1. U r right mam..
    Antidepressants like SSRl never helps I m suffering from OCD but I didn't not get any betterment taking ssri even a little bit
    Please give me some suggestion mam

  2. Fantastic video Kelly! I appreciate you getting this information there. It needs to be shared far and wide!

  3. This gave me chills! Love it thank you! Been talking about this for a while now, also following Dr John Bergman he is a genius, exciting times

  4. Thank you Dr. Brogan. Do you ever refer to Acupuncture physicians or Naturopaths? You may want to do your other YouTubes in a place that does not look like a basement:-))

  5. Brilliant presentation, thank you Dr Brogan. Wish we had someone like you in Australia – but here the laws are so draconian, and the 'Medical Mafia' so powerful, that no practicing doctor would dare speak out publicly against conventional medicine.

  6. Thank you Dr. Kelly. I would love to have you on a wellness segment on @mangiatv anytime you could make it

  7. for Kelly and everyone else , look up Dr Suzzane Humpheries , she is on a similar journey of Truth and Health empowerment for people . Like Kelly , Suzzane is a real breath of fresh air and pleasure to both listen to and read her articles/book .

  8. This is what I believe, know and have experienced! Dr Kelly Brogan you articulate all of this so well. Special thanks for exposing the dysfunctional system from a medical doctor's view, as a mother and woman, as an intelligent and wide awake human being. I love you for this! I will promote you all over fb and where I go since we need to wake up the world!

  9. A lot to consider here, and it is so heartening to hear doctors like Kelly Brogan breaking ground and hopefully helping conventional medical practices evolve or maybe even recede to allow new thinking to shine through.

  10. I'd love to interview you on my radio show! Google Vinny Eastwood and contact me through my website or facebook profile!

  11. I probably would have passed this on to a few people and sites if it weren't for the commercial at the end that absolutely destroyed the whole vibe.

  12. totally agree about the main concept BUT we have to SOLVE THE NEED FOR SURGERY IN — for example a car wreck, industrial accident, etc ——  and those surgery centers have to use the exact healing/RECOVERY care as soon as the EMT arrives, ALL THE WAY THROUGH SURGERY, THE ER, THE ICU…….

    Been through that nightmare and see the murderous treachery when you request what you KNOW works for your own or your child's wellness/recovery…..  there are among those in the ER & ICU world that will INTENTIONALLY HARM YOU FOR YOUR AUDACITY yet you know survival is slipping away if you don't…  (insteadof911 dotnet)


  13. Dr. Kelly Brogan is brave, well read,  intelligent and beautiful. Great combo.  Thanks for speaking out on what is destroying us as a country, and finding positive solutions.
    JOhn S

  14. I am almost old enough to be Kelly's grandfather, and I gleefully admit that I have a crush on her, physically, emotionally, and particularly intellectually.   (:->)

  15. Thank you Dr.Kelly Brogan . I totally agree with you . I have successfuly been on this journey myself with fantastic results .
    Keep up the good work Dr. Brogan <3

  16. Check out the "Gluten Summit". Gluten sensitivity is causing about 190 autoantibody diseases. Here is that list (http://www.aarda.org/autoimmune-information/list-of-diseases/).

  17. Good thoughts Kelly ! No doubt we have all given over our powers of healing and our own health to illusionsist's with initials behind their names !

    We can all be super healthy and fit , just gotta want to and know how. What most do not realize is that the answers are already inside YOU ! So don't be afraid to go inside and take a look around. All @  www.downtoearththinking.com for free !

  18. Good video, Dr… I told my Dr. at the VA I wasn't going to take any drugs and that unless he had N.D., H.H.P., M.H. or N.C. behind his name, our relationship would be short… He said "No problem, I respect that"… Blah Blah Blah…

    I was then sent a bottle of Hydroxyzine Pamoate… The REAL FUN drug that made pictures on my walls move and my vehicles roll back and forth on the driveway… I was on all sorts of other RX garbage when I quit it all and started getting into natural health…

    I haven't had an RX drug of any sort for over 4 years, and I'm better… I have issues and flashbacks from War, but so what??? Every Veteran does… Adding a chemical cocktail to an already volatile situation is pouring gasoline on the fire…

    I Fired the VA, and will never go back, unless I need the ER like you said…. Allopathic  medicine is good for broken bones, and little else

  19. Thank you for an excellent shot across the bow. Well done, Kelly.

    So often people ask me how to follow my protocol while getting surgery and taking chemo and radiation. I tell them to avoid the surgery and stop the chemo and radiation. That's the best way because things that make you sick aren't making you well. Cutting the skin isn't a health practice either. 

    They wonder if healthy food is risky with chemo and radiation. Seriously – that is their mindset. So I tell them healthy food is not risky…guess what has proven itself to be risky at least 20 million times?  When is the last time impairing one or more organs helped someone get well?

  20. "It's as if horrible, deadly diseases are falling from the sky and they are handing out bulletproof umbrellas."

  21. This information is as incisive as it is poignant.  Am glad there are people like yourself with credentials calling it how it is.  There are many doctors that know what's amyss, but haven't bucked the trend for fear of reprisal. 

    In any case, your articles/vids have helped us greatly in a variety of aspects and have been beneficial to other friends as well.  We appreciate what you and many others have chosen to do.  It means a lot to have people that aren't selling their souls for another dollar doing all they can to help others.  Thanks bunches.

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