1. I have dealt with anxiety and panic attacks plus depression for over 25 years. My husband bought your book, WHEN GOD BECOMES REAL a few months ago. But I couldn’t read it. Because it was exactly what I was going through. But I finally read it last night. 5/26/19. God told me that it was time to read it. I got through the first chapter with a little anxiousness. But the more I read. I got it. I could not put the book down. It took me 6 hours to read. But I finished it. Now I get it. When I have worship music on and praise him. It calms me. When I journal and talk to God. He answers back. I feel better. Thank you so much for being so open. Praise and worship will get me my breakthrough.

  2. problem is, as i see it, as long as the church continues to believe in eternal torment in hell, for even one person, what brian is saying about how some approach their relationship with the lord is the inevitable outflow of that, i believe… no rest for the weary… work work work! because the consequences (eternal torment in hell) are just far too great.

  3. "we do devotions to get things so we can share with people… and we can get so we can give." i so understand what brian is saying, and am so very very thankful the lord removed my husband and i from 'the ministry' and even 'church' on the eve of 2000. changed our lives. it IS all about him, christ jesus the lord.

  4. We express our love to God in worship…no one will ever love us as extravagantly as our Father ❤️

  5. I have also been where you were Brian. Thank you for sharing your story as it is the same story for so many of us. Watching Jenn pray next to you and for you is a testimony within itself. Beautiful your heart, her heart. and the Love of Christ in it all.

  6. I love God. I love you, Brian and Jenn! Wow, what a story of deliverance, breakthrough, and love.

  7. You can only not like this video, if you didn´t go through a season Brian is talking about. There is more in our walk with Jesus than we ever knew.

  8. Thank you for sharing, I am going to listen to it till I am free of panic, and addiction from medication. I am in the word everyday, but I need to release it all to Him. I release all my pain, heartache, fear, children, finances, marriage, relationships, all to You Lord.

  9. How can you not be against drinking alcohol? I mean you can but more times than not it ends up getting people drunk, and what does the Bible say about drunks? Just saying…I’d rather not risk it.

  10. Another generation of worship leaders…the profetic word form the end of video!
    Yes,we can see big things happening in 2019 😊
    God is working!!!
    God is moving!!!

  11. Brian and Jenn y'all are such a blessing! And I love Rick warren and john baker and everyone at Saddleback! I thank God for Celebrate Recovery it has changed my life! God bless🙏

  12. I’ve been paralyzed this week with panic attacks that came out of nowhere. This message helped me so much. Thank you. I’ll probably watch it over and over again

  13. Fantastic message for everyone, but men in particular. I was also quite moved by the fact that he called his wife to be with him, and at one point she stated she didn't know why. Here's my take on that. He needed his wife next to him. She sat there, the whole time, being present with him and supporting him in his story. What a lovely vision of what The Lord intended marriage to be. She supports him, he supports her. Bless the divine mystery.

  14. Thank you Brian. Your testimony of you going through a nervous breakdown helped me in my time in the fire; it was God or death for me and He delivered me. God bless you and your family. Hope to see you in person one day. If not, I’ll see you in the Spirit.

  15. By his strips we all have been healed.
    Not out of the works of the flesh.
    But by his grace.
    She was whipped and beaten so that we could all be healed.
    Physically and mentally and emotionally

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