Bottle Garden Welcome Sustainable Living Let’s start Plastic Bottles, Pliers, Scissors, Steel Wire 14 AWG First make this Hook on the top of the Bottle
using a 6 inch Wire Now drill a hole in the bottom of the bottle
and place a small Hook Make apertures in the Window-like Bottle Bend the edges so you do not get sharp Also make a hole for water drainage Cut some pieces of wire to hang the Bottles Fold the ends of the wires The Size should be according to the spacing You will leave in each Bottle See here how it was, the details of the assembly Use good quality Substrate
I’ll put it in the Bottles And let’s plant I’m planting Lettuces See the result how beautiful it was! I also placed on the bottom
bottles to reuse drainage water Thank you friends
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  1. Good video. Info. Information for orchids
    Tanaman anggrek dengan perawatan yang bagus, yaitu pemupukan sesuai dosis dan rutin, penyiraman tidak pernah terlambat, akan dihasilkan tanaman dengan batang yang gemuk. Batang gemuk perlu diperhatikan adalah gemuk yang kokoh, bukan gemuk yang lembek. Batang gemuk, tapi tidak kokoh atau lembek, biasanya tanaman dipacu dengan pemupukan N yang tinggi. Hal ini perlu dihindari, karena tanaman akan mudah loyo dan busuk. Tanaman anggrek dengan batang kurus biasanya kurang pemupukan, vitamin B1 dan penyiraman yang tepat. (from Indonesia).

  2. Many thanks for sharing your experements… 👍
    Can you plz tell what plants may grow successfully in vertical bottles & horizontal ones…!!?🌱🌱🌱

  3. பாட்டில் பிளான்ட் செம சூப்பர் மேன்

  4. Nice video. But it was not clear how you linked the ends of the two bottles (not the cap side but the bottoms). Could you share that information as well? TIA!

  5. it is so relaxing to watch all the containers are lined up tidily. very nice, I will make one too to avoid disposing plastic bottles. very inspiring, thank you for uploading this😊

  6. Seen it many times. Beautiful project, excellent video and a good way to harvest vegetables. I´ve created an indoor vertical system for easy-to-grow vegetables for recycled plastic bottles. I do support other people´s video, please support mine.

    Thank you –>

  7. हम मंगरैल के बीज कैसे उगाये क्या आपको पता है

  8.–A visite meu canal obrigado pessoal tô começando precisando de vcs beijos que Jesus continue abençoando sempre vcs sempre

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