Brad Ecklor, PA-C – Family Medicine

My name is Brad Ecklor, and I’m a family
medicine physician assistant. When it comes to care for my patients, I like
to take a preventive approach with shared decision making. I find it’s easier to help patients prevent
problems before they become problems. I think the most important thing for my patients
to know is what their choices are. Each thing that they’re going to deal with
on a day to day basis has lots of different options and each patient is unique and has
their own wants. I think the trick is balancing the patient’s
wants with the patient’s health needs to help create a healthier individual as a whole. I think patients should choose Gundersen for
their care because not only do they have access to the care that I provide on a regular basis,
but they also have access to a number of specialists who make the journey from La Crosse to provide
care right here in their backyard. I think the most rewarding part of my job
is the relationships and the connections I’m able to build with my patients. Nothing puts a smile on my face like walking
into a patient room when I’ve never seen this patient before, but they feel confident
in the care that I’m going to provide just because I take care of their grandson on a
regular basis.

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