Born Addicted

tonight we want to show you something you may not have seen before involving the youngest victims of the heroin epidemic babies are suffering a crisis is filling up hospital nurseries and clogging our courts our own Emma returned in tonight and spent months looking at what drugs are doing to the children of addicts and this 13 investigates exclusive we peel back the curtain to understand the struggle of babies who are born addicted we want to warn you tonight some of the images you're about to see are disturbing a crying baby is always unsettling and it's even worse when you know the baby like this little girl just days old is in pain her jittery shakes and her shrill cry are very distinctive and they last for days doctors know exactly what's to blame heroin heroin heroin heroin an onslaught of newborns just like this one are filling up Methodist NICU right now our facility I'm sure other facilities can't meet the demand there are so many babies it does seem to be a lot more needing so much specialized care this retired nurse donates her time to come in and calm them down you know I cannot get my list of babies that need to be helping their long this it's a list of newborns with neonatal abstinence syndrome or na s at any one point of time 25 percent of our patient population a baby to expose 25% that's one in four newborns exposed to drugs that's at Methodist and hospitals statewide report a similar trend Indiana newborns increasingly exposed to drugs by their mothers like amber I used high amounts of heroin every day amber is 29 as I say I'm actually a hundred and thirty days sober here her third child baby Laney is three months old she was born within a yes I came to the hospital and I said you know I I have a problem I need help I have life inside of me that I am I'm causing harm to and I can't stop myself dr. Tara Benjamin started tweeting amber and her baby right away it took about a month for us to be able to wean her from the methadone and get her on an appropriate dosage of subutex and she did well subutex is a prescription drug it works by feeding the addiction need without providing that drug high studies show that it is safer for baby and mother the baby's face there and that's why Connie from Mooresville sought help here she had devastating results when she tried to go it alone this is actually my third pregnancy the first two babies I lost the first one at 20 weeks with prenatal care Connie's baby Giovanni safely arrived just before Christmas and nurses at the hospital were ready for the withdrawal the fallen victims we see are the babies I mean they are kind of a silent victims of this opioid epidemic and I don't feel like enough attention has been paid to them doctors gauge Avani diminishing doses of morphine to ease his pain it's the very same relief provided to baby Lanie there was a muscle tension that she had stiffness and her arms and her legs and sometimes she'd have jitters or slight shaking her progress now is being carefully tracked she's actually ahead of where she should be and yet the long-term effects of Lainey's exposure are unknown what happens to these kids they were born addicts okay we titrate them down they go on but they were an addict so what happens when you're 16 and you break your foot playing football and they give you morphine I don't know I haven't been able to get any doctor to tell me it's up to Marion County Juvenile Court Judge Marilyn Moore's to decide where these Naas babies go when they leave the hospital my role is first and foremost to protect a child she says the surge in these cases has yet to peak 2324 cases in the morning and 2324 cases in the afternoon every day we've had cases where the mothers are so drug-addicted they have the baby and they leave the hospital because they got to get a fix and they never return for the baby Moore's estimates about 25 percent of the time the babies go home with relatives I don't send a child home with anybody that I haven't drug tested and you'd be shocked at how many of those relatives then are positive and that's why about half of the babies go to foster care amber knows she is lucky to still have Laney my caseworker was on his way to Indianapolis from Hancock County to remove her honey at the time amber was homeless and her family support was well worn out but one spot opened here at Volunteers of America it's where amber could live with other mothers and their children continues substance abuse training its supervised support with DCs oversight for up to two months yeah now amber knows what's at stake if she relapses at the end of the day I want her to be happy and healthy and if I'm not healthy enough to be in her life if I'm going to be a negative influence on her in her life she deserves better and Giovanni is now at home Connie has family support I think that the baby is a huge motivation for me it's like probably one of the biggest factors and in my recovery now I want to make sure that he never has to to see me you know the way that I was before as both moms leave dr. Benjamin's care they'll no longer qualify for subutex the DEA limits the number of prescriptions and they're now reserved for the increasing number of addicted moms and babies to come there some great success stories out there just not as many as we'd like well Giovanni they're so cute amber is now getting career training and she believes that her daughter Lanie saved her from either jail or death due to drugs Volunteers of America we've learned has 15 beds downtown and plans right now are to triple in size soon but even with that large expansion there still will not be enough room to meet the increasing demand of mothers who need help it's heartbreaking when you see those baby it is it's been it's been difficult to watch and not just want to fix it and but one of the things you can do is you can support the VLA that's right supporting the VOA would be a very very good thing to do if you want to take a deeper dive you could always consider getting involved with the foster care system they are always looking for qualified candidates who would help care for these children and perhaps the hardest fix is if you are an addict if you have a friend or a loved one that's an addict help them find help and always always always always always use birth control if you are using drugs it's just it starts there too well you can't say that enough you can say always five times and maybe that's problem always always always yes work on that and we're going to stay on this story we're going to go back and we're going to visit Connie next week actually she's filming Giovanni we're going to see how she's doing we certainly wish her the best all right thanks yeah


  1. It’s hard to get off drug. I’m sure no mother want to hurt their baby. But drug 😥mannnn, I have a friend who been trying to get off heroin and I can see he’s trying so hard to get off it and it’s not easy for him.

  2. Those mothers do not deserve children. They deserve to go to jail. My mother was actually an alcoholic with me and never listened to the dr, so I now live with the fact that I could lose my child I'm pregnant with now due to my condition that I got because of an alcoholic mother. If I didnt have a child i would love to volunteer to hold each of these babies.

  3. I lost my baby girl I never drink smoke or even used drugs when I was pregnant and there are girls who are pregnant and using drugs and they haven’t lost there babies

  4. This is so horrible, but there is no need to pass more hate. I dont even know how I ended up here.
    Bless these babies💔

  5. The ladies named Amber and Connie who were mature enough to admit that they needed help and that they messed up and who gave up their addiction for their kids are amazing. Hats off to them

  6. Addicts both male and female ..jons all should be placed in those hospitals give them a bed make then stay with those babies and if they make one mistake gall asleep 5 yrs in prison care for them 24 hrs around the clock only bed rest ..its selfish disgusting so mad sad angry all in one id say give them the death penalty no mercy as they gave no mervy to thier babies ..they knew they were junkies lock it up snatch it out by the root ..those woman could jave took 2 hrs out of thier 40 day time to get on bith control ..homelss addicted no excuse free birth control go prostitue for birth control as they do for the drug ..I an sympathetic for persons addicted by injury or such ..but bets off when you ho lay up die slow as some of those babies do we are to understanding of none .me ..your never so addicted your dumb when it comes to sex unless your a retard junkie should be jail time ..but they murder the babies. Thats shows they have knowledge of how to prevent

  7. Can't these ppl go to jail for doing this?? Don't get pregnant if you can't do right!! Sad….smh. These ppl are breaking their necks to get high so you can afford condoms…

  8. These women shouldn't have no kids cause they wanna use drugs while pregnant they don,t need their children back

  9. Women, Listen up!!!!!! I will help anyone I can!!! Come over to my channel and Let's do this together!!!!!!!! #wedorecover

  10. This pisses me off god blesses these addicts with babies, and I’m over here struggling to become pregnant and I don’t even do drugs and I don’t even drink

  11. Pisses me off stupid fucking bitches!!! How could they do that poor bbys! They should pass a law if you have a child born addicted they should have a automatic tubal ligation !! Also I wish I could reach through my screen an bitch slap those dumb broads what I got out of what those girls where talking about is basically I can do dope and givebirthand someone else will deal with my sick baby while I go get a fix!!!😠😠😠

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