Bond University Graduation Ceremony December 2015 – HSM (MBBS)

distinguished guests graduates your families and your friends bond university colleagues ladies and gentlemen welcome to this seventh ceremony for the conferring of degrees in medicine at bond university it's my great pleasure now to introduce one University's Chancellor dr. Helen Nugent ayo ladies and gentlemen and most importantly of all today our graduates it could gives me enormous pleasure to welcome you to today's graduation ceremony I acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which we meet and I pay my respect to their elders both past and present I would also like to acknowledge dr bidhan tally from the Saudi Arabia cultural mission into Australia who joins us for this afternoon ceremony you are most welcome today is a day of great significance it is a transitional point in your lives today you become medical practitioners with all the healing power that bestows the test aimer you receive today gives you the power to do great good it enables you to heal to bring comfort and to make a difference to the lives of others you will have the joy of bringing a newborn baby into the world and seeing the sheer delight on the faces of the parents of telling a patient that a medical test has given them a clean bill of health but equally the granting of this piece of paper for which you have worked so hard over so many years brings with it a significant personal challenge you will have to confront telling a mother that a child has an incurable disease a son that his mother is dying and a woman that she has an inoperable tumor in situations both easy and hard you will not only apply the practitioners skills that have been imparted to you at bond but also empathy and humanity you will need patience warmth and a profound communication ability to adopt the appropriate tone in diverse situations above all else you will have to exercise wisdom calmness and good judgment intense and difficult situations that have the potential to shape lives as you deepen your technical cut capability in the years ahead your own humanity and sense of purpose will be tested reinforced and become part of your DNA you will have crowning successes as well as abject failures facing the good and the bad with equilibrium and poise will not only be critical to your patients but important to your own psyche we hope that at bond you have honed not just your technical skills but we have helped you develop as a person that you have not only been able to embrace opportunities but also gained greater insight into yourself as an individual knowing yourself will make you a better and more fulfilled medical practitioner we are immensely proud of all that you have achieved to date we look forward to hearing of the contribution you will make to society in the years ahead certainly your faculty are committed to the goal of making a difference professor Janie Smith and the indigenous curriculum team won a 2015 Australian government office for learning and teaching Australian Award for university teaching for their pie work in indigenous medical education professor Helen O'Neill and her dedicated team are working closely with scientists at the clem Jones Research Center for stem cells and tissue regenerator generative therapies and are making great progress in their search for a cure for macular degeneration that work will make a difference our own professor Paul glossy oh and his team of investigators from bond other Australian universities as well as from overseas might make a difference to you in the future they have been awarded a major grant from the National Health and Medical Research Council to study ways to improve dissemination of research findings to general practitioners so we urge you to enjoy this moment we hope that you'll look back on this milestone day with great fondness and that you will continue to embrace the experience you have had at bond and that you will going forward make a difference in the lives of others in doing that we are absolutely confident that you will make a real difference to your own life as well congratulations on achieving your degree you have my fervent best wishes for a long and fulfilling career and life it is now my great pleasure to introduce this afternoon's guest speaker the university is honored that ms Trish Hogan has agreed to address us this afternoon miss Hogan is someone who is making a difference she is currently the chief executive officer of Pandora private hospital and acute 335 bed private hospital right here on the Gold Coast miss Hogan has been active in the health sector for over 40 years originally miss Hogan trained as a nurse implementing the first operating room nursing course in Queensland at the Royal Brisbane hospital subsequently she was awarded a bachelor of education studies from the university of queensland and a master of health administration from the University of New South Wales she has a vast array of experience having held chief executive positions in the private health sector in South Australia the a.c.t and most recently in Queensland her experience covers not just health administration but also clinical practice and education miss Hogan is a director of new research Australia and we are immensely fact proud of the fact that she is a member of the Advisory Committee of the bond Medical School in her very busy life miss Hogan finds time to give back to society in other ways she is a director of her own consulting group medicine on the edge that operates international medical adventure conferences around the world ladies and gentlemen please join me in welcoming was Chris Hogan thank you and good afternoon Chancellor dr. Helen Nugent AO vice-chancellor and president Professor Tim Brailsford members of the university council members of the official party university staff friends families and graduates well thank you for inviting me here today to speak with these wonderful graduates and now about to embark on the more practical side of their chosen career I share a long and very proud personal and professional association with this university and more specifically the medical school it does seem like only yesterday that one of this University's professors visited me in my office at the Tweed hospital at that time and floated the idea that bond university would commence the first private medical program in Australia I immediately indicated that I was up for the challenge of assisting with that if it got the green light so you can imagine how thrilled I am to be here today to speak to you and congratulate you the seventh cohort to graduate from this very fine and prestigious medical school you're about to enter profession that has so many community expectations of you and that versus the actual reality of what it is possible for you to do you will never be forever you're sorry you will need to be forever mindful of that particular gap so you've been learning the basics of the medical practice for the past four and a half years learning few will not stop here some will say it's only just begun I myself have been learning in the health arena for over 40 years as you've just heard today I get to do some imparting of that wisdom from that learning that I myself have undertaken they've only given me a short amount of time so i wanted to boil it down into something really concise and it's those three little words in mind the gap nobody i don't mean the gap between train in the platform in the London tube but I mean the gap between knowledge the knowledge that you've now gained and the things that your boss will expect you to be able to do let's call it the gap between life at University which can be pretty good cut it and the University of life which can be pretty tough at times you've received a great education here there's no doubt about that but it's easy to fall through that wide gap so cross it with patience and caution and good humour so to begin with you need to prepare for the fact that you will be at the bottom of the pile when you first start out so you'll need to seek advice you'll need to work your way up and as I said you'll be learning for life you're going to be asked to expand your repertoire when I took my current job as CEO I quickly learned that part of it involved not just running a hospital but buying and selling Hospital property sometimes that involved many millions of dollars which required me in effect to become a real estate agent I'd never saw a property before in my life but there was a gap between knowledge and reality believe me that sort of thing is going to happen to you a lot be wise and seek advice just as I did set out a plan for getting the job done and just do it don't moan don't say what was me as like you said just do it just remember nobody likes a whinger now you also don't know where your career will take you this is the gap between the present and the future I never set out to be a CEO in fact I lifts when I left school it hardly even seem possible there was hardly a lot of female role models around then like there are now I actually took a career due to her set out to be a schoolteacher and after a few years training lasted three days there's another lesson if something's not for you and you hate going to work move on admittedly I didn't give it much of a try but I just knew it was a mistake I never regretted it in fact my education training is come in very handy indeed in running a hospital because educating and training of the new generation of Health Professions is part of running that hospital however on the other side of the equation if something is for you take every opportunity that you can here's a secret be prepared to block your way through until you get good at something I've had to do it myself on quite a few occasions as CEO let me assure you your employer won't mind you bluffing as long as you are diligent reliable quick to pick things up don't make crittle critical areas and put your best foot forward these are some of the tricks of the trade of getting ahead and I'm not going to share them all with you do use against me but I'll share one that I've used on several occasions some years back I was going for a job interview as you will and I thought the celery for that job was a bit low and i want to start on a higher scale my boss at the time gave me the best advice ever he said Trish go and buy yourself a really fancy expensive suit all the accessories and all yourself up make it look like they can't afford you not worked an absolute triche and I got the job on the Surrey I wanted you may wish to implement that at some stage in your careers but let me know if it works by the way so you see shopping is an investment remember that personal presentation is very important your patients will expect you to have a certain level of pride in your own appearance remember that appearance doesn't still a certain level of confidence in the people that you will treat here's another piece of advice everybody makes mistakes and so will you learn for them learn also to laugh at them let me tell you one of my many I was sitting in the office one morning when one of my nurse managers came in weeping and I mean weeping she showed me an email advising of the passing of a renowned doctor someone everyone in the profession knew and I mean absolutely everyone he was much loved and everyone was most upset we offered counselling bereavement breaks the works I even sent out a long email to everyone attached to the hospital staff donors supporters competitors laying out the news of our sadness that the distinguished doctors passing what a man what a loss never to be forgotten big gloves to fill a stethoscope now lives unused in an empty consultation room her a spiritual laboratory lies empty the profession mourns and so on so of course I was surprised when the dead man himself phoned me to thank me for my kind words i am lazarus he said come back from the dead i could have happily died myself anyway there's another piece of advice always double check your facts eat humble pie have a sense of humor about your mistakes believe me it helps so we're running quickly out of time and the people and gowns are itching to celebrate your degrees you know so here are a few things you must know very quickly to recap you have to like what you're doing if you don't like it find a way to move on don't hang around and make those around you miserable as well perhaps give it more than three days don't expect your employer to provide all the assistance you need it will not happen you can't do everything yourself but you can buy good help so don't be afraid to spend the money it's worth it don't complain if you haven't worked hard and then you don't make it big it's a choice you only get out what you put in do unto others as you would have them do unto you now I remember coming across some quite grouchy senior manager over the years and saying to myself I will learn from them I will never be like them I suggest you take that on board it's always better to be nice so one of my role models the late and great mr. Paul Ramsey oh I am founder of Ramsey health care and leather of the biggest ever single request to the charity to charity in the history of this country always said this he said Trish look after the people and the rest will look after itself he was right health is a people industry and that's why you will love it so look after the people and look after each other you're about to enter a very special professional arena just a few moments time there is no better place to be than in health nowhere else will you ever have the responsibility for caring for people during the most vulnerable time in their lives you will experience great joy and great sorrow along the way but if you're doing something because it's the right thing to do rather than just because you can do it you will never look for work it will always look for you I wish each of you the very brightest of careers make this great institution you are graduating from today proud of you you are its future you are our future and your own future awaits just to cross the gap marked by the end of today's ceremony mind that gap and I promised you a great future will be yours thank you thank you so much Trish what a wonderful oration and I think we all take all of us take various messages away from that I'm I happen in one of my other roles to be chairman of the Australian Railtrack corporation so mind the gap really resonates for me continually but I think it is a message that all of you will recall as that gap emerges throughout your career and I can support Trish's comments that it certainly does patience caution humor all good messages being wise we all know but i think the messages that i will certainly take away and i'm sure you will as well is about shopping being and investment my husband who is here thinks that's true of me all the time and i bet i'm sure it is a very wise investment but i think the best story of all is about Lazarus and learning from your mistakes we all make mistakes and learning from them and being humble and making it you know doing the best you can under those circumstances with a sense of humor is truly critical but I think most of all most of all Tricia's final words about from Paul Ramsey look after the people and look after each other is so integral to this institution the sense of community and nowhere is that sense of community more profound that in this cohort of medical graduates who have gone through this experience together we know that you will continue to look after each other and we know that ms Hogan's Woods will forever echo with you can you please join me ladies and gentlemen thank you afternoon ladies and German graduates will the candidates for degrees please stand Chancellor gives me great pleasure to be able to present to you this afternoon the graduating cohort from bond university and medicine the class of 2015 today our graduating class comprises 79 graduates for admission to the bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery and one candidate for a mission to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy I certified to you into the university council that the graduates have satisfied the requirements for the awards for which they are being presented with the authority of counsel I hereby admit you to the degrees of Bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery I also admit to their awards in absentia the three graduates listed in the graduation program who are unable to be present today ladies and gentlemen in our quaint ways that was the moment of their graduation congratulations we will now move to the individual presentation of awards with the graduates please be seated I now invite the executive dean of the faculty of health sciences and medicine to present each of her graduates and the Dean of medicine to join us in congratulating each graduate Chancellor I present the following graduate for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy Stephanie Elizabeth far Chancellor I prevent the following graduates for the degrees of Bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery Alina Agarwal ashvin Agnihotri's Feisal Abdul Rahman al Zahrani aninda a cash and Tao alexander baggage amala boggle whom sir Bala can fan gaggia luxe me balaraman Nelson Chen Charles E honcho Clinton Marciano Gregory calico Stephen Raymond Connor Samia kuma Dave bronwyn Natalie digs Thomas Charles English wha douche Sevani priya noir de fernando salam fin de clé Neal gore so feehan Allah waseem Haneen Paul Hayward Valene he Georgie Lucas cat ahana's Emma jennifer king moab kala Carol could see Matthew can see Roy quo Jack Charles Lanyon chea un lis Yin lynn sharanya lingos us Christopher miss endo Angela mamak Lee Robin Mackenzie anisha men on Eric Morrison nayeem mass noon reader Angela nalli Mellie priyal Nanda Paul Brian in Hong Jin James neuen Damon pasricha farhan Patel cotulla patel thomas mcdonald pitney Melissa prang amid knows Ardra Hebe prescience Rajendra Kumar Rahima raza Andrew Thomas Robinson Nicholas Reuter mandeep kaur sandhu Laura Sasha wish angle Samuel Peter scaife Elise Julian Scanlon priyadarshini sacar Karen sing Johan sigh serie through run Katie Vaughn Stokes Jonathan Scott stone Louis plenteous streak Sophie's Turek syed mohammed jihad Teague V matthew john thompson as hard to dig an I van Bernadette tran nuin kiichi see Daniel James wild Victoria Kate woodcroft brown David whoo William John yaxley Nathan ye oh ma yusuff jia chang you he daya Jamal Yusuf Chancellor dr. Nicholas Ben Allen who is the highest achieving graduate in this graduating cohort of medical students is the university gold medalist in medicine Nicholas Bell Ellen dr. Bell Allen has also been selected to give the valedictory address on behalf of the graduating cohort this afternoon thank you very much good afternoon Chancellor vice-chancellor pro vice-chancellor executive Dean and Dean of Medicine academic special guests parents and friends and of course my graduating class mates in the fear of sounding painfully cliche we made it and yes you too Georgie there's my understanding that traditionally the honor of valedictorian is conferred to a well-rounded traveled like hearted individual who then bequeaths their experiences and like lessons upon their peers as they venture into the abyss of real life instead you have me a 23 year old kid who still lives at home with mum and dad whose handful of overseas chips that mostly been to Japanese ski town run by Australians and whose fruits of Movember bear a striking resemblance to well now nonetheless you now have no choice but to bear with me although an undergraduate myself I didn't come directly to bond from school simply because I feared the utter lack of holidays I was more interested in spending the three months summer break with my mates at the pub then forging a career in a worthy interesting profession one that would provide job security and place me in great stead for life profound I know however the novelty soon waned and logic prevailed and in 2011 I was accepted into the bond uni Medical Program contrary to my expectations of an undergraduate cohort group at a private university a year is quite the eclectic bunch comprising lawyers engineers pharmacist OTS physios a bloke with one arm who plays a grade 40 and even a grandmother one of the greatest exceptions to my preconceived idea of the typical bond medical student however was the first real maid I found here Alex baguette now hope he excuse me for embarrassing himself a bit here but this is a bloke who saw a house a car accepted a real journalist scholarship secured loans and work three to four nights ed as a nurse for five years to put himself through this degree goes to show that hard work really has no ceiling and says inspiration to us all as we come to realize that tonight is not the end of all the hard work at the beginning of a whole new breed of it clinical bags is in fact getting married this Saturday to Kate Stokes another high achiever of our cohort I wish you both the best of luck now this isn't the only couple from a year group I suppose five years of living in each other's pockets with those who share similar interests breeds relationships nobly in an ex of our new Nintendo Shelly and Aiden I'm Lauren presh and perhaps the power couple of the medical cohort Cohen and kettle now as a medical student you have to get used to answering two different types of questions now the first of these the totally outlandish from your mates that you I just get expected to know because one day you're going to be the doctor it comes as a shock to them that more time is spent learning about things like heart failure inflammatory bowel disease and strokes then why they're your instincts when they eat asparagus or why certain bedtime activities and made that much harder if we after you've had 12 beers on a friday night and these questions dead-set start for the moment you've been accepted into Medical School we would have barely finished trying to appreciate the complexity of the semester to Gary Hamlin lecture yet i'm still expected to rule out lymphoma in someone who has a swollen lymph node now the second of these question is the kind that commonly comes from your grandmother or grandfather and their friends so I love what you want to do when you finish no I don't want to be an orthopedic surgeon and no I can't cure your arthritis I'm sorry granny well you still may not know the answer to that second question I hope that you feel assure that tonight marks the first big step towards a career you are truly passionate about as in today's market passion is integral as a cohort we make up near 80 of over three and a half thousand medical graduates in Australia this year just as we fought to get onto this program we will continue to fight for the positions as the gunship and job crisis worsens with the swelling group of junior doctors and a disconcertingly stagnant number of registrar training positions gone are the days were playing first 15 rugby in high school essentially secured your spot on the surgical training program we are now competing on merit against our fellow graduates who share similarly strong career aspirations so let's celebrate our graduation today but not forget that it is by no means the end of the road with an address route still ahead however seek comfort in the belief that our time here at bond has equipped us well with the tools to successfully forge our way becoming a doctor is a privilege and a really cool one at that it should not be seen as a chance to assume a self-indulgent superiority over others you are no nurse you are no teacher this doesn't mean you can't teach use this privilege as an opportunity to impart your five years worth of knowledge to the medical students you will one day have don't feel obliged to subscribe to a dangerous hierarchical culture that was so highly publicized in the media this year that will only perpetuate a negative stereotype remember how it feels to be that useless seventh wheel on the team doing a ward round and respect those with less power than you or now like to thank bond university as a whole and especially the medical faculty and its academics for bestowing this power upon us whether it be dr. Kevin Ashton teaching and overtly can group of students about cell biology dr. Alan Sterling's commitment to ananda bean or doctors victoria brazil natasha aids and associate professor john smith's efforts as we transitioned into the hospitals and clinical environments you and many more i haven't mentioned today i've had a massive impact on all our lives in the last five years and we thank you very much although i will miss the university lifestyle and largely responsibility freeroll perhaps even the odd day where you'll be able to sneak off a little bit early that's most days if you tommo i will probably miss less the obligatory ritual sign ons and perhaps the 606 p.m. email from the faculty asking me to explain my absence from a lecture beginning six minutes prior Thursday's trivia night with the lakefront boys I'm sorry I'm sure I speak on behalf the whole cohort and thanking all of our family and friends and especially our parents thank you so much the opportunity we have been afforded to come to this wonderful University a unique opportunity and one that not every school finisher maybe privileged enough to take up we are all truly very lucky and finally to my classmates congratulations finishing five years of full-time medicine is no mean feat and we should all be incredibly proud we now move up in the ranks from the absolute smallest fish in a huge pond to essentially the exact same size fish in the exact same size pond however now with the different prefix to our names and an opportunity to be in paying off our debts on a personal note I feel very honored and humbled to be talking here today the last words if you will I've been extremely fortunate to have had the unwavering support both financial and emotional for my parents and standing in front of you now is a true testament to this medicine is a profession I'm truly passionate about and certainly one I'm excited to keep pursuing and because all great speeches finished with the quote and the words of William William ozlem the traditionally known as the father of modern medicine we are here to add what we can to life not get what we can from it so work hard teach and best of luck in your intern but now like to invite all of our cohorts take a take take their feet please please turn to page 9 i think it is in our in our handbook there and would you all feel all read with me the first line of our graduates declaration I swear to fulfill to the best of my ability and judgment discontent I will respect the hard-won scientific gains of those physicians in whose steps I walk and gladly share such knowledge as is mine to those who are to follow I will apply for the benefit of the sick all measures that are required avoiding those twin traps of over treatment and therapeutic nihilism I will remember that there is an art to medicine as well as a science and that warmth sympathy and understanding may outweigh the surgeon's knife or the chemists drug I will not be ashamed to say I know not nor will I failed to call in my colleagues when the skills of another are needed for a patient's recovery I will respect the privacy of my patients for their problems and not disclosed to me that the world may know most especially must I treat with care in matters of life and death this awesome responsibility must be faced with great humbleness and awareness of my own frailty I remember that I do not treat a fever chart like cancerous growth but a sick human being whose illness may affect the person's family and economic stability my responsibility includes these related problems if i am to care adequately for the sick i will prevent disease whenever I can for prevention is better than cure I will remember that I remain a member of society with special obligations to all my fellow human beings those sound of mind and body as well as the infirm if I do not violate this oath may I enjoy life and art respect while I live and remembered with affection thereafter I always act so as to preserve the finest traditions of my calling and may I long experience the joy of healing those who may seek my help thank you well thank you Nikolas for that inspiring speech thank you for giving us an insight into what it is like to be a medical student in such a special cohort at Bond University to get a feeling the hard work for the passion for the diversity of friendships of various kinds that have been made thank you also for giving us your views on what it will take to succeed in the future Nikolas is very modest he are as we know one the university gold medal but he was also placed on the Dean's List for academic excellence twice and the Vice Chancellors list three times but that's not all he was actively involved in almost every part of the student experience at bond on the sports field playing both rugby and AFL he also embraced the bond ethos of giving back through volunteering to help out at the bond holiday camp for disabled children held every December over two years running he volunteered with the remote Australian health Corps for Aboriginal health in utopia in Northern Territory he undertook an elective in the Solomon Islands where our medical students have a unique opportunity to participate in a transformative practical experience in a developing world community and to conduct practical field work evaluative research projects in other words this is a very very special bonding Nicholas congratulations well done and thank you for your valedictorian address I now call upon the vice-chancellor and president to read the bond university charge to the graduates will the graduates please stand I charge you with graduates of bond university to demonstrate at all times the highest moral and ethical standards to continue to apply to extend your learning to the benefit of society to strive through your actions to promote the universal worth of all people to pursue the highest standards in all of your endeavors stated in fulfilling your personal goals and human responsibilities you add to the standing of your University and to support and uphold your University and alumni through engaged with the bond alumni organization and through your own personal commitment to the class of 2015 do you accept that charge that's pretty poor let me have a second take of that all right cut and roll the video game to the class of 2015 do you accept that charge thank you you may now be seated so ladies and gentlemen that brings us to almost a close of the formalities of this afternoon's absolutely fantastic ceremony this university conducts seven ceremony is a year for our various faculties in our cohorts and I think the the medicine ceremony is always a bit of a favorite not because it's the last one of the year that we do that I think it's the one where we clearly really understand the strengths of the cohort and the commitment of our students you've been here for at least five years in some cases considerably longer than that and some of you would have come through preparatory program in biomed here at least one of you has studied a full doctorate here it's a long time to be here particularly for such a young university as you heard earlier you are our 7th graduating cohort from the medicine program in total now that's over 550 doctors but each one of you will have had your own personal journeys we've heard in part the small but extraordinary achievements of Nicholas our valedictorian but I think each of you have some quite extraordinary achievements in your own rights and you should all feel very proud of your own individual efforts it hasn't been easy it's extraordinary difficult program to get into each year i'm personally somewhat heart broken by the several hundreds of very very capable and genuinely dedicated individuals that we must turn away because of the limited places in the program but getting in if you thought that was hard then of course you now know the journey was only just beginning the demands on your time are quite extraordinary the demands on your intellect even more so I haven't even mentioned the demands on your financial resources and you will appreciate that as a private university we get absolutely no government support for your education we are a non-profit so every single cent that is spent by students on their tuition is plowed back into the education of you and your future generations an education is a costly exercise and I would like to reach out to the many friends in several cases it will be close family members it may be parents it may be siblings and maybe grandparents maybe aunts and uncles and maybe neighbors it may be members of your church it may be simply just good old-fashioned benefactors that I think everyone here will have had support along the way certainly some financial support a lot of emotional support I suspect and above all I think they've always been there for you through those difficult times when he was thought it was it was really hard and it was going to get harder for those deep dark places that you all probably went to over the course of your studies here with us you would have had to draw upon the warmth from the strength of your friends and family so I'm our might ask all of you who have graduated here today just to stand to turn around to the crowd there are many of your supporters in the audience just wave to them acknowledge them because they're feeling immense warmth and love for you right at this moment so in a moment please be seated in a moment you'll be greeted by open arms lots of Pat's on the back lots of shaking of hands lots of kisses lots of who hiring perhaps and behave yourselves tonight please but remember that there s she is an institution that now stands behind you and that is an institution that has walked with you over the course of your journey and that institution is not the magnificence of the surrounds in which we find ourselves is not the world class facilities in which you've been educated the reality is it is the people that have been there with you and on behalf of the faculty your tutors your instructors the support staff for those of you who have lived on campus the gardener's the cleaners and even the Vice Chancellor we're very proud of you and we thank you for choosing us we thank you for staying the course of a very difficult journey and now that we are enjoying by an umbilical cord that even adopter cannot cut because your reputation is now forged off the back of those that have gone before you and those that will come after you and our reputation is the institution will be forged by your behaviour your actions your endeavors your attitudes your standards your ethical and moral compasses so at all times remember that your actions will reflect on this University just as our actions will reflect upon you on behalf of bond university I wish you all well it's been a great pleasure having you with us I know some of you personally I've got to become acquaintances where that over over the years and I feel great a great sense of pride in your personal development so go well as I say enjoy yourselves tonight but not too much I wish you all well for the festive season and I trust everyone has the most magnificent fruitful fulfilling happy career ladies and gentlemen for the one at final time we join with me in congratulating the class of 2015

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