Breaking New Ground – Inspired Together – Penn State Hershey Medical Center

>> I got married in 2009 and we wanted to
start having children. >> My husband and I were trying to get pregnant
for about almost two years. >> We tried for almost two years and it wasn’t
happening. >> PCOS stands for polycystic ovarian syndrome. >> Polycystic ovary syndrome is a syndrome
of infrequent ovulation. It’s the single most common cause for infertility
in women. >> A lot of these ladies don’t have a regular
menstrual cycle which is why they end up with infertility and having trouble with that. >> [Inaudible] is always treatment that can
cause frequent ovulation and also more frequent pregnancy than the current gold standard which
is drug called Clomiphene as a big finding. >> We finally joined the study and turned
out I was eligible and I thought, thank God. I never thought I’d be happy to have PCOS. >> But whatever makes her happy that’s what
we want happy wife, happy life. >> My husband’s always been my best friend. >> She is my best friend. >> We have always had a wonderful relationship
which you have to have when you try for so long and all you want is to get pregnant. When I told him I was pregnant– >> I was actually working in Massachusetts. >> I knew about a week before he came home. >> And I had gotten home over the weekend. >> And I didn’t want to tell him over the
phone. I wanted to see his face. >> It was I believe around my birthday. >> Because it was in a Gordon’s Jeweler’s
box, the pregnancy test, so he thought, oh what, did she got me jewelry? >> She had me up open up a gift and it was
a pregnancy test and it said I’m pregnant. >> Surprise. >> Honey. >> Most guys are like, what’s two lines? I said, “I’m pregnant in case you don’t know.” >> I’m pregnant >> Yeah, baby. >> And that was just the best perfect gift. >> Happy early birthday. >> There’s no doubt if I didn’t enter the
study I wouldn’t have gotten pregnant. >> So to think Letrozole is the first drug
in 50 years that’s shown a better first line of therapy compared to Clomiphene is quite
a breakthrough. >> My pregnancy was awesome. I’m almost scared to have another one. My husband had just gotten home from Massachusetts
where he was working the night before 12 hours earlier. >> And she said, “My water broke.” >> My water broke 9 to 9:30. >> And I was like we better get ready. >> I don’t know what I was thinking. I didn’t have my bag packed. >> She didn’t even pack a bag. >> I didn’t have anything ready. >> She had nothing ready. >> So I was packing my bag with stage two
labor contractions which is not fun. >> So she’s packing a bag. She calls the hospital and said my water broke. They said, “Oh come one in.” >> I made it to the hospital at noon. I walked in the doors myself. >> The security officer was standing up front
and he said, “Ma’am are you okay?” and she just doubled over. She had a huge contraction and he goes, “No,
you’re not.” >> Never saw my husband that I’d been with
for eight years run that fast in my life. >> My wife said she’d never seen me run so
fast. >> And two hours and 20 minutes later I had
my daughter at 2:20. >> I got to hold Camilla shortly right after
she was out and cleaned up. >> To hold Camilla for the first time was,
it was just breathtaking. >> It was really amazing and it was the greatest
feeling in the world. >> One, two, three. >> Penn State Hershey Medical Center I often
say I owe my life to them because I would have never had Camilla if it wasn’t for them. >> Come on. >> After trying for almost two years and no
results it’s the best thing ever to have Camilla. [ Music ]

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