1. Por dónde lo veas…is beatiful!!💖💖
    Claro!! sin hacer a un lado la majestuosidad con la que toca su excelentísima banda…Tico,Sambora,etc..💕💓💕💓💕💓💕💓💕💓

  2. This guy sucks…I call him Spandex Springsteen….over rated no talent that cant sing…yelling 🙂 He is only popular because his mushroom poked out of his tight pants and the 13 yr olds,now 50 loved it …LOL

  3. I really like Bon Jovi songs but I don't understand the stupid thing about "We don't have a bassist man because WE ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO ARE THE COOLEST…" Dumbest thing in the world.

  4. Im here after rock hall 2018 performance and I must say this is a dynamic performance compared to that, oh boy.

  5. Eres un capo ! eres un grande del rock, un gigante en el escenario y super guapo <3 Ven a Perú por favor! 😉

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