1. TMS.. A total scam to rob patients out of money. Don't take my word for it, look for the serious side effects posted by the company which makes this- Cash Cow Machine.

  2. Living near high voltage wires could cause you depression. Because high voltage wires have strong magnetic field around the which spread to long distances. People living near grid or power lines should be studied.

  3. BECAUSE it WORKS AND it doesn't "help" the skumbag "DRUG COMPANIES" THAT is why you hear LITTLE of it unless you have the INTERNET !!

  4. Health anxiety sucks. I take Klonopin for my anxiety and have been on it for 8 years but I stopped taking my depression medication almost a year ago and I’m severely depressed. I have medication anxiety and am about to start STIM therapy which is the same thing as this, they are handheld devices now and my dr loans them out.

  5. The one women that had ECT ,after the first treatment. The Doc. asked her if she had memory loss ,she No. So the Doc. said let's turn up the AMPS,and start cooking your Brain! then she started having memory loss! THANKS MODERN MEDICINE 🙁

  6. I am excited about this as no one person can describe clinical depression unless they themselves have experienced what I call the "Dark Place" and despite world-class doctors, it is my constant companion. I am confident that mine is genetic in nature and I have gone through the gamut of treatments including the 70s when Psychiatry went on a binge of what I considered brutality with very little empathy from the doctors themselves as they no more than myself about depression, so patients were given antipsychotic like M&Ms and ECT was used to the point of criminality. Today, I am exactly the same man with the same mood I had when I left the service, but strangely it disappeared while I was in. I finished a very successful career but every single day was a struggle. I now find myself retired and depressed and being a Christian I know there is hope. I am a very strong man but never take this disease lightly or joke about it as its a pain you never want to experience. I am glad they are making some progress finally and will tell you the space age antidepressants have been a bit of help, but I have always suspected severe depression was physical in nature. If you are a sufferer there is help available and never give up as you mean something to somebody and thats enough of a reason to trudge on forward.

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