British vs American Healthcare

there's a maybe a half-decent topic I see oh just thinking to myself the the NHS and what do I think – and with the old well reasonably recent stuff going on in the US and you know they're national health care and blah-dee-blah I can't comment on the night on the I can comment on the yank service actually that's the law and I'm gonna there is a chap and I can't for the life of me remember his name I did a vlog on it a wee while ago he was not Thomas motorcycle no fault of his own and suffered quite horrific injuries and the problem was he couldn't get insured who's diabetic and so this or maybe he couldn't afford to get insured perhaps that's the answer I don't know I'll put your lights on you idiot yeah he was in the case maybe he couldn't afford to quit because you diabetic your insurance premiums go massive right so I can't afford to get life in to get health insurance and then you know the bland accident no fault of his own and suddenly suddenly he's got hundreds of thousands of pounds medical bill hundreds of thousands of pounds that's like you're waking up tomorrow and someone saying oh by the way you see this house here yeah you got to pay for it you know what it it's shocking there are obviously some people in this state who can't afford health insurance so I'm sure went over in the street the ambulance comes out and checks you've got a credit card first I mean you know of course as another yank friend of mines pointed out and it only helps the poor because you know you get your Mexican immigrants and whatnot come along of course they can't they can't refuse to treat people and so you know your poor person gets treated and just ups comes don't you know can't afford no nowhere in the world can afford to pay it so it simply doesn't come on get a move on we ain't got all day some of us have got lives to get to yeah so what were the NHS so recent yeah yeah it's so I thought thankfully for me I'm very fortunately I don't have to be I've never I've had to visit the doctor perhaps three times in my life and if you saw the KTM footage where I fell off my motorcycle at 40 miles an hour I had a nagging complaint since then I hate stopping here I should have stopped more in the center of the lane ready to stop people forcing the way by yank command your road space to prevent people squeezing past dangerously I've had a mirror clipped on here nothing all of it is rear-ended earn on topic yesterday you know go to the docks he says oh you've hurt your ribs checks me out didn't cost me anything says you better go for an x-ray writes me an x-ray slip up and cost or anything today I'm gonna go for an x-ray won't cost me anything there is also go back the doctor won't cost me anything and the doctor will say there's no wrong with you you're being shut up and sit down hopefully and I kind of like that system you know the beautiful thing is as well if you want you know like the state's private medical care over here if you want private medical care sure get your wallet out there's nothing necessarily wrong with the NHS as far as I'm concerned but there are places where there are problems you know they just can't afford to pay for certain cancer drugs but then in these circumstances I guess you know in there you know there are a few sort of postcode lottery bits that you know you read things in the paper I've never come across them myself thankfully yeah it could be a problem possibly but you know when the bottom line is it's free which part of that is bad but then having said that I do moan at the amount of tax were raped for so nothing is free is it of course it's not free you pay for it somewhere but you know it's affordable by everyone how horrible would it be that what exactly are you doing it was a clue so and get boy oho would it be that you're ill and you know the treatments there it's right there so do you knows but can't afford it you know that there's been such as I talked about the cancer drugs and the NHS you know if you had this drug it would prolong your life by years but some government a lot body says sorry can't afford to buy you that you know what what price is your life worth the lights on I was driving in a fog the other day and I couldn't see 10 feet in front of me I put the lights on I'm just yeah it's the sort of weather we you should have your fog lights on and you know be driving it three miles an hour and people just bombing along no lights and I think people's I think certainly the UK people have got it so backwards I'm st. someone I was drivers are driving with us in the coalition when I said put your lights on this is no good see fine I said no you're selfish twice it's not about what you can see it's the blue lights are for other people predominantly you know I'm driving along now you know wet fogged up visor unfortunately my visibility is a tiny bit restricted as it is but it's a murky day if you put your lights on you know I can see you coming if there's a cold lights on Burma and it can get to look in the mirror just out the corner of me oh I can see their lives if you're a black car with no lights on in these dark dreary days and I'm driving along and you know I've got a wet fogged up visor all these things make you very hard to see thing is of course you know you have these health insurances and things and this is another young friend of mine he had medical complaints and his insurance no no coat why was it you go to the hospital sorry you went to the hospital we're not covering that I'm sorry I was bleeding today I didn't realize I had to choose what was he had his appendix if you had it solved in an amount of time he would have died from it and they said no you got the wrong hospital so we're only gonna cover you know 70% of the claim so he had to find thousands of pounds or you know you know it's a rarity for people to have just thousands of pounds lying about now having said that you know I'm owning that


  1. Over 40 million Americans have absolutely NO healthcare insurance whatsoever so if serious illness strikes them down then it could well lead to bankruptcy and total ruin for them. Even a simple operation in the USA could cost up to US $50,000 whereas here in the UK it would cost them nothing at all – only the time away from home and work if not retired. In the USA many people work long past retirement simply to keep afloat in what to us in the UK / Europe is a brutal society.

  2. Does your community have parking laws? It's bad enough your driving on those God awful narrow streets but to see all of those vehicles parked just anyway they want is ridiculous. I mean geez if your on the left lane you park on the left side and if your on the right lane you park on the right side. Is that so hard to figure out?

  3. @MissEgasMoniz
    The NHS currently pays over £30 ($50) for a single loaf of Gluten-free bread, which can be bought for £2.50 ($4) in any British supermarket.
    (Dollar price based on the current exchange rate – 01/08/2011)

  4. @KATOMATE01 Like "DayDreamAscent " I'm Brit and a longtime driver and I had no idea what the zigzag lines meant so asked my neighbour (much younger than me and only past his drivers test a short time ago. He thinks they mean "no stationary vehicles no picking up or setting down passengers". If you notice the zigzags appear when there are barriers on the pavement (sidewalk). Regards

  5. can any local brit tell me what's with the zig zaging lane lines ? Is that just to make sure there is space between the two lanes?

  6. it really is a myth that American hospitals wont take in people that can't pay….my father is an ER surgeon and I asked him about this. He said his hospital has never ONCE refused someone care who couldn't pay for it. Most good hospitals are like this. Unfortunately the reputation comes from the very few that do check first if you can pay.

  7. @leebog31 Will go on rationing ? What you on about ? And u must not have a clue m8 … how will you be fucked up… the rich might be … but the poor and middle class will be much better off…

  8. I love your rants Sven!

    I know this is an old video and all but have you seen Morgan Spurlock's "30 days"? (He made the "Supersize me" documentary)

    I think it was his very first episode that was called 'Minimum wage". You should watch it if you haven't already. It's a good episode (the whole series is good actually but the subjects change per episode).

  9. Well the british and American healthcare is gona be the same thanks to Obamas healthcare reform. We gona get taxed and everyone will go on rationing. It's not about healthcare its about taxes. The government is fucking us no matter where we live in the world. I'm British living in America so we all fucked once the dollar crashes.

  10. @MissEgasMoniz Do I really need to point out the difference between having a world class clinic and a world class heath system?

    One good clinic does not equal a good system.

  11. @geoffart I have no problem providing wellfare/charity for the impoverished. In the United States, we do this already. Its a bare minimum, but that encourages you to work (and for many, it isn't enough encouragement except to have more kids).

    Food, water, and shelter are far more fundamental needs than healthcare, and if you are poor, it is provided for you.

    If you are not poor though, it is my opinion that your money is better spent and more FAIRLY spent as YOU, who earned it, feels fit.

  12. @geoffart The higher RISK you are, the more you are likely to CONSUME, the more you should have to CONTRIBUTE. Where else do you think the money comes from?

    If you are overweight with high blood pressure and a smoker, why do you deserve to take money away from your neighbor that jogs 2 miles every morning on a health diet?

    In that way it is no different than car insurance, and just like with car insurance, its nice to have consumer freedom to pick the provider and coverage you like best.

  13. @geoffart That is not my experience. My experience is that most consider it about the same as Social Security in the United States.

    We paid into it for decades, and we are dependent on it, so damn straight we need it and would be pissed if someone tried to take it away.

    But everyone knows that its a botched system that is mismanaged with contribution divorced from consumption. A personal "locked box" retirement plan where each contributes to himself (like 401K) would obviously be better.

  14. @unit4401 Iraq and Afghanistan are separate theaters, but regardless I would like to see us pull out (unlike Obama who won a nobel peace prize for having more troops deployed overseas now than during the previous peak troop surges). But yes, most importantly LIVES. The point is that it is very disrespectful to be flippant about Afghanistan as nothing more than a monetary expenditure all considered, and ridiculous to use that as a "money pit" excuse to throw people's earnings about carelessly.

  15. @DumbDuck44 It'll be a DECADE in Iraq and Afgahanistan soon. Not to take anything from our service members, but we are wasting time, money, and most importantly, LIVES. Do you really believe for 1 second that we are safer HERE because we have soldiers 1/2 a world away ? We are more at risk from our open border with Mexico than we are in the sandbox…..I spent my time in the military, in the FIRST gulf war, so try not to use your siblings to make a point okay ?

  16. @geoffart If you lose your job for non-performance reasons, you generally have a severance package that includes both pay and insurance to find a new job. Work insurance covers family members. COBRA is also a federal law that gives people the right to extend their current coverage for over a year past employment. You can always shop private insurance for the best deal, and there is government coverage (especially for children) if you can demonstrate you are relatively poor. You're covered.

  17. @ThatBritGuy I'm not sure how public ownership with government appointments is more impartial than many privately owned independents.

    With private organizations, the media tends to cater to the viewers wants. Fox fills the conservative viewer market, CNN/MSNBC/Washington Post and the like compete for the liberal viewer market. Watch both to find dirt on both sides.

    I'd much rather have various competing viewpoints in a private Chinese media than the publicly owned media they have today. =)

  18. @unit4401 1) That kind of logic of "we waste $X and Y, which I don't care for, so whats the big deal with wasting $X on Z?" is the thought process that has California spiraling in out of control debt.
    2) My brother IL is fighting in Afghanistan right now, my sister is to be deployed in six months (delayed deployment due to her pregnancy), some of her West Point classmates have died there, and the events of 9/11 and actions of Al-Qaeda are considered more than a mindless "waste of money".

  19. Love the rant about fog lights and the NHS v American system. NHS for me… everytime. My Grandma had a triple heart by-pass on the NHS that would of cost £15 grand plus, but on the NHS its free and no waiting list. Job done. I feel sorry for normal Americans paying through the nose.

    P.S. This is the route I take home from Saltdean! I live near Hove Park before you cut the vid

  20. @ThatBritGuy 🙂 Fox has an obvious agenda, they make no secret of it. PBS is our equivalent to BBC – PBS is *Public* Broadcast System – taxpayer funded. But guess what, it's run by people with opinions and an agenda; they just pretend and proclaim they don't. I suspect BBC is the same. I'm just suggesting we don't believe things are always neutrally presented. 🙂

  21. I heard last week that there might be a chance for us to have something like NHS. However, we will have to forfeit our tax returns.
    7:30= True. It sure is like that. Sad.

  22. yea man its a bunch of bull

    they go out of their way, hell they hire people specifically just to find some loophole to not give you treatment.

  23. i live in America and i wish we had something like the NHS. the healthcare system in america is corrupt and morally wrong. insurance companies profit off of denying you treatment even if you pay your premiums.

  24. @svengalie ?? We have PBS – the Public Broadcast System – which is also taxpayer funded but it's very liberally slanted.

    I did google "BBC impartial"… yep, first entry there's the BBC saying they're impartial. 🙂 But – oh, look! Second main entry down, what's that? "Criticism of the BBC" in Wikipedia. Yes, I know Wiki is to be taken with a honking big grain of salt.

    Still, I don't believe any media outlet is completely impartial. Each has an agenda. What could BBC's be?

  25. @svengalie I don't suppose the BBC has any bias one way or the other, politically speaking, on any subject? 😉

    Like anything, there's bound to be a better deal than what we already have, but our family is covered. Dental could be better, vision is nonexistent really, but diabetic husband is well cared for, I've had both shoulders worked on, and the kids have had well child checks lifelong. Rx thru mail are well covered. I wish all had our coverage. I don't want that changed. Would you?

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