if the sexual abuse or not. It’s a fine fucking line. Hey, I’m going to go home and masturbate I don’t even want to go with any girls anymore. I mean, I don’t know who’s gonna jump on me. W I’m currently talking with dr. Phil McGraw and No, no, you’re right I mean Dr. Phil, who is he to tell me what to do? What’s right or wrong this fat? Fuck you Don’t tell me what to do. What makes him the expert on anything. You tell me. I want to throw up ya know, he’s a he’s a bit of a huckster like a lot of people but let me tell you about I Have a lot more but I I kind of want to save it for the next time cuz I want to talk to you again And you know because look you’re in show business you have you you let me get this one in before before I let you go What what happened with that show vinyl, which I loved I loved a pilot We you Bobby Cannavale II and Ray Romano and Dice Clay and and you What happened? How did that get canceled? You could Scorsese and Mick Jagger working together. What was it like first of all working with Scorsese? No fear I play fucking Bodie I play fuck turbo-diesel I Play with De Niro and baby Directed I played with De Niro and Al Pacino I know I odd I uh, I auditioned for bow I auditioned for that. I Got Joey Glencoe, I’m the fucking boss. I’m the one that introduces the whack job to Jimmy Hoppa He ends up killing Jimmy Hoppa But the point is what happened to vinyl vinyl was they spent about twenty eight million for the pilot right and Scorsese Directed it. We had some great scenes. We had like the Plato’s retreat yet about 80 people banging each other and it was really Great, but what happened is the guy Lombardi at HBO. He was the number two guy on the rig floor So what they do is they release them. They premiere it against that fucking Walking Dead with those fuck You kid premiere you’ve got 15 million assholes that watch Walking Dead every Sunday They’re not gonna watch vinyl and they release it at the wrong Time and then they were gonna go into the second season and I told Marty I want you know Could they kill me at the end? Yeah, I killed fucking Dice Clay Very disturbing. Yeah He killed me oh they don’t fucking kill me I want to come Fucking wig on and I want to come back I want to whack That we’re gonna come back we’re gonna come back And then they canceled everything I love this podcast. I love I love to curse. Me, too. You’re on the right. You’re on the right show bomb I I fucking I’ve been cursing like this in second grade and and I do it on stage and but you know You got it. You got it. I was painting I want you to come on Mike like people like number eight of shit of Kapaa Kirkuk one top podcast on iTunes I guess guess what networking some shit like that, but the point is that I had A movie called up I Lika and it’s Danny a did it I just filmed up in Newburgh and then I had that guy what tell us his name any Danny a Ok. Ok. What’s the our David Arquette? David Arquette, yeah Quiet quiet I had a pull everything I Loved well I’d love to do that and let me ask you a favor before you go you got you’re going to dinner or something right III Want here’s my fantasy, and it doesn’t involve women. I want to have dinner at Rao’s with you I don’t warm up and lick my balls 5 million billion But definitely you come up we’ll get a really quick table and the only one thing I always sit with my face Of course scumbag I locked up I started to get out the guy to rape the two guys that raped it under out They gotta kill the dead fucking people eight kids Palm Sunday mister that motherfuckers out. You gotta kill Herman Bell He’s out. I liked all these motherfuckers they’re out. Don’t worry the president if you wanna play a bulb Alright now don’t don’t worry about it. I you know, I by rayo sauce. It’s so good I’ll take the bullet for you now and I’ll sit with my back to the door You’ll be potato know what we doing what we do is I always I face the door and I tell you ready if I Go like this man go down. I flip the table. There’s a fucking spy barricades around All right Bo hey hey this is his bed This was as good if not better than I thought it was gonna be. We love you service keeping you know for years you kept us and I I am NOT. I hate to be called any crime here or never was a hero, you know The heroes are the heroes are don’t come back who are cops. They can’t kill them. Those are our soldiers that don’t come back They’re the real heroes. You know what I am. I’m just a lucky motherfucking and I tell you what, I love cops I love the way I love soldiers. I love my military and more important. You’ll love this bola rap I like to fucking put that on that I’ll shop And find out. Well, I’m gonna I’m gonna show the red button Yeah, I’m gonna show this uh what when you hang up I’m gonna show a video of you using the bola wrap so I can’t thank you enough for calling in BO and yeah, let’s Get you up on Twitter We’ll do it again Definitely obviously. All right. Thanks Bob. Appreciate it the great Bo Dietl everybody and That’s a cop okay, I Don’t know if there’ll be many people that agree with his uh, as far as dating goes and how it’s changed in but I kind of wish I lived back in the 60s and seven, but they had those mammoths the bush but I Gotta talk to him about his agent too. I mean he gets these roles and you know, but um, You know, it’s funny. I think the bio I polled mentioned the Bad Lieutenant – I have to look at it on WikiLeaks, I’m not sure But but that didn’t ring true to me when I read it, you know Keitel do you ever see that one guys? Oh Boy you go I’m jealous of how many flex you got ahead of you that It’s so much better than anything’s come out unless I’m not just being they made better fucking movies as bolita will tell you Let’s should we run that video since people are watching. This is the what Bo Dietl was talking about it’s a Batman style bowler rap and it could revolutionize policing and Spell the end of lecture shocking phasers, but his what he was talking about. It wraps a string around you Watch how fast this happens I’m seriously worried that guys are gonna be using that at bars Hey look at the broad over the You know Look at that. I Wanted to ask him if it’s strong enough to stop somebody on angel dust If it’s ain’t guys on angels death like the strength of a hundred men. It’s kind of crazy, but that that’s unbelievable. I Always thought through a better ways and you know whether it rubber bullets, you know You get hit with a rubber bullet killed a girl but a celebration after the Sox won the World Series I think in 2013 a girl got hit in the eye of the rubber bullet. It actually killed her there’s other ways that you know, but I’m for the most part other than actually killing somebody with a bullet so Anyways Bo Dietl everybody. Uh, what the hell else. Maybe I should We got this, uh Let’s go – lets go – Bobby first in Tennessee wants to talk about Cavanaugh Bobby what’s going on? Who owns NBC it’s no Oppenheim another Jewish guy don’t you act another Jewish guy? Chuck Schumer, you know, he likes to talk about on I make a big social justice guy. Oh you like to care about Oh, don’t take on the little guy, but then he’s a hard court. It’s really first Zionist Never talk to anything about the UM. All right well, I mention NBC and Chuck Schumer right after I hung up with you I mentioned but I was you know kidding because it’s a Hundred of the politicians who want. Joy Oh Bobby come on I’m smarter than this Sorry, I’m not buying into it. I make jokes about it all the time, but you know, there’s a lot of other fuckin people who aren’t Jewish who are in on Taking Trump down you know a Lot of the global and that’s that other theory actually have a bit about it if you’re somebody who leans right into politics Like the guy who’s called with free of her names and you use the term global as the leftists say that’s code for Jew That’s what they say and I say, yeah, I was trying to sell my car the other day this guy was really globulin me down and Michael Savage if you know he’s a conservative Talk show host out in San Francisco by the way, real conservative and he’s actually been banned from flying to the UK They put him on like a terror list just because he’s a right-wing conservative seriously But some of his stuff he said in books and stuff, but he has an audio clip. There’s a theory out there about Christine Blasi for being tied in with the CIA Because her family was there the Stanford does a lot of work with the CIA blah blah blah. Here’s the His the audio clip of Michael Savage. It’s a conspiracy theory again. Somebody called it and I think was Michael Rossy yesterday a patron a patron on patreon and He mentioned Snopes and and so Snopes is refuting a lot of this. I’ll read that too and let you guys decide and You know Snopes I heard then you hear from people who think like me. Well Snopes is all left-wing and bah-bah-bah I can’t you can’t be a publication out there and say we’re the final word and the truth That’s just that that’s not how the world works. But here’s Michael savages theory on Blasi Ford Is doctor for deeply tied to the CIA, who is she Her grandfather worked for the CIA Her brother used to work for the firm that created fusion GPS Are you listening to this yet? She happens to head up the CIA undergraduate internship program at Stanford University it Well, it was it huh, no More that’s the whole thing. I think we have different cues or something Well when I send you something for some reason it’s always a couple seconds different. I Know that’s more than that Yeah, I’m gonna pull the whole thing up not the whole thing pull up what I sent you Anyways That’s deep state written all of it. That’s it Okay Anyway, did I just hear my heartbeat? shit anyways, the whole thing that said the Stanford had an internship program that she ran as far as Teaching CIA operatives or whatever and Snopes looks into it They refute this Stanford doesn’t run undergraduate internship program, but rather promotes that internship Which is operated by the CIA in DC? Christine Blasi fought as a research psychologist at Stanford, not a CIA Internship program administrator, none of these pop by the way. Mr. Savage is Jewish. I believe I might be wrong sounds like So this will blow Bobby from Tennessee’s theory out of the water Not a CIA internship program administrator none of the post claiming She directs leads or is in charge of the internship program Provided any evidence of that effect and none of them explained or acknowledged that the internship is an external one Run by the CIA itself thousands of miles away from Stanford’s campus. So that’s the first part they refute the second part Christine Blasi brother Ralph used to work for the international law firm of Baker Hostetler the firm created fusion GPS the company who wrote the Russian dossier they later admitted It was only a collection of field interviews Baker Hostetler is located in the same building With the CIA operates three companies called Redcoats Inc Admiral security services and Danna watch they are operated by Ralph Blasi the second He is the father of Christine and Ralph the third this component of the overall theories riddle with factual fabrications and logical failures According to his LinkedIn profile Ralph lazy the third that’s Christine’s brother and the son of Ralph lazy jr Did indeed once work as a litigation partner for Baker Hostetler and the firm’s Washington DC office that part’s true Baker Hostetler did not create fusion GPS as the blog post claims rather in 2017 fuse and GPS told The Washington Post that they had performed some work as a subcontractor, but Baker Hostetler What’s still a little too close for comfort who were representing a Russian holding company in a money-laundering case brought by the US Justice Department? however a fusion GPS told the post that their work for Baker Hostetler began in 2013 while Ralph Blasi the third stopped working for the law firm in 2004 nine years before they engaged Fujin GPS Baker Hostetler’s Washington, DC address is 10:50, Connecticut Avenue Northwest None of these three companies listed in the conspiracy theory as CIA fronts run by Ralph lazy jr. Has offices at that address Admiral security services division of redcoats and data watch systems is owned and operated by the same people but located at a different address within walking distance So, you know Ralph Blasi jr. Works for only one of these three companies None of which share an address with Baker Hostetler has been shown by any evidence whatsoever to be operated by the CIA The claim here is that Blasi Ford’s grandfather This is where it gets interesting was the legendary CIA linked currency trader, Nicholas Nick deke without offering any evidence of familial relationship the brass balls blog stated that Christine and Ralph’s the Third’s grandfather was Nicolas deke former CIA director William Casey acknowledged dekes decades of service to the CIA Deke has been the subject of speculation and fascination for decades in 1964 Time magazine called him the James Bond of the world of money writing in 1985 deke was shot dead at his office in lower manhattan by lois lange a homeless woman with a history of mental illness That’s some it smells fishy. Theories have been put forth. That Lange was not merely motivated by her own delusions as Investigators concluded but was acting under the direction of nefarious and organized forces criminal or governmental Whatever the truth about the death of Nicholas deke one thing is clear He was not christine Blasi ford’s grandfather multiple news articles before and after his death stipulated a had only one A son named Robert Leslie also known as les This information obviously rules out the possibility that deke was Blasi Ford’s maternal grandfather And since we know her father is Ralph lazy jr We could say with certainty that deke was not her paternal grandfather either. So I Don’t know you guys make up your mind Do you believe it Snopes the final word in the end this and and a lot it seems to be a lot of contradiction there but there’s a lot the fact that her family was involved in the CIA and Stanford and and and you know I’m not gonna go Connect a thousand dots in a one-hour show, but you guys decide Michael Savage you put it out there and I’m sure you’re probably following up on it and So Snopes says well this is all cons the holes in that theory but it is kind of creepy and Maybe the FBI will look into that. Maybe they already have I don’t know. I’m sure it’s the Jews So Michael Savage is Jewish. Yes, his his real name is Michael Allen Weiner He was born in the Bronx to Jewish Russian immigrants. He’s brilliant, you know, he’s like a biochemist He’s got like a degree that only a few people have you know and he’s a really smart dude, but I mean you have to be to stay on the radio that long in San Francisco is a Conservative host but that doesn’t mean what he’s saying here. You know, I’m sure some of it isn’t true But with people like Snopes around, you know, I don’t know what the fuck to believe How about this This is Rockford man, that’s Rockford, Illinois, I’m guessing right is it? Yeah Rockford men arrested in connection with vandalism at Republican headquarters. We have a picture of him guys Got a giant spider on his head. Why are you putting Bo Dietl up first look? Sure Bo Dietl wants his face up. Next is The Winnebago County State’s Attorney’s Office announces charges with vandalism of the Winnebago County Republican Party headquarters police say the building was vandalized with words like rape and Shane Sometime between late Saturday night and early Sunday morning Timothy damn 42 of put his yes, keep him up there. Looks like what a Gronk’s cousins Timothy damn 42 of Rockford faces a felony charge of a Criminal defeat of property which is punishable by one to three years in the Illinois Department of crutch. He also charged for resisting a police Officer look at him. Jeez. He’s fucking crazy Dam is being held in the Winnebago County Jail. He’s considered innocent until proven guilty. Unlike Cavanaugh. What’s he so pissed about? the community believes the recent hearing involved Brett Kavanaugh played a role and has that impacted our community? the words rape and shame were written numerous times across the building several people agreed that it was not right to vandalize a building but Some felt this was someone’s way of voicing their opinion and this is why we’re doomed to fail as a species Okay, I can see you may be thinking You could go if You’re a lefty you could go how do we know a right wing it and do this to make it look like that as The left does you know they hang noses on doorknobs and and and shit like that and then they blame it on the right So I can understand maybe having some skepticism that way but but either way defending What whoever did this for whatever reason? Yes, several people agreed was not right to vandalize but but some felt this was someone’s way of voicing their opinion W CRCC chairman. Jim thompson held a news conference to confront this act of hate quote unquote Is that any wonder that after months of attack ads this state and the move toward guilty until proven innocent and the US Senate? That this type of bounces find its way to Rockford. I say he’s right on the money with that crack wouldn’t you say so Some were upset about the graffiti others felt this was someone’s way of having a voice in their community That’s why they this is what the person says the interview Oh Natasha Harris That’s why they wrote it in big bold letters because no matter whom you are or what political party you hold or or position You hold rape is never. Okay, Wow, how’d it go out on a fucking limb? I don’t believe anyone should be Selected be elected that’s a rapist because I mean and again, this is somebody who votes Democrat, okay I don’t believe another informed Democrat, but I don’t believe anyone should be elected That’s a rapist because I mean, what does that say about our people? What does that say about our country? We like pussy? What do you think it says? She’s already got Cavanaugh convicted as a rapist and just a fucking You know what she should do Thank you Can you imagine I love when people can interview tonneaus and eat its listened to the car? She doesn’t Rick I’m really upset of her egregious misuse of whom of home. Yes. That was another thing tirely wrong Yeah, she’s way out of line on that But what’s it say about a car key. They were she’s already got the guy she doesn’t Ben just She’s crazier than the guy that actually sprayed painted they arrested she’s 14 times crazier than that guy Anyways Remember tomorrow I got a Dallas so no show for the patron members boat. We’re gonna throw something up there. That’ll tan Elijah Maybe i’ma going to fly out of the description Maybe no no we throw no leave it a beaver up there without getting flag. No this is a Interesting. And by the way, the conclusion of that last story more left-wing violent Mitch McConnell was chased down a In DC Airport being harassed. He’s got polio By the way, this guy girl right up his ass going up the escalator screaming a dime and shit. You fucking vile people I’m not seeing another and by the way, I forgot the brothers I saw Lindsey Graham on who actually pointed out that he voted for my or Sotomayor and Kagan, you know I mean he was pointing out the difference between and The left is it’s all about fucking power. I don’t care if I sound bias or not You can’t you’re just I don’t know you’ve taken the party Way too far. I don’t know how it’s not gonna backfire, but it will Finally tonight on Meet the Press Medicine I think she would get Bo Dietl is f me meet me above you should do a show together Can you imagine I’d watch But would do the show But did I did insist they bleep us every time we curse it would just be Hillier it would sound like one of those emergency Broadcast things when there’s a fucking hurricane This was interesting today a former former sailors behind the plot to send envelopes with suspicious substances at least two of which Tested positive for the poison ricin To the Pentagon the White House and to Ted Cruz’s office. Okay a former fuckin sailor One of two envelopes Addressed to e the defense secretary mattis or Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Rich’s and contained a return address That linked them to the former sail whose name has not been disclosed Why would you put it a return address even if you made it up? even if they wanted a trillion chance that the street that you made up somehow would give the what Help maybe. I don’t know enough about mail. I don’t They got one mail from Mexico with you, but it was rice and beans that’s right folks there was rice and Hahahaha Anyways, lady. Hello Another envelope was addressed to President Trump at the White House a tip from the White House oughta Let officials at the Pentagon to discover the packages They would delivered Monday at an off-site mailing facility at the sprawling defense complex Both packages initially tested positive for ricin but are undergoing further tests One of them might have the flu and the other one might have jaundice What more do you need to know? It’s fucking ricin the US Secret Service revealed late Tuesday It had received a suspicious envelope addressed to the president the day before The agency said the envelope was not received at the White House nor did it ever entered the White House? A lot of people say that about Trump what gilligan up? Word of the incidence in the Washington area came as officials said two people were rushed to the hospital after being exposed to a white powdery substance How many people are exposed to white powdery substances every night in DC and mail sent to Cruz’s campaign office in Houston? the Euston Fire Department said the powder tested negative for hazardous substances turned out it came off the balls of Ted Cruz after he came out of the gym what it was desenex isn’t The two people who take of the hospital don’t work for the Cruz campaign. Well who they worked for? What are they doing in the building? What are they doing in his office? Ricin is part of you know rice and his folks part of waste mass-produced when castor oil is made Cast oils would like parents used to punish kids with back in the day. Yeah, take a tablespoon of castor oil it No wonder why it tasted horrible. It had fucking rice in it If it is made into a partially purified material or refined ricin could be used as a weapon capable of causing death a Former sailor Wonder what his beef. Now. There’s a picture that comes with this story and it says, okay it’s guys in hazmat suit taking the mail away and All right. I thought they saying that was a suspect that was Finally tonight This one’s right up Ryan’s alley I believe is easy when you’re in theater Ryan and Yes, I was in Bye Bye Birdie in high school. I Played the nerd who didn’t get him that pretty of hamdi He’s a fag Kent State University, by the way, I think Edelman was the quarterback at Kent State For the Patriots and now the receiver was coming back Has Kent State University has canceled its fall musical production of West Side Story following complaints that too many white students landed lead roles Wake up why people Know West Side Story. You guys know the play you may not know it but it’s a you know It’s it’s Hispanic gangs. It was back in then whatever the Puerto Rican gangs and Maria was the fuckin girl that whatever. Yeah, you know I hate musicals. I fucking hate him damn it And you know what made me hate him West Side Story I saw III III just Fucking gay well show the video of the original. This is what I went. Well, this makes no sense But this gang of toughs That’s exactly how I play ball yeah exactly that Is considered that was considered a gang and they were all white in the original But nobody beefs back then. I’m almost with the lefties on this one But first of all the whole idea of a musical makes no fucking sense Especially in this case when you it’s supposed to be rival gangs the Sharks and the Jets and they fight they dance When they get mad they fucking it’s like a fucking freshman mixer these fucking white pussies Show that again, please. I can’t believe All right, that’s good try doing that to ms-13 members a bunch of white guys and go boo Fuckin find you an 1,100 pieces on the Li E But maybe the school is right if I’m the school I go. What are you talking about? The whole cast was white in the original? but it’s but it Somebody Jason whoever I am. I right it’s about Puerto Rican gangs or whatever, right? Something like that. They’re not White, that’s all I know One of them’s a white gang one of them’s a Puerto Rican gang, yeah Yeah, and it looked like they used I watch them that look like the use of Italians as the Puerto Rican There’s all kinds of beefs in here folks Yeah Bridget Martinez a Junior musical theater major who’s a Puerto Rican descent tried out for her dream role of Maria and she was beaten out by a guy named Ryan What’s your last name? Pia Jota, yeah Jota, but she said it all just gets screwed up when it was given to a white female But here’s my other. Here’s my other take on this what if they did cast? All the brown people is the gang then somebody was saying what are you trying to say about fucking brown people that they’re all? Gangbangers you can’t win in this fucked-up world But this country as far as race goes Martinez was instead cast as the white girl’s understudy. That is so racist the outrage to the casting led to a September school-wide town hall meeting which Eric van bars Kent State School of Theatre and dance director Eric van bars Kent State School of Theatre and dance direct decided to cancel the show as a substitute for recasting and replaced with a production of children of Eden which will be all Asian kids in one Puerto Rican guy with a Wooden leg. Oh God help us I do like one girl spoke up Skylar died. I think she was saying One student told campuses from the theater program is bowing to races Scot Skylar died at theater performance might have blasted the decision to cancel the performance Because and in this quote unquote is sir. Those people can’t see anything but skin color I’m guessing she’s white and she’s talking about the people whining and said the decision says more than enough about the University and its Dedication to quality good for you Skylar. Do I have that right? Is that the way you guys read it? yeah, I Love it, some girls stuck up and said, yeah those people I’m sure she’s popular on Japheth Skylar Anyways That is it ladies and gentlemen, I will not see you till Monday As I said, I’m off to Dallas early tomorrow morning And I paid them one of the twinks to give me a ride to the airport And they’re gonna blow all that yeah, I’ll give Jason an extra or whatever yeah, it’ll go right up his nose right after the I Got a problem. He does. He’s got a big problem He’s he’s hooked on antihistamines That is it Thank You Bo Dietl and I’m gonna hit him up I definitely have the quantities podcast the guy out cursed me. Oh my god Imagine him when he’s in his 20s and 30s and banging broads on a fire escape and shit Must have been quite a time. That is it. I can’t think of anything We got one last super chat. It’s kind of related vaguely to the last story about Jason I’m gonna kill you. Alright Mr. Nick town writes if Caitlyn Jenner died and came back as a ghost. That was brutally honest Would she be brutally honest to her kids would she be a transparent transparent transparent? told you That might have been the worst decision you’ve made since I met you I cried Yeah, don’t you also didn’t cover the stilettos. Yeah, I know that I don’t let disappoint You tremendously Ryan Jesus Christ put the picture of the stilettos guys are wearing stilettos now I have one picture and this is how they should look as far as I’m concerned any guy wearing still that’s how much? Alright, that’s it. I’ll see you guys on Monday. Remember you think and I’ll say you welcome. And again, thanks rally support. Take care bitches You You


  1. VINYL was great. I'm a first generation punk rocker, and they got it right. (Plus they used the song
    WHAT LOVE IS by Cleveland's legendary Rocket From The Tombs).

  2. Love this show Every day Nick U Rule. I think that Ford's family is more CIA than not? Anywho? It's also reported that Her sorority's mission at Stanford was to get Blackout Drunk see how manny guy's they could bang, manipulate, & completely controll? Kavanaugh was one'a Bushe's Drug & Criminal Activity cover up specialist's & is a true Swamp Creature. Apparently Trump Know's all this? & is useing them to bring down even more Swamp Creatures? For their cooperation They may get more lenient sentencing? I doubt Kavanaugh tryed to rape Ford? though it's possable? but probably got ripped drunk, Banged & tag teamed all kinds'a bitches with his pals all through High School & College. Who the Fuck cares? As long as he Helps Trump bring Millitary Tribunal's & set the TREASONOUS MUTHA FUCK'AS ta Swing from tree's. or life in Guantanamo Bay? 😳 In any case? What a show.

  3. Damn good fight on that one. Love the show Nick. You are forcing my hand to become a supporter. Was a subscriber for the old podcast before Sirius.

  4. The only musicals I like starred James Cagney. He's the only person I can watch dance without feeling
    like I have to wash the gay off of me afterwards.

  5. I was actually planning on throwing a gang rape party next weekend. All guys can cum. 😉 Bring your own lube and wipe-off rags. The "guests of honor" are hog-tied in my basement. But I do need somebody to give them a ride home afterwards. Who's down?

  6. I'll never stop saying Maria say it loud and theirs music playing say it soft and it's almost like praying Maria Maria Maria Maria I just met a girl named Maria (sure you did )

  7. I met bo at penn station awesome guy. I didn’t know he was this funny. All my mothers family are guido cops and hearing him talk reminds me of them lmao

  8. Nick Dipaolo, I disagree with you a bit. I don't think anything happened to Ford. I know that everyone has to cover their ass by saying "I'm sure SOMETHING happened to her" but I think she is making the whole thing up. She did not sound like someone that has "suffered" for 30 years with this memory. She sounds more like someone who is willing to lie to fuck someone over. She just "happens" to not remember all the details that would make it easy to investigate and prove/disprove her story with relative ease. How convenient.

  9. Big tough black brother who will be working in dunkin donuts for the rest of his life

    Imagine if a while guy did that to a black guy. O lawddd they does be some rukuss then

  10. Omg brett was around a bowl of punch!! Lynch him. Y cant we have a designated survivor scenario and and all the lefty dead heads wiped out.
    As usual nick another great show. Next time ur in nyack ny nick i will b attending

  11. Aren’t the dems the party of progression and the future? They vandalize stuff and silence conservatives but yet they throw a hissy fit about free speech. Hahhaha i love how the dems are eating them selves

  12. Um nick i am very offended. Instead of the twinks u need a overweight black woman producer. An asian phone screener and u sir nick u need to be replaced by a unfunny black trans “man”. Thank you i will send my letter to NCAAP ASAP

  13. Big momma done got her ass wooped. I love the fight videos at the end. Just take a look thats 2018. The world we live in. Its just sad. Oh em gEe soOo kEeLlL #emoji

  14. Come on Nick, at least use a good Photo of Bo…..he can use the help.

    Your not going to get a free meal like that.

  15. Is it just me or does Nick look like he us giving a testimony under oath on C-SPAN? Shifty motherfucker 😂🤣 Guilty krautwop bastard!😁

  16. And, don't forget to go to and get his last 3 stand up specials for free if you have Amazon Prime, and excellent deals on signed CDs and DVDs. International shipping available. Promo Code YouTube20 for 20 percent off until Halloween! Binge watching Nick's specials is fun. Just saying…

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