British Fast Food Tier List

hear ye hear ye has anyone heard ye hi my name is Evan nothing here and welcome to my channel today we're gonna be ranking fast-food restaurants in the UK some of them aren't that fast though I've always been a big fan of tear list especially when it comes to Smash Bros I've seen like three or four different youtubers do tear list of smash alone just to make sure you know my boy Yoshi's safe which he always say it's top tier my boys don't pay attacks now the other day on YouTube the content cop himself idubbbz uploaded his own tier list of fast food restaurants in the US and though I mostly agreed with most of his positions there there's so many left out because he doesn't live in the UK there's so many British restaurants that I felt like these belong my list so today that's what I'm doing let's get cracking let's start off with the meal deals a British institution honestly every time I travel away from UK and I don't have a chance for meal to I'm like how do people eat what do you do so the meal deal first off we're gonna rank boots now boots is a great meal deal it's a bit more expensive at four pounds but you get more value you get those giant super smoothies from innocence you also get like three sandwiches instead of two it's a win-win so with boots I'm honestly gonna rate that meal deal I'm gonna go with a tear a tear for that meal deal I put it in s if it wasn't so expensive four pounds it's not too bad but it's still like next up of the meal deal category WH Smith WH Smith is another one of those whoa lawn-boy WH Smith is one of those meal deals that is four pounds so it's a bit more expensive you see it at a train station or an airport but you do get those super smoothies you do get like a lot more choice I don't think it's quite as good as boots so I'm going to give it eight be ranking next up is Tesco no Tesco is in my opinion the classic meal deal they've got a huge selection it's only three pounds and no you don't get the super smoothie sometimes sometimes you do though so honestly we're gonna be rating Tesco at the top that price of three pounds really does bring it up to the same value as boots for me then we have Sainsbury's nobody's friend why would you go for a Sainsbury's meal deal it's the same price as Tesco sure but I find the selection is always like yeah what egg and cress are simply tuna how about just am just a weenie leave it up condiments now I'm all right we're gonna put Sainsbury's meal deal and eat here it's just it's just not great the co-op meal deal is pretty good depending on the co-op you get to it is four pounds you get more selection I find the selection the sandwiches to be pretty bad at my local co-op but there's a lot of different protein shakes and choose from so I'm gonna go with a c4 that one honestly it's just it's pricey the selection isn't that great it's just mid-range hopefully this whole thing comes out to a normal distribution so we can have another math video right this is count as a math video need a quick bite greg's it's a British institution just like the meal deal I cannot help but give Gregg's and Sto okay great is the top okay you can't be Gregg's you're going to do cake you get some freaky go get a sausage roll you get a slice it's like what Oates 2p you need any change with that no I'm okay Gregg's isn't at you're not putting Gregg's in your top tier they're revoking your citizenship okay so hoping someone from the Home Office is watching this video applying for my independent remain this week next up Leon what do we think about Leon Leon has got some nice little box meals but I always find the portion sizes they're just not big enough but just too small some of them really nice but they're a bit overpriced for not that much food honestly I'm gonna give Leon a D tear it's just ah yeah now if you ever wanted a quick bite from a place that you can't really say American Lior it sounds even grosser eat period who named it that I'm not a because they eat full stop what is this the ban funny no it's not cuz the place actually isn't that fun I don't really know anyone that's like hey you guys want to get something to eat at eat it's no one's first choice that should be the slogan eat no one's first choice I'm gonna give eat honestly that's that's in the eat ear it's just II for eat basically none of these tickle your fancy but you're still the mood for a sandwich why not go for the toxic sludge that is a subway sold as a sandwich I don't know why people eat subway you can see where I'm dragging it this is fully F tier no compromises I don't trust people that say they enjoy subway I just don't think they've ever had a good sandwich in their lives they're depressing the breads bad you get like one slice of ham and where I'm from I'm just gonna get a Wawa ten out of ten times I don't know how subway is even in business please don't go to Subway have some respect for yourself now Pretz an interesting one okay cuz pret I find just a bit overpriced the sandwiches are a bit hard ok the baguettes are like extra cookies to be I'm not a big fan of that however they do come in a pinch they're freaking everywhere and sometimes I'm like dang I just need a four pound sandwich no meal deal there but hey if prep was a mario kart racer it'd be Mario it's kind of like in the middle ground I'm gonna get pret a nice big seat alright but now it's burger time what is the most classic burger you can think of McDonald's okay McDonald's has been around for freaking ages you go to McDonald's they've got everything you really need except there's just so many better places this day and age okay a lot of British people say oh the chipset McDonald's are great and to that I say they don't have chips okay those are fries get chips from a steak shop or something like that a chicken shop they got chips chicken and chips fish and chips you don't get chips from McDonald's McDonald's fries and not even that great have you been to five guys I'm gonna get McDonald's ad for don't go here unless your dear uncle five guys though have you been to five guys we're just immediately driving that right up to the STR okay five guys ten out of ten the fries are great the burgers yes they're a bit overpriced in the UK don't know why they charge double the price in the UK that is in the US but man those burgers are perfect the fries are amazing they have one of those Street machines if you're into soda and they got milkshake literally five guys testier okay that's any conversation Oh shake shake he's one of those burger places that I find very polarizing people either love it or they hate it I love the buns I find it when you take a bite of Shake Shack it all dissolves into one homogeneous mixture in your mouth great job and then they just went frigate who needs fries our fries are trashed so honestly because that Shake Shack I'm gonna give it I'm gonna go for a detail for that honestly that the fries just really ruin it for me now we talking proper hamburgers we go to byron burger which is a total staple in the UK now a lot of my friends really love byron personally I never understood it because it's just kind of alright to me honestly with byron i think i'm going to have to go with a B I mean no actually we're gonna bring it down Byron's about us see it's a bit too overpriced to be in the B range like honestly if you want burgers fries and a drink it's gonna cost you about twenty pounds and it's just Byron so I'm a thrifty burger boy okay now you want to get a thrifty bun we go to gbk gourmet burger kitchen you know it may not have the best of burgers okay they are pretty cool there's a lot of different variety going on but they got specials okay you can get the burger the fries and the drink usually for like 10 pounds at the certain times of the day which is pretty freakin great also they've an app and honestly the amount of free food they've given me with the app it's unreal okay hashtag not spawn gbk is just really good for getting a nice amount of food for a cheap price I do want to put gpk and a to your but I think I might have to put it in beat here and just feel like that's truly where it belongs now Patti and bun Pattie bun is an amazing burger restaurant in London like they've got a couple of them all around the city and Patty and Vaughn have the perfect mixture of the rosemary fries and the burger that just melts in your mouth it's a bit on the pricey side I'm pretty sure but oh man if you haven't Pattie bun that is great we're gonna put that right in a long with patty and bun in the a category honest burger honest burger is honestly really freaking good like they've got the rosemary fries the burger is great the price is pretty darn good they have a lot specials honest burger head at ten you go in an eight here next up we got bills bills does have burgers they kind of have everything and they're a bit too overpriced you always end up waiting way too long it's really not fast food why is even in here honestly we're gonna put bills in the eat here it's just it's not that great okay a man goes to Burger King when there's nothing else he can do Burger King gets effed here there's there's no reason you should be getting burgers from Burger King if there's like any other edible place to eat out except subway just just go there Burger King is like a depressing McDonald's basically oh let's move on to those pizza deals now Pizza Hut in the UK has a salad bar that's free and all this other fancy stuff but as I've worked at one for five years I'm a little bit biased here it's really not that great I'd rather get a real pizza than one from a pizza chain like Pizza Hut but it's still not that bad I'm gonna give it a D rank not that great now Pizza Express is incredibly overpriced for what you get you get a small pizza and it's covered in oil and it's just kind of really mediocre and British people eat this stuff up but like this is great no it's not okay also British people can't pronounce Pizza Express without put an R in between the two words they say Pizza Express where'd the R come from you know where it came from the category cuz that's where Pete's Express belongs here for Pete so now if you know me you know Domino's belongs in the trash and if I'm at a party and people like Evan I'm really sorry we're gonna get Domino's people have genuinely said that to me because I'm so the heavenly against Domino's it's just if you didn't know this in the UK they charge twenty pounds for a large pizza in the US they give Domino's away for free nobody even wants it you can get a piece of her five freakin dollars and they're like please just take it we'll pay you to eat this cardboard well you know what we're just gonna put Domino's right there the F where it belongs if you ordered Domino's I'm sorry your basic you haven't had a good pizza in your life and you don't know that it's actually just trash now Pizza pilgrims for the more refined taste here I am with my sherry in hand beats a pilgrims is pretty darn good the prices great for a margarita it's like six fifty or seven pounds for a nice lunch meal really good pizza I did the crust really well a pizza pilgrims we're gonna put them up in the a tier for pizza places in London pay for ah I've said some money now pieces Easy's it's kind of just you know pizza it's really not that great it's not that bad it's it's also really overpriced so I'm gonna be putting Pizza zzs in the D tier it's just so you're thinking of getting pizza but you also want to be a big gimmick Frankham ANCA they've got it it's made of a sourdough sourdough crust that sounds great it's honestly not that bad I'm gonna put Frank Omega in the sea tear cuz it's just alright it's alright look at a little gimmick and its own now Frankie and Betty's honestly I feel like if you go into Frankie and Benny's it's because you thought it was another place and you made a mistake goodness that's the only time I've ever been in there and it was like this is pretty mediocre we're gonna give that a nice ear ank it does look like we're getting that slight normal distribution a little bit more on the negative side you know if you're in the mood for chicken and you go for KFC I mean I guess that's pretty basic KFC does have a lot of good deals like they've got a lot of big packages and get Big Daddy burger and big fan of that guy they got a couple packages but despite it being fast-food in a big chain it's overpriced compared to a lot of the chicken shops that you'll find in the side streets so personally I'm gonna give KFC just in the middle of the CTA it kind of has a jack-of-all-trades but yet a master of none now a master of all of them go to your local chicken shop fo have chicken cottage here you know it doesn't have to be a chicken Cod it was a local chicken shop and chippy that was down the road from my last flat that we date all the time because it was like the perfect place even the limits down the road for me now it's amazing doesn't have to be chicken cottage but it's going to be better than what you get at KFC and for 3 pounds you get two pieces of chicken some delicious freakin chips and a drink what more could you want really we're giving your local chicken shop and a tier all right you want some pub food you want to go out drinking you don't got much money or student where you gonna go we all know the answer you're going to Weatherspoon's ok you don't know whether or not it was cooked in a microwave if you do it was in a microwave Weatherspoon's it's kind of another one of those jack-of-all-trades it's kind of useful for when you need a place you know like I don't know a specific bar in this area we might as well go to a Weatherspoon's personally I'm not a fan I just find obviously they all look the same and I'd rather take someone to a nice place that's just maybe like 30 P more a drink and actually have an experience rather than here's Weatherspoon's enjoy your microwave chips er I don't know why is that like this however whether spoons are in a lot of areas where you need them such as the airport the train station they do come in handle but that right in the mid-range at C OC your tourists you just visited London and you see a sign saying Garfunkel's real British food real British no it's not we're just gonna put that in F it's there who who goes to Garfunkel's tourists that's it there's there's no reason to go there speaking of touristy food you're in London wow there's a lot of these chains they must be popular Angus Steakhouse anyone no that's not it I don't even know what they do is it a money-laundering operation I've never met some of this let's go to state from Angus Steakhouse honestly think these both of these places just tourist traps for food it's like the M&M store for restaurant I think I'd rather go to the M&M store than to Angus Steakhouse now the thing about it we're gonna put that also in ft you want to get something nice and filling but not too nice and feeling you don't want to break the bank but yet you want something that's like a little look a little spice you get that Nando's okay it was a bit of a meme earlier I don't know how they managed to do it because it's just all right chicken like it's not bad but it does just quite hit the spot sometimes Nando's deserves to be in a be ranked there's no reason for it to be any lower there's no reason for to be any higher Nando's is a solid b-team british restaurants love the punctuation we did have to eat period now we have yo sushi I don't know why are they yelling at me about the sushi now yo sushi has a good concept the whole like traditional Japanese style thing where the sushi just kind of goes around you pick what you want I find it way too overpriced but the sushi is pretty good so I'm gonna put that out of b-rank you know if you want good sushi don't go – yo sushi go to a local Japanese place but if you just need that sushi hit and don't want it to be bad you're like I got lots of money you're in central you don't know what else to eat honestly I don't know what to say about walk to walk we're just gonna put that straight in the sea it's just all right you know you get a quick food you kind of mix and match put all the different things in it for like 5 pounds it's not a bad deal but it's also just like I guess this is sustenance put it in solid CT or any Germans watching this is not an animal list by the way so none of these are animals just throw that out there we're not gonna go south of the border the US border the UK doesn't really have South border unless you consider it the sea so we're going to go to Taco Bell Taco Bell they do have in London now they have it all around the UK if you haven't been to talk about I don't know what you're doing we're wouldn't I straight up a nest here you can't really get talked about stuff you know any of the other restaurants like I dub said the same as I think it's because it's true Todd wells great you the Crunchwrap supreme it's amazing now true Taco Bell has like less than half of the stuff you can get in the US which is sad but the stuff that it does have is lit and good and worth it so visit a Taco Bell Taco Bell still aren't that plentiful in the UK so I hope they expand a bit more but yes Taco Bell Str confirmed hunterson this one's not quite fast but if you're in the mood for a nice japanese-style meal and you get to sit down you got a little bit of money under your belt honestly Wagga Mama's is pretty good a lot of times I'll have like meetups with friends at Wagamama and it's just it's really filling they do have a nice sized portion for the amount you pay and it is pretty good chicken katsu curry the açaí katsu curry for all those vegan inclined honestly too just delicious stuff I'm gonna put wagamama solidly in the BT ride put it a bit higher if it wasn't so pricey now if you're still in the mood for sushi but you're like I don't really want fresh sushi I want the sushi to taste like it's been made like eight days ago eat sue is your best bet oke – is the place to go if you want to get sushi that tastes like it's been made in a McDonald's it sue is solid earring there's too many other options for sushi to go to you might as well not go to eat now wasabi that's a pretty good shout wasabi have a lot of hot pot dishes that are just like really filling they have the rice they have this sweet and sour chicken they got a spicy chicken they get a lot of options okay they also have good sushi it's not too bad so you kind of get to choose do you want sushi do you want the big box of hot food hmm I like the options the price now too bad I'm gonna put that soundly and be ranked okay good chef's you've made it to a train station you heard pasties or a thing that British people eating you go oh look the West Cornwall pasty company this will be great bad decision overpriced meat pocket of yeah it's just all right honestly make your own pasty from Sainsbury's in the frozen section it'll be better than a West Cornwall pasty we're gonna put that solidly in the e tier it's just like ah I mean it's good for when you're drunk and you're in a train station you just need something because they're open all the time but still next up we got Chipotle the one from all the memes there's a couple in London they're really pretty good I mean if you want a really filling meal the price I'd never go for the extra guacamole but I've never left a catapult Lego and I could eat more food I'm usually pretty full I'm gonna give Chipotle a solid B tier it would be a bit higher maybe if it was cheaper maybe if it was a bit tastier and maybe if every Chipotle tasted different I don't know but the until it belongs there now it comes the last one tortilla they say they're american-style burritos but honestly it's just a Chipotle copycat it's the same thing pretty much except it's not original okay so then we're gonna put tortilla in needy tier 4 tortilla hey and that's it this is the definitive tier list for all British fast food restaurants now you might disagree with me if you want to make your own feel free to a little video response remember and there's a thing that'll be fun but I don't think you really need to because this is a perfect tier list okay thanks for watching my video I hope you enjoyed it if you want you can watch another video I made right over here I make new videos every single Sunday haven't missed a video in five years okay we're going for the record the world record of one video a week really not the effort I don't know anyway thanks for watching I'll see you guys next time goodbye


  1. Real homemade pasties are mouth watering good. I've nevedr found any outside of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

  2. 2:26 best decision that you made in you're entire life bro
    also I like Subways sandwiches but they booted the foot long to about £10 so haven't been there in ages..

  3. Not that I think, subway is a great food source, but I really liked the meatball sandwich as long as it existed. They don't sell it anymore in Germany.

  4. Half of these aren't fast food? They just happen to do take out? (And not proper take out, we're talking deliveroo and uber eats, which is just restaurants capitalising on these services)

    Bills – they have a seasonal menu, I don't eat there in summer bc I think they do better winter stodge food (and the puddings are 10x better in winter)
    Wagamama, yo sushi, basically all of the Asian style foods – restaurants
    Even nandos is a freaking restaurant!

    God dammit Evan I had faith in you and I was excited to watch this but now I'm disappointed in your judgment on what is and isn't fast food. The most British thing of all: getting very heated about petty unimportant shit, well done, you have unlocked Pandoras box (I mean I'm still gonna be about to watch your videos let's be real but if this was an in person discussion, it would be HEATED. It's almost up there with the tea and scone debate)

    EDIT; after looking through the comments section this is literally one of the most controversial videos I think you've ever made 😂

  5. Taste of London is coming up. Why don't you go and get some real food. Make a video of it why not.

  6. I'm British and have never heard of many of these. I think I just don't leave the house enough, or live in London.

  7. I'm Mexican and don't have most of those places here but by putting taco bell at the top you've lost all my respect

  8. I live in England and frankie and bennies is way nicer than Mcdonald,it's just cuz ur from America you don't like our food, your just used to wendys and In and out and stuff like that when England has frankie and bennies and Nandos and they are soooo good, u offended me

  9. If he doesnt put wetherspoons s tier he is not learning how to be British, it's an institution of pure Brexit Da and Fiat 500 matched in a room designed by the Gods. JD Wetherspoons is love. JD Wetherspoons is life.

  10. I know I always say this, but your videos are always 100% so nice and I’m jealous of the quality / that you can focus the camera so much better than me :’D

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