Brad Fowler, MD – Orthopedic Sports Medicine

My name is Brad Fowler, and I’m an orthopedic sports medicine specialist at Gundersen Sports Medicine. I would describe my approach to orthopedic sports medicine care as treating the patient as an individual. I’ve literally taken care of thousands of
ACL injuries, and each ACL is probably the most important
ACL injury to that patient in the world. Their circumstances are different from every
other patient who has an ACL injury. I think it’s really important to listen
to patients, to listen to their unique circumstances, what their goals are, and try to come up with
a plan to meet those goals. I think a lot of what I do is just an educator. I really just need to educate patients about their
diagnosis and their treatment options, and then together we come up with a plan and go
forward with that. I think one of the most important things for
patients to know about Gundersen Sports Medicine is really how committed we are to getting
people back to their activities. We have a whole team of really passionate
people with cumulative hundreds of years of experience who work diligently to get people
back to their sports and activities. We’re always looking at new innovations,
and even though we do things well today, we’re always trying to do it better tomorrow. The thing that gets me out of bed everyday
to do my job is I think I have the best job in the world. I get to take care of people and make them
better. It’s really tangible in sports medicine. We get people who are injured who can’t
play their sports, can’t do their activity, and we get to significantly change peoples’
lives on a regular basis.

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