Breaks, Sprains & Dislocations – First Aid

soft-tissue injuries if you suspect someone may have a soft tissue injury what you want to do for them is you want them to rest the injury you would protect it as well do is you apply a rat ice pack some sort of comfortable support and you want to elevate it so what I would be doing is if Jews hurt ankle I would be very careful how I was looking on threat and I would be doing a nice supportive bandage up you can use a two big red ball or a broad cohesive spiky bandage which is sometimes easier to to apply and I would be applying that up like this so nice and firm I would be squeezing her nail bed and see if the color comes back quickly to make sure that I haven’t put it on too tight and when I’m bandaging I would bandage from here to here for an ankle our bandage from here to here for a rest from here to here for an elbow so you wouldn’t bandage right on top of the joint and just follow the join because your constricted it’s too much and you’ll have better support if you go either side so I’d be bandaging that by bat up to about here I would then apply a wrapped ice pack on the injured area and we would support it and elevate it on a nice cushion or something so is properly supported along her leg and if that injury isn’t feeling better after you know not that long or if it gets worse I will be taking her to hospital to get it x-rayed because the only way to know for sure whether or not it is broken or not and whether you are just dealing with a soft tissue injury is to get it x-rayed

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