Break Your Sugar Addiction | How Sugar Affects The Body |What Happens When You Break Sugar Addiction

an alarming new report shows that the sugar industry sweetened the truth suppressing the health risks of sugar the Journal of the American Medical Association reveals that scientists were paid in the 1960s to play down the link between sugar and heart disease and instead makes saturated fat the culprit it's good life gayness you're back in the building with Lamont Tyson running the life gains channel what are the most dynamic channels on YouTube today we're talking about all the bad things that happen to the body from eating sugar a lot of people don't even know that sugar is toxic to the body because they've come so used to it but let's talk about what happens when you kick that sugar habit to the curve but first y'all know on this channel we put on our plus seven glasses today of getting rid of sugar sexy as hell because I'm working on skill of my craft bringing your more info on youtube experienced something better to look at please subscribe to my channel turn on those notifications so you get my videos when I drop them also go check out the life game financial Channel I have started to put in more content back up there and I've covered so far on that channel go on to the movie theatres for free a checking account that gives you four percent return how to get started investing in real estate all the things I've done to give me life games I'm trying to share with you so again I remind you guys my wife is a doctor at Duke kidney doctor at that hypertension specialist and she works with diabetes I have learned through attrition and doing these things on my own that sugar is very toxic to the body because when I started dieting I kicked sugar to the curb and then when I got back on it I noticed all these weird things that you wouldn't know if you don't kick sugar to the curb so let me give you a list of things that happened then we'll kind of talk about why number one you'll lose appetite to sugar if you kick it to the curb number two you'll become less hungry when you kick sugar to the curb number three you'll notice less fatigue number four you'll notice that you will lose a whole lot of water when you first kick it to the curb and then you also start losing fat you'll enhance your mood your skin looks better you'll be less stiff and fellas your testosterone is going go through the roof it's gonna be so hard you might want to go grab a horse and do what you want to do not for real don't do that I'm just playing about that but your testosterone goes completely through the roof and the reason for all these changes in the body is because when you have too much sugar you become insulin resistant when you cut the sugar and allow your body to let us insulin stabilize itself you are allowed to absorb these nutrients men testosterone goes through the roof because sugar blood sit you start noticing that because you are not eating the sugar you don't want it so that's how the loss of appetite comes in I mean the loss of appetite the sugar comes in and your blood sugar becomes regulated that's where the less hungry comes in and with regulated blood sugars you also notice that you have less fatigue a lot of people didn't understand that sugar is very inflammatory to the body so when you cut it and you're replacing it with healthy things like strawberries blueberries complex things that have dietary fiber to nullify the sugar in your system you wind up being able to repair your body more and more and you enhance your ability to feel better these new studies have come out that indicate about how bad sugar is for the body how inflammatory it is for the body and most of my clients that I work with that wind up kicking sugar to the curb can also attest to these same things now the problem that people have in the very beginning the first three days when you're kicking sugar to the curb you're gonna be very grouchy your body is fighting you because you're used to it but there are some things you can put in place to help you overcome that so that you can get on the road to using ketones and other nutrients your fat cells that you've already got stored up to lose weight so I would recommend getting b12 vitamin and some potassium vitamins if you're gonna decide to kick that sugar to the curb and use it for the first three days to help with all the cravings to help with the grouchiness to help with your headaches to help with the body trying to buck you because you're trying to do something better in your life to sustain good health now if you need a coach to help you out with that hit me up specially if you're in the Triad area of NC I am taking clients again I have a dynamic team I work with from my wife who's like I said a kidney doctor diabetes specialist hypertension specialist I also work with a coach in Greensboro who runs the biggest NPC bodybuilding show and all the state so I can help you with that manner and for your general health and fitness and nutrition needs you got your boy here who's a walking testament to help you make those gains considering I went from 350 pounds all the way down to 195 I retain muscle mass I don't have a whole lot of saggy skin and I want to help you guys reach those goals as well that's gonna do it for this video don't forget to like my video please comment and subscribe go get yourself a life gang hit me up check my video description I also got online meal plans I can help you construct if you're not in the Triad area because it's about helping you guys make those life games and until the next sex is hell video I'll see you you


  1. Been feeling bad, tired, overweight or sugar cravings? Check this video to see what happens when you leave sugar alone. #LamontTysonLifeGains

  2. We are in the car watching your vid and my nephew is twlking about his favorite restaurant selling fried oreos hahhahahhaha im like hell nah

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  4. I’ve had. Diabetes now for over seven years I still have cravings for sugar but I’ve tried to control the amount of sugar I have. I love your video and would appreciate if your wife could give me any info on diabetics foods to eat like meals/snacks if possible please thanks a lot?

  5. Thanks for sharing brother LAMONT. Very informative video. Didn't know that. I learned something new today. Keep the videos coming. Appreciate all you do. Have a great day. Love ya brother

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