Brawl Stars: Brawl Talk Update!

hello and welcome to brawl Talk today we’re gonna tell you everything that’s coming in the next update we have new skins a new environment balance changes and last but not least a new brawler I’m Ryan and I’m Frank if you want to be the first one to hear the news make sure you’re subscribed this update is gonna drop at the end of January first things first let’s talk balance changes now brawl ball we have heard your feedback after this update the ball will not be able to go behind the goal in addition passing the ball will consume one attack now this is a big nerf – mortis but don’t worry he’s getting some buffs – he said – this we’re going to address the meta game in heist by changing some of the maps on the character side we want to address the star powers to make them more equal and power amongst all the brawler’s and last but not least we nerved Leon let’s talk about new content first from the end of January we are going to celebrate Lunar New Year and with that there’s a brand new environment and three new skins for Brock called the Daryl in addition we’ve got three more skins coming throughout the month we have football bull Valentine’s Day poco and popcorn ricochet all coming in February and then in the mid of the month we’re going to introduce the new brawler Jean all that and more is coming in the update and we cannot wait for you to see be sure to subscribe and we will see you next time bye guys you [Music]


  1. Revampled Poco,Spike,Colt,Ricochet,Darryl and New Sounds Brock,Bo,Mortis you forgot to say this, Ryan

  2. Aqui empezo una larga cadena de nerfeos para leon

    Here began the chain of neerfeos for Leon

  3. This just randomly appeared in my recommendations and for a second i thought that new brawl talk is out(


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