Boiled Balut Egg with Medicinal Herbs (HỘT VỊT LỘN HẦM THUỐC BẮC)

Hello, I’m Ms. Big. Today i will introduce to you a very nutritious soup, called: “Boiled balut with medicinal herbs” This dish is good for women who are pregnant and sex life Boiled Balut Chicken bone (600g or 1kg) Salt Sugar MSG & Seasoning powder Chinese Medicinal Herb: Ginseng root, yam, jujube, dried Lycium barbarum, Polygonatum odoratum … You can buy all these herbs at the supermarket, they are packed into a set Put chicken bone into hot water for 30 – 60 minutes Put all herbs together with chicken bone Don’t forget to put the balut’s juice into the pot Salt MSG & Seasoning powder Sugar


  1. bạn ơi món nào bạn nấu cũng hấp dẫn …hột vịt lộn hồm thuốc bắc .. nhìn quá hấp dẫn

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