hey everyone welcome back to another video today is super exciting because we have the legendary Kristian Minson who is the breathwork facilitator here at rhythmic and as you guys know Derek and I are so into breathwork like ever since we came here and he taught us how to do it in class we've been doing it every day and we just talked about it so much on our YouTube channel that like so many people want to come to arrhythmia or like have a transformation but they don't have the money or they don't have the time to travel and we always tell them like just start with breath work because it's something you can do at home and it's free it doesn't cost any money you know it just takes a little bit of effort and a little bit of time and for me like it's been so transformative especially because like I have a history of anxiety and just like getting into that feeling and like you know I think generally like with that with myself like I just kind of have always had like a shallower breath pattern and I never realized that and just learning how to breathe like deeply and for real and use it as like a medicine in a ceremonial space has been so life-changing like just everyday I'm doing the hundred breast to joy and it's very amazing so I'm gonna have him just do like a brief overview of breath work because he does it so beautifully every time before ceremony and I just get so excited to do it I'm like yes we're here with our original medicine and like we're ready to rock so I'll just have you take it away and then absolute a couple questions welcome everybody and first of all thank you for having so much so you're so busy so I'm so grateful to make this video always time for something like this and I want to commend you too and all you listen out there the that you actually practice this on a daily basis is this is really what it's all about because it is your breath and it's like exercise you know if you exercise one day in the gym and then you don't exercise for another two weeks and then exercise yeah it's you know you get a little pumping that you know you feel good on that day but you're not really building anything and it's the same way with the breath work you can do it and you can have catharsis you can have an experience but the real value comes in doing it day and day out and there's really no excuse for not doing it date right yeah because we breathe day so here at rythme a you know breath work the the cornerstones of this program are plant medicine and breath work and the I consider breath our original medicine which means that it's when we're doing the breath work we're bringing in abundant amounts of oxygen into our body so oxygen is our number one energy source and even more astute we put is that the oxygen carries prana a lot of people may have heard that if you've ever practiced yoga prana is just a Sanskrit word for lifeforce energy yeah so the it's the prana the life force energy which is the fundamental unit of energy that has brought us into being that's that makes us thinking that makes us feeling that that allows us to move which distinguishes us basically between an inert piece of clay this is it's this life force energy and so this is our original medicine the more that we can bring this energy this medicine into us the better we feel because it is the energy of life itself so so the process is to what I like to say hyper oxygenate and that means to get an abundant amount of oxygen into your body in a short period of time which is different than hyperventilating people are like you're just hyperventilating like it's no it's different yeah it's it's it's now interestingly you can experience during the process you can experience some of the same I could say symptoms or sensations of hyperventilation because in hyper oxygenation and hyperventilation you are bringing more oxygen in the difference is with hyperventilation you're actually expelling more carbon dioxide than you should be so hyperventilation is actually a condition of having too little carbon dioxide in our bodies and and how that happens is people usually they blow the exhale if you're like forcefully exhaling you're going to you're more likely to hyperventilate okay but in this process we we do a relaxed to exhale and as long as you keep that relaxed exhale you can bring abundant amounts of oxygen in and you're still maintaining that delicate balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide that won't keep you from hyperventilating I was gonna say hyperventilation seems more like something that's coming from like stress and fear – where is like the hyper oxygenation of breath work is more like relaxed and like focused fair now yeah very very well put hyperventilation usually happens when we're anxious and in stress – it's like a vicious cycle you you feel stressed you start breathing shallowly and rapidly then you then you that makes you feel more stressed and so then you start breathing faster and start pushing that exhaled and you feel more stressed and until ya the culmination where you find that out which you know I want to say that I'm not a medical doctor so you know you can take what I say with a grain of salt or not but I say you know the end result of hyperventilation passing out is not the end of the world because what's happening here is that your body is saying hey wait a second mind you're not controlling us properly we're gonna have to disconnect the cord here hey you know get ready weirdo and then if finally if the mind doesn't like do what it's supposed to do regulate the breath properly the body finally pulls the plug on the mind and you pass out so when you pass out the body then takes over yes and the body brings you back to the equilibrium that you need and then you wake up and you're like whoa what I guess I won't do that again right you know so as long as you're not standing up and you fall face-first you know that's the only danger is that you hurt yourself from falling versus you know hyperventilating itself is not really a huge issue if you if you find that you do it once in a while what we'll teach you is how not type or finnaly yeah it's a hyper oxygenate and I do want to stress that the the breath work is a great tool because on it really is the confluence of our multiple dimensions of our being meaning it's the it's the crossroads for our physical dimension of our being our emotional dimension of the being and the spiritual dimension all of them are influenced by the breath and I'm always somebody I you know I've always wanted to get the biggest bang for my buck or whatever it is out there and if I could accomplish three different things just by doing one thing I feel like I've gotten a true value and so here with breath work on a physical level we're bringing more oxygen in oxygen is our number one energy source so everything in our bodies works better with oxygen oxygen is energy so we feel more energized we think clearer our bodies are are more resilient stronger more endurance our organs function you know we digests better we processed toxins better interestingly – we sleep better usually the the the energy that we get isn't like a caffeinated sort of energy where we're all hyper and amped up but it's it's got this relaxed element and a lot of people who will report that they have the best sleep they've ever had after having gone through a breath work session yeah so all that's just on the physical level it makes us feel better emotionally the breath and our emotions are intimately linked so what we're really doing is every time well consider this every time we if we have an emotion that we don't like what's the way that we usually control that emotion suppress it yeah we suppress it by we we tense up and we hold our breath usually when we start breathing very shallow so this stops the emotion from flowing now if you look at the word emotion emotion that's energy in motion so emotions are just energy in motion emotion this energy is it starts within us its motion is to come out of us and be expressed but in that process it comes up and we're like I don't want to feel that emotion so we stop that energy from moving and then we lock it away we store it in our body somewhere and that storage actually taxes our bodies it takes a lot of energy to hold this energy in place and it's still energy emotion it still wants to get out so it's eventually going to find ways to leak out or explode finally you know that whole straw that breaks the camel's back you just get freaked out and lose it yeah and then yeah and then and they're like whoa all I did was you know eat a piece of your gum it's like you know that's not the that's not the thing that well that was the trigger but all of this past aggression and anger comes out as a result because it's all been stored and you finally can't hold it so what the breathwork does is actually gets in there as we said we kind of hold our breath in these patterns so that we don't activate this energy which usually means that we breathe shallow and we don't breathe into those areas but when we start doing the breath work we're getting this nice full breath so we're activating all the areas of our body all these storehouses of all this emotion and it's like we unlock the key and let it all out and so this emotion comes to the service now the there's that's the tricky part right there is that as that emotion comes to the surface it crashes our conscious threshold and there we feel it temporarily we're like oh that was the feeling that I didn't want to feel yeah and so there's a tendency to want to hold it back again but this is where if you just keep breathing with it the breath work helps process those emotions through so really what it's doing is helping us let go of of years and sometimes decades of emotional baggage traumas from the past repression suppression things that happen you know that even in high school and the kids knocked your books out of your hand and not laughed at you you know that that stuff gets stored in there and it affects the way that you deal with people in life or or the jobs you go for the relationships you get yourself in and so this clears that all out so you don't so that's not an influence you get to you get to make a conscious choice whether you engage in a relationship or you choose a path in life so it clears that out it gives you an emotional catharsis it tends to balance your emotional states so let's just say stereotypically women are more emotional so oftentimes emotions can get the better of you yeah like your motions control you it was like last night like I was gonna say when you're talking about expressing emotion like you can feel it in this room it's almost like an ayahuasca ceremony me and crying and like all of that is coming out so like people will think that it doesn't you know it's not as powerful as like plant medicine but it really is so powerful really yeah it really is as powerful so many people here say here at RIT me you get to experience both the plant medicine and our original medicine the earth work and invariably half the room will say this wasn't as powerful as my plant medicine ceremonies and there's always a handful of people that will say this was even more powerful than my plant medicine ceremonies yeah the reason for that is that both the plant medicine and the breath work are doing similar things now this is one of the questions you had said you wanted to ask what's the difference and how do they you know the difference between plant medicine and breath work and what's the similarities basically they both open the doorway to your consciousness they're they're both there and they they unlock this door to let you see in but I like to stay with the breath it like opens that door gently and beckons you in with a smile and says hey come check out this stuff the plant medicine opens that door and then when you're not looking let you into the door then it shuts the door that shake you up and it won't let you out until there yeah until it wants to let you out now now there's a benefit to that especially if you're one of those who likes control because the plant medicine forces you to not control yeah the breath you always got an escape hatch you know you can control it and so there's a you know you have to override that part of your of your mental capacity in order to get the most out of the breath work but it's a lot gentler it's a lot you know safer in the sense that you're you're not doing something that you're not familiar with already all of us have breathed right yeah and breathing since since we were babies and so if you especially if you get into the idea that whatever is coming up in me whatever I'm feeling physical sensation wise whenever I'm feeling emotionally is all all I'm doing is just breathing in this moment and so yeah and what's coming is going as we say but whatever you're feeling is energies trying to energies in motion trying to find their way out of channels often hands and feet are our big among energy release channels the top our head and of course through our emotional expression we we release this yeah so on that emotional level it gives us that catharsis it balances the emotion so females as we said would be over emotional I'm just stereotyping here males will tend to be under emotional like not expressive enough right motions aren't don't have their their fair share of the you know the pie basically so jicama like the way that our society teaches us like men like don't cry be strong like young man and females it's like you know oh it's okay and then let it out and like the females are I was just so much more emotional right so these gender roles that should be the same exactly or to say that ideally we have the capacity to choose at any moment not that I've been taught to suppress my emotions so now when there's an emotional moment when it would be appropriate to express emotion like when somebody dies you you want to cry you know that I mean that there's a there's a natural inclination to do that and it's healthy grief is a healthy emotion actually but if you've been taught to suppress your motion then you stay stoic well that grief wants to come out so now it's like it's agitating your insides yeah everyday until you finally do let it out or again it explodes or it eats away at you and you start to develop these disease physical you know physical maladies or mental emotional maladies so I think a lot of our like a lot of what gets helped here at rythme a– are our mental conditions because mental conditions are so much based in a lot of suppression things that we just haven't looked at and when we start to release these these old patterns and these these old traumas and things like that all sudden we see things from a new perspective it's like we've been looking through crap colored glasses you know and life is so life looks crappy and now we've been able to blow those glasses off and now it's like wow green there's flowers there's sunshine you know I I can actually enjoy life and we were we're talking about yeah your life you're just talking about that because someone had asked me like how my life had changed since doing all this work and I was like well my life hasn't actually changed at all like nothing has actually changed about my life I'm just able to see it in like a different perspective like see the beauty in it and be grateful for it and like so much love in my life whereas I think now that you just said that it all clicked in my head that like because I had so many locked emotions inside of me I was feeling those emotions like over and over again life was scary because I had so much anxiety inside of me and like I had so much sadness that it was just like life is like depressing and it's sad and it's fearful and it's all these things but once you like release those like now I see my life just as this most beautiful blessing and like so much love and so much happiness and like it's because I can fill up those spaces now with that with those things you know beautifully put I want to clarify for those listening that when you say that your life hasn't changed in any way it's like you're doing the same things on the surface level you still still follow the same path still have the same relationships you didn't get rid of people in your life or you didn't necessarily and make new people made it kind of my life is this thing right but that whole gist is like the container of life can go on and you can continue to feel terrible and anxious stressed and all this and from the outside it looks normal and then it can continue to look normal but you can actually transform that into joy Beauty love goodwill and yeah and that's what you've done yeah and that's what I mean like I don't mean to say like my life hasn't changed at all it's just like on the concrete physical level like nothing is nothing's different but like my life is totally different because of my perception of it and like how I can deal with it now and like see the beauty in it and all that stuff and so it's like that's the thing like that's the beauty of plant medicine and breath work and like all these things is like filling yourself up with love and all these positive emotions versus like carrying around all this baggage for your whole life and like having it destroy your life even though you might like Jerry he was a multi-millionaire and he just was so unhappy and depressed because that's what he was like holding inside of him and your point is really well well-placed because a lot of us look for when when we think our life is going to be different that we think that all sudden the environment is going to change and all sudden a whole new you know Prince Charming is going to come and sweep us off our feet and where we're gonna get the dream job and this and that is that all these external changes are going to happen and that's that can happen and it's not that you know we can't exclude that those things could happen but the real value the real transformation is how you wake up day to day and it's like you know do you wake up and all of a sudden from from the get-go feel tense and afraid and are cautious about life you get up and like wow life's an adventure or who can I love today what can you know what good can I we're gonna create yeah how can we make this like beautiful journey like I just like I think about my life and it's like I used to be so afraid of life and living and like what's gonna happen want to die and like I was just so confused and like I felt like I was just lost like completely lost and now it's just like it's gone forever about how beautiful life that's yeah it's and it's as simple it's like I come from a spiritual path I used to be a monk for ten years they used to say realization is like flipping a light switch the room could be dark for centuries you come in and you flip the switch and the light is on the darkness has vanished as though it had never been yeah you know it's it's literally like when you when you wake up and realize that all sudden it's like the darkness doesn't have to be there yeah we can choose to bring it back in if we like and some of us still do that unconsciously which is why we're talking about breath work here because yeah breath work is really a maintenance it's not only a powerful therapeutic tool I call it a therapeutic tool when you get in you have a breath session like sitting in these these spaces and you go through the breath process intensively for an hour and you have these catharsis and you have this Awakening and all this that's what I call a therapy session you know yeah it's like and psychotherapists have said Wow one breath session is equivalent to like three years of psychotherapy you know a lot of money exactly save a lot of money and a lot of time in the asshole but so but beyond the therapy you still once you leave your psychotherapist you leave the gym you leave what you know you leave a breath session you still have to maintain your your state right so you you still got to do the things on a day to day basis that are going to help support what you just went through in your therapy what you just cleared what you just received yeah and that's where the breath work and that's why I commended you from the very beginning it's so vital to do it on a day to day basis and even if you just do five minutes we call the hundred breaths of joy a five-minute session hundred breaths one two doing it that way last five minutes it takes about five minutes every day under breath yeah and do you do it when you wake up do you do it in the middle of the day when do you um I typically do it like just when I remember but I try to do it in the morning because I wake up and I like do yoga and then do it when I do yoga so I usually do it after yoga just because I get super tingly yeah good yeah and that's I encourage people to experiment with it it's like some people it really energizes you so get up first thing in the morning and and then you get the energy going some people really relaxes them so first thing before going to bed at night do your breath work and then you you can just drift into sleep yeah I feel like it does both yeah well sometimes I do it twice a day and then sometimes Derick and I will go outside and we'll do the whole hour like recording that judith has on the website Wow so we'll do like the intense one beautiful yeah like once or twice a week yeah and that's and so for for those listening out there I caution you to to get into a an hour-long session right away unless you unless you do it with some kind of facilitator help some qualified facilitator help like I'm a certified breath facilitator I've been a senior trainer offering breath work for the last 12 years you know so I've seen the ins and outs of of what can come up when when people go through things and so I know how to deal with it yeah there's nothing really inherently dangerous about a breath session the the caution really is as as you dredge up old emotions and old traumas and things like that like we said you temporarily relive them and in that moment you may not be equipped to really deal with it and you may have stopped and that's the worst thing you could do is stop he brought all this stuff to the surface then you stopped now it's all just on the surface yeah so what would you recommend like for people who want to get into it like how would they how would you recommend they start like if they can't come to rid mia and be with the best of the best like you like how can they get turn it at home well I can show you a simple the simple breath work right here that so people could just get started you can all get started with a 5 minute version of this this process and then at the end we'll give you my website well it's like breath flow calm where you can and you could email me Christian at breath flow calm and and ask for resources and I can you know tell me where you're at what part of the world or facilitators you also see on my website the different events that are coming up that I have to offer anyway and yeah he does breath work seminars in different parts of the United States or do you go in like Canada stuff – I do wherever wherever we can set them up currently San Diego is where I've helped the last one but for those of it you who just want to get started simply I use three words three words do you remember the three words wait put you on the spot there I know one is Flo uh-huh three and so oh that's right look full free and flow so if you remember these three words they're going to jog your memory on how to do this breath process right full free and flow so let's explain full means we're trying to get a full breath through more hyper oxygenate to get a full breath in a short period of time we do two things differently we breathe through the mouth and we breathe at a faster pace so it's something something along those lines it might be a little slower a little faster for each individual but that's the full and we want to start in the belly if all you do is get your breath in the belly that's okay most people breathe shallow which means that they breathe in their chest to some depth but the lower lobes of the lungs contains 75% of the blood vessels that take the oxygen to the rest of your body so if you don't get the if you don't get the oxygen down there not only are you just taking shallow breaths but you're also not delivering what oxygen you've actually taken in efficiently to the rest of your body so full body breath I like to say breathe like you're you've got a big balloon in your belly so as your inhale that balloon inflates and use exhale that balloon deflates flattens inhale balloon expands exhale deflates so and then as you can add on your chest so it's a full again use your full respiratory capacity so that's the full free it means to let go think about what does it mean to be free it means relaxed let go peaceful graceful so this characterizes the exhale we just relax just like a relaxed sigh it's like an afterthought oh I have to let go yeah now I can inhale again you take this nice full inhale and then you just let it go now yoga breathers may have done the fire breath before which is that a really forceful exhale that's not what we want to do in this process and it's not a controlled exhale where you're trying to get rid of every last bit of air simply it relaxed whatever naturally comes out we don't you you're actually going to inhale more than you exhale so there's a two to one or a three to two type of ratio going on here not exact there's no scientific ratio but the idea is a bigger inhale a more relaxed exhale and then finally the flow so we call this a circular breath pattern like a circle there's no beginning or end it's simply a continuous motion we're either inhaling or exhaling inhaling or exhaling we're not pausing in between the inhale exhale I use the the analogy of a fountain if you can imagine your breath like a fountain your water gets pumped up the fountain then water spurts out the fountain and it falls back into the pool goes back into the Balaton up you know so the inhale is the water getting pumped up the fountain the exhales the water falling back to earth right so it's inhale exhale inhale exhale at no point in the stage of this fountain does the water come up and then like stop and just stay suspended for a moment right not even for a split second it's always in motion it's either coming in or going out coming in or going up so this is how I should visualize our breath never pause they never stopping I won't go into it in detail but it's the pauses that sins are bringing that takes our brain out of the present moment into the past or into the future and this is where the past is where regret and shame and self-deprecation lies the future is where anxiety stress and and fear about what's to come live so we can close those doors and stay in the present moment by keeping there our breath if you think about it where do we breathe in the present all right the only place that we can breathe is in the present right we can't breathe in the future we can't breathe in the past now we breathe in one present which became the past but the only place we actually breeze is in the present so if you focus on your breath it forces your mind to stay present yeah and let's go of that gret and shame lets go of that anxiety and stress and asks you in the beauty of that present moment yeah I don't think you could worry about like what you have to do tomorrow you're doing breath work like I don't think it'd be possible or you may start to and then as you breathe all sudden it neutralizes you evaporate that and you come it's more immediate whatever is whatever is present now like we said we we do unlock chambers of the past you know if you've stored energy from the past you're unlocking that because we want to get that out because that energy continues to influence your present moment keeps coming up for review and you feel a little anxious and tense but you push it back down push it back up feeling it's just intense you push it back down what if you just let it come out maybe you feel a little anxious in tension that moment but after you've let it go it's gone now it's gone now you don't have it continually recycling through you and you can fill that and this is what we do the breath pattern I think I mentioned in the beginning if I did or didn't that each emotion has a corresponding breath pattern the ones that we don't like anxiety stress all that tend to come with a shower or a he'll breath the ones that we do like love joy peace come with a deeper full a full free-flowing breath pattern yeah and so we're actually when we breathe this way we're inducing these emotions into our field we're bringing these emotional states into our being so that we can live happier we can live more peacefully we can live more joyfully you were saying yesterday I like usually if you have like a shallow relationship or a shallow like you're explaining that like usually if something is shallow it has like a very short yeah so and this gets into we mentioned the benefits on the physical level and emotional level and we didn't mention the benefits on a spiritual level that the breath the breath as this lifeforce energy comes into our body it is it is the the essence of life is the energy of creation essentially it is the fundamental unit of your soul so as we bring more in we bring our relationship to our soul to life and so this is where I said like any relationship if it's a if it's a shallow relationship you usually don't get very far it's it's not very satisfying right right if you have a deeper relationship you get to know the person you you know the find nuances and and you can share on such a deeper level well the same goal the same is true for your soul if you're breathing shallow it's like you're having the shallow relationship with your spirit with your soul and as such you're not going to be very in touch with it you're not going to be very in touch with what you your soul is just your higher-self your your most intelligent self the self that knows what's best for you yeah where we tend to dwell on a day to day basis is in our ego self our lower self which is very desire driven it's like oh I want this I want this whether it's very in the moment like oh you Kate I want that I eat that oh no I feel terrible you know but oh now that piece of cake I want that no I feel terrible you know where the higher self is sitting all right whoa hold on you know there's a cake yeah have a couple bites you can eat that but then you know you don't need it all and then the next piece is like okay here you know let's let's eat a carrot instead or something you know so as you breathe deeper you're bringing more of this you you're developing a deeper relationship with your spirit and your spirit tends to guide you then the benefits here or that you start to be guided more intuitively it's not like you have to figure things out you don't have to research everything you don't have to ask everybody what's the right answer you just know because you're in touch with your soul which is which is the smaller portion of the God in you or the universal energy in you so it's it's feeding you what's right for you in every moment if you just listen to it yeah it it brings your creativity to life because this is energy of creation itself so the creative energy enters you it stimulates your creativity so if you're an artist if you're a musician if you're a writer a dancer if you just if you're businessman creative solutions and business all this is is the the true benefit of getting in touch you know a breathing deeper which gets you a deeper relationship with your spirit which then you know gives you a more satisfying life and it's kind of funny because the first time that I heard of breath work like I had never heard of like breath work before so it's just like is this my problem like I'm just not breathing and like I'm not doing this one thing that's so vital properly and like you think like oh it's not gonna be make that big of a difference but it has made like the biggest difference so the hardest thing that I've ever had to to accomplish is convincing people that breathing changes their lives people whenever I say hey I've got this breath work thing there's like uh I know how to breathe already I've been breathing all my life hahaha well it's true that we we breathe our life but consider anything else that that requires skill you know playing the violin you you know you could you could learn to play by yourself and just figure it out and you'd be sort of good maybe you'll you'll get really good but it'll take a long time or you can employ the help of a violin master they can show you the scales your the fingering you can get it in no time and you're that much better well breath interestingly enough because it's because that's just a fundamental part of our being and we come out of the birth canal the doctor smacks us on the Bott gets us to cry gets us breathing and says alright he or she is good to go and for the next decades of our lives we barely get training on how to do this thing it's just like are we supposed to know now it is inherently with us as a young child we if you ever watch a baby breathe who hasn't been through too much trauma you'll you'll see the ideal way to breathe it's this full free flow that goes out and but as soon as we start to store trauma remember all these emotional things that we lock down that modifies the way we breathe and we're doing this unconsciously and we're not recognizing the connection to the stored emotion to our breath and then we start habitually breathing in a way remember I said every emotion has a corresponding breath pattern well if you start breathing shallow habitually what do you think is going to happen you're going to induce the emotions that that breathing pattern creates which is stress anxiety fear so you can go around there you could have a beautiful life around you and if you're breathing this way you're in this perpetual state of of anxiety that low-grade anxiety are sometimes high-grade anxiety you mentioned in your life you you and in a panic attacks even as this as you know if you don't do something about it eventually the pressure builds and then an attack comes and that usually releases some of the pressure but it's still there and it it goes well that's like a pressure cooker whose valve is stuck you know yeah the attack is the lid blows off but our breath is like the pressure release valve so if we can just breathe into it it's like we open the valve and we siphon off the excess pressure until it gets to an adequate amount of pressure and it's a great analogy for life because we need pressure we need stress and pressure in our lives so stress and pressure in and of itself isn't bad but there's a threshold there's a certain amount of stress of pressure which keeps us activated keeps us moving keeps us motivated we go beyond that threshold and it starts to become detrimental we keep going beyond that it can create disease disorders and eventually breakdowns yeah it's funny okay like we're talking about that because it's like everything else in life people are taught how to do it like and I feel like breath work is one of those things that like it's not a big thing that people talk about but everyone talks about like what you should be eating and like how you should be exercising and like how your relationships should be and like all these other things but we're just never taught how to breathe you know and you know what the real rub is there the sad part about that is the breath is really the foundation our lives and let's let's turn it over to say the real exciting part of this is that if you start working with your breath if you really if you really get that part down you're eating your exercise your relationships all improve yeah everything that we engage in whether you get them massage and massage is a great thing you can just go and get a massage but if you actually learn to breathe with the way the person massages you can get twice as good a massage for the same amount of money you know if you if you're going through any kind of therapy or exercise you know exercise again if you're not breathing properly your your muscles can only work as much as they can get oxygen to them you can learn to breathe better you're filling your muscles with abundant amounts of oxygen so they can work harder they can work better and and you can get more exercise out of each workout yeah so would you say that like if you because I'm not I don't really know because I don't have any way to like you know quantify this but like since doing breath work like if you're doing breath work on a regular basis is your breathing pattern changing like you're the one the unconscious breathing yeah the day-to-day breathing pattern yeah I I believe yes I've seen that in my life anyway and so here's the stages to it I did a I did a Facebook live on this and by the way if you ever want to look on the rythme a page yeah I do Facebook glides in the rythme a YouTube page as Facebook lives I'll be putting them on my YouTube page as well but I just did one recently and I went through the stages from darkness to light and there's basically unconsciously incompetent we we don't know that we've got all these issues yeah that's the blissful ignorance stage then we become consciously incompetent we know that we we realized that we've got a lot of problems in our life then we become consciously competent we work at it we've consciously changing our lives and that's where brethren really comes in then we ultimately become unconscious competent which means we're so good at what we've changed now we don't have to think about it anymore we just go on autopilot so it's regards to your question at first most of us are unconsciously incompetent we're breathing shallow we're breathing dysfunctional E and we don't even know it hopefully most of you that see this video will then become consciously incompetent we're like oh my god they're speaking to me I now see I breathe shallow but what do I do about it so now we've just given you that five-minute breath exercise the full free flow this will get you in the conscious competence where you start even just five minutes and you can stretch it to ten you can stretch it to 15 and work your way up but in doing that you are modeling a healthy breath a healthy breath is going to full it's going to be relaxed and it's going to be fluid it's going to be flowing now normal everyday breath won't be through the mouth and it's not going to be quite as fast but the those points the full part the free part and the flowing part should be in every breath you take so as you work on that it's like exercising right you build muscle memory now you could you could first you can only jog five miles now you can jog six miles and before you know you can jog ten miles it's like you can improve and then five miles you just do on autopilot you don't even have you don't even think about it so eventually your your unconscious breathing starts to emulate a healthy breath pattern and you know the results when you start feeling the happiness the joy the good feelings in your life so to wrap all of this up really beautifully like how could people just kind of like start to work this into their life so that they can become consciously competence competence and start breathing from like that deep place where they're not having you know anxiety and fear and like just bringing this whole thing into their life to change their lives at home for free without like you know spend that's $1 to come to RIT which we want you to do or come to minimize something in the future exactly you can start now if you want to do this in the future it's like start now there's no reason you have so like I feel like so many times in life leaders are like I don't have the money out of the time but it's like there's so much you can do with five or ten minutes at home to change your life right now which is beautifully put and and so I would say that yes it really is my mission in life my mission in life is to put myself out of business really which means that everybody becomes so confident that they're breathing that a breath coach is no longer necessary you know and so how do you do that first realize that your breath is yours it's your god-given tool God's given us three three tools in her life two that everyone can use that's breath sound and movement if if we were to really explore our our use of breath our use of sound and our use of movement ninety five percent of maladies that we experience would be wouldn't have to worry about him and breath to me I feel is like is the the fundamental one the foundational one so recognize that you've got this everybody can do this if you can breathe you can do this process and and it's free it's just follow the the formula full a nice full inhale free relaxed and useful and flow fluid and moving start with five minutes feel into what it what it does for you if you hit a pocket of something that feels uncomfortable just know that you've unlocked something that's trying to get out so the best thing you can do is just gently breathe with it until it moves otherwise in the session and just keep doing that on a regular basis and you can do it once a day you can do it multiple times a day you can do it for 10 minutes you do it for 15 minutes the point is do it you just have to do it and that's all on you that's the only part that we can't do for you is to make you breathe yeah totally and if there are like if you feel like you need help or you have a lot of anxiety or fear or anything surrounding it Christian has a ton of resources I will link all of his stuff below but you can find him find me at breath flow calm that's it's my website you can find me on Facebook with our Christian minson and then you can find my facebook page from there that's Minson mi NS o n the letter R Christian Minson my youtube channel is the same our Christian ensign my other River Facebook page rythme a– dot-com ry th mi a there's no extra H in there so all of these places will start to lead you to more information and then my email address if you want more information about a facilitator in your area email me at Christian at breath flow comm CH RI STI a and at breath flow calm and I'm happy to answer any questions I'm happy to guide you in the right direction for for resources that may be in your area cool and hopefully you'll come to one of my seminars sometime hopefully you can come to read my head yes but even like when you do in the future you'll be able to just like handle it so much more better because I think for me especially like I was able to handle ceremony so much better because I could focus on my breath and I could just be like I'm not gonna die this time like I'm just going to focus and like sit here and feel what I'm feeling and it helps so much because for a lot of people like I feel like what you said is so true if people get those three fundamental things like people wouldn't even really need plant medicine right because you would never get to the place where you're so messed up and like suppressed and just like so in that place where you really need to be like blasted and see everything yeah because you're trying to control it so much like people really wouldn't even need plan medicine well put its and then then it becomes not a need but a choice you know it doesn't become a compulsion but a choice you can say well I want to try this versus I have to try this because I I've just gotta get this stuff dealt with somehow yeah so the breath that's life-changing yeah and its life-giving and it's amazing and thank you so much for being in this video doing everything you do like I said I'll put all of your links down below so people can contact you beautiful but yeah it's awesome and I'm just so glad that you're here and like able to share this with people it's it really is life-changing and I'd like to promise you guys if you just put in a work the little bit of work you'll start to see changes and like you won't have to spend so much money on therapy and like your relationships will get better and it'll be easier to eat healthy and like it won't be such a struggle to work out or like do the things that you want to do in your life like it'll just be like yeah I can do this you know because you won't have all these things suppressed in you that aren't holding you back so simple as that give it a try and we'll see you on the next video and I would stay


  1. Thank you for this video. Are you breathing in through the mouth or nose? Does your mouth get dry between breaths if inhaling through mouth?

  2. Christian is amazing!! My first breath work class was an amazing experience at Rythmia πŸ’•

  3. I've done the 100 breaths exercise twice now, and both times I've noticed a cold sensation in my ears and throat while doing it and afterwards. Then, after finishing, my body shivers for a few minutes. Is that typical? It seems so strange to me.

  4. So what happened to this channel? To the video she was going to post about her second time there? The FB group?

  5. Love and appreciate the knowledge but can anyone guide my lazy ass to where the breathing exercises begins

  6. Beautiful talk.Breathwork is amazing and unlike drugs,they can't make the breath illegal! Unfortunately I can't do Ayahuasca at the moment as on some medication.I am so grateful for Breathwork.Two evolved and beautiful people who you can see have done the work.

  7. I have horrible PTSD and am kind of losing my faith in life so to speak. But I don't have money for a workshop or class. So I suppose I'll try to find some more videos.

    I noticed as I was following along with the full breaths, I was getting a lot of anxiety and it was pretty uncomfortable. Imagining the fountain did help.

    I do feel my thoughts and memories and try to let them go, but they always resurface. And it's not just a few bad memories, it's literally hundreds so it's really hard to not think about them. It just happens. And I don't really have anything good in my life at the moment to appreciate. Frustrating. I think all of these different things are mostly just about being present in the moment. It is less about the actual breathing, and more about being present and aware. This is what they teach in DBT (Therapy).

  8. Hannah, wasn’t there another short breathwork video you also recommended? I thought I had saved it, but I can’t seem to find it. Thanks!

  9. Best tutorial I found for the 100 breaths to joy that walks you through all five minutes is on the channel Greyson Kennedy and it’s titled β€œ100 Breaths of Joy.” The thumbnail is a closeup of a woman in a white shirt.

  10. Beautiful!! I am so excited to try this tonight with my husband, after we get the 4 kiddos to bed! This is going to change our lives I can feel it. Thankyou you both so very much XOXO

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