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What is the one food to be aware of to prevent
tooth decay in your children? It may not be what you think? And we will give you the answer in just a
moment. As a responsible parent, you do your very
best to ensure your children have healthy teeth. You make sure they brush regularly (at least
twice a day). You also have them floss daily as well. You feed them healthy food and you try to
avoid excessive amounts of candy and sugar. You visit your local denitst twice a year. Even after all of this, your child may form
tooth decay? What are you missing? Well here is the one food that you should
be aware of the can promote tooth decay. We all understand sugar is something to avoid
and we are now realizing that juice in excessive quantities can be very harmful to your child’s
teeth. However the one food to really be aware of
is carbohydrates. You child’s saliva will quickly turn simple
carbs into sugars while the food is in the mouth. Many carbs are sticky in nature and will stick
in between teeth. Foods like crackers, popcorn, white bread,
chips and other popular snacks can be very damaging. If your children need a snack, try foods higher
in protein such as nuts or vegetables in raw form. These foods do not convert to sugars as quickly
as carbohydrates. If you have any other questions about your
child’s dental health, feel free to contact the dental team at Dr. Bernard Conway in Bowmanville. We are a family dentist serving the dental
needs of residents of the Clarington and surrounding area. Give us a call at 905-623-5459.


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