Britney Spears' BF Says She's 'Doing Amazing' Through Mental Health Crisis | TMZ


  1. I think the people in the comments need to be in a mental health facility. Why is it so hard to believe she needed real help?

  2. Sam-I-Am seems to be a trigger for Britney or looks that way. Can Dr Suess save Britney? FU media and leet need to stop psyoping the public.

  3. Jesus said he's greater than Solomon who wrote Proverbs 5:19. How is Christ a husband of 5 VIRGINS on earth? Eternal gospel and anointed wisdom. I am a Matthew 19:12 eunuch.

  4. ……..Seems like being a Britney Spears Boyfriend pays very well!

    You want to hear a joke⬇

    ……A Mental Health person has a Boyfriend?

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