Bon Jovi – Bad Medicine – cover – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Hey guys welcome back again to Ken
Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing.
I got a lot of requests from people asking me hey Ken what happened to Jon
Bon Jovi’s voice. Well it’s true Jon has been struggling with some vocal issues
and I have a singing course called How to Sing Better than Anyone Else and I
walk you through step by step how to take good care of your voice over time.
I wish Jon had taken better care of his voice because he wouldn’t be
experiencing the same issues that he’s having right now but to pay homage to
Jon and in tribute to him I decided to go ahead and record about six Bon Jovi
songs of what I would have done differently a. had I sung the songs and
singing in the same basically the same age I think he’s almost two years older
than me or something like that. We’re around the same age and I am 55 and I’ve
never sung better but it’s because I know how to take good care of my voice
and I work it out every day like you’re supposed to. So with that said let’s rock,
here some Jon Bon Jovi. Hey guys if you like what you heard
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  1. love this cover ken! i actually can understand every word, witch i dont get from the original. just shows how talented you are 😊

  2. I do not question you Talent, skills or commitment Sir. I surely wish we were watching a straight up live vocal performance. It seems to me like in your videos while you are clearly singing the song. Sometimes what I am watching is not what I am hearing. If I am wrong my apologies . But as a guy that does absolutely no production on his videos it is disheartening to me how often people "doctor up" add production or tracks on what they put out. Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge and Education with the world.! 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for covering another bon jovi song. I watched your other 2 covers of bon jovi and they were "out of this world" I've said it alot but I'll say it a million times over your voice kicks so much ass! Loved this cover of another bon jovi classic you nailed it ken keep on rockin 🎸 🎸

  4. The proof is in the singing. Ken killed it. The proof of great singing is also having fun. Singing should always be both serious and fun. Hard to match Kens enthusiast attitude. Blessings.

  5. Damn well, here we go with a swift kick in the nuts. the proof is in the singing people. awesome Job Ken. I would skip this video if I was John'. How Embarrassing

  6. Great Job! But you cant say you are still singing today and Bon Jovi cant sing cause he sang a milion times more than you all over those years and in a lot of different weathers. Always giving his heart. If he had sing same hours as you he probably would have his voice at his best. Dont get me wrong i love you but in my opinion you cant compare him with you in any way Ken. Just saying.

  7. Such a hard song to cover !!! I failed miserably at this in my band …
    You on the other hand – nailed it 👏👏👏

  8. Damn! You make current Jon Bon Jovi sound very bad! The fact that this isn’t detuned is a further testament to “….the proof is in the singing.”

  9. I wasn't a big fan of bon Jovi but my friend is a super fan…whenever I went round to his house as a kid and he put this on we used to rock out…lol. Too easy for you ken! Great job as always!

  10. After thousands of touring and smoking, now Jon voice almost gone.

    Good cover, please do cover santa fe or blaze of glory.

  11. 👏🏼! I always wonder about you very unique tonge placement. I never see any of your students so it like that? Is that just your own style?

  12. I love your tone and phrasing on this song, maybe even better than the original, and I do not say that often!

  13. Please react to Dimash in full Bel Canto mode singing Ogni Pietra –

  14. It's funny you watch vocal coach reactions and ya think pfft as if he could do it better then ken puts covers up and kills them definitely can walk the walk my friend nicely done

  15. Jeez Ken! You might make me a fan of them yet if you keep this up. I know one thing, JBJ could NEVER pull off that shirt at 55! Killer. As always.

  16. Ken,
    Do you think Jon is actually capable of recovering his voice? I'm a huge fan but God have you seen the 2019 videos of his voice?

  17. This was awesome Ken. How about you do a cover of steel hart never let you go. Not sure if you have done this if so let me know I will dig and find it. But I would love to hear your chops on this song. Thanks again bro 🤙

  18. Since Jon Bon Jovi is having vocal issues maybe you should sing his songs in concert for him. I'd pay to see that!!!

  19. I would love to hear you sing closer to the heart by rush. Who is with me ?. Also not sure if you have ever heard cuts like a knife by Bryan Adams and Bruce Springsteen. Totally Epic!

  20. How about reacting to Elvin Bishops Fooled around and fell in love live 1976 with a great vocal by Mickey Thomas.

  21. Ken you are great and I agree with you. To jons defense he was constantly on tour for 30 years singing these difficult songs. Has to take a toll on the vocals.

  22. Hi Ken ,
    Just watched the Bon Jovi’s …Bad medicine 2019 Vienna. I believe that it’s more than just vocal issues Jon singing in the wrong key 🔑 not even trying the harmony notes . 😪 It’s like totally tone deaf. Something definitely very wrong.

  23. Random question Ken, but can you do a cover of Get Out Of My Sun? And also who was the lead guitarist of that badass solo? Was that you?!

  24. I like how you pronounce the words clear than Jon BonJovi did, yet still managed to give it a rough rasp making it fitting for a metal song. Good job as usual.
    Edit: more metal please!

  25. Jon bon jovi didn't treat his vocals properly.. He smoked to his voice, he over used it and he's shouting before one of he's concerts. It just not the right thing to do to a voice…

  26. I've been watching your video's for a while, just realised I hadn't subscribed.. opps. Hey I know this is a long shot but I'd love you to give some feedback on this vocal. Long story short. This is my bands song. Last year our singer. The singer of this track took his own life. He never took lessons, as he never felt good enough to get lessons. He wrote lyrics and sang this in about 2 hours the Friday night before he passed. So not his best vocal. To me I loved his voice just wondered from a pro how far away from being truly amazing he was? Anyway Thanks, Simon.

  27. Awesome job once again mate! Could you do Adrian Smith next? He's not only a great guitarist, but also a very good singer, greetings!

  28. I’ve listened to this song a million times and have always loved it. Your cover of this song gives it a different and more heavier feel on the vocal aspect which is kind of a brand new pill to swallow, but a sweet and yummy pill. I dig it. Can’t wait for more

  29. Wow speechless, not a fan of rock music but mehn!! Your vocal is beauty!! You had so much fan doing it. Keep it up Ken. You deserve more views

  30. Such a coincidence! A month ago, I commented on a recent performance by Jon for him to spend some time with you to refine his voice. I believe he was singing "Always" on that video.

  31. Hard work, effort and keep rocking. Thank you brother for the reminder that it is possible. Great video. I’m learning from you always.

  32. Curious, for singers that have seemingly not taken care of their voice, is it irreparable at this point or possible they could restore it?

  33. Mr.. Ken.. Please.. Cover..
    Always by Bon jovi..
    You're soo good.. You can sing everything.. You are the definition.. Of singing.. Nice job.. 😏😎

  34. One of the best cover that i've heard. Your voice is so perfect. Please if you can, analyze this song from Rob Rock. It's Insanely powerful:

  35. Ken this is an amazing cover of Bad Medicine! I want to be able to sing rock like you but I don't know what video I should start on to learn how to sing as well as this could you please suggest some that could put me on the right path if you know what I mean?

  36. I have a very important question, Does having thyroid problems affect your vocal chords? ~ I'm not asking for medical advice but have you heard from anyone you know about this subject? ~ Thank You Ken!

  37. My breathing is stoping when i listen to this its amazing how you sing wuth a such a high pitch love your channel

  38. Do you think Jon could improve his voice at all? Obviously he couldn’t have the 80s/90s early 2000s voice, but could he use that nasal weaker voice he used from 2007-13?

  39. Damn Ken…Very hard song for vocal cords. Almost permanently distortion during entire song. Hat down and like up. Incredible performance. Are you one from greatest teachers of singing in the Solar system. Greetings from Titan….

  40. Hey Ken. Have you ever looked at a channel called truth surge. Interesting guy. I also believe doing a reaction video to some oh his 80s hair band covers would be great for both of your fans as well. Another great video. Keep them coming.

  41. Hey Ken, i love your vids. Im a huge Bon Jovi fan. I wanted to ask you, if Jon would be able to recover his voice if he really wanted or its shot for good?
    Isnt 35 years of touring the main reason it has suffered?
    All the best to you!

  42. Hey, Ken! Recently I had a cold or some infection.
    It was hard to speak due to the fact that the voice constantly disappeared when I tried to say something a little bit higher. But due to the specifics of my work, I need to talk all day with people. A week has passed since that, my speaking register is all good, but I completely lost my head register. I literally can't use my head voice. Instead of making the sound, I make something more like hissing. Is it okay and will it all pass over time, or is it some bad sign for me?

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