BSc degree in Pharmaceutical Science, Technology and Business – School of Pharmacy, Keele University

hello I’m Nigel Ratcliffe professor of pharmacy and head of the School of Pharmacy here at Keele University in the heart of the UK I was previously a vice president of strategic partnering and business development at AstraZeneca pharmaceuticals the global pharmaceutical development and business environment is changing rapidly emerging markets are playing an enhanced role in both delivery of science and delivery of new medicines large pharmaceutical companies are rapidly changing their research and business strategies merger and acquisitions are taking a lead medical need is changing globally Keele University School of Pharmacy prides itself in keeping its degree courses up to date and developing new and powerful courses that enable the graduates to be employable and influential when emerging from their course the School of Pharmacy Keele is launching a new course it is a three-year honours bachelor degree in pharmaceutical science technology and pharmaceutical business management the course will take the student through the whole of the pharmaceutical industry cycle from research strategy through product development the regulatory process product value to commercialization and lifecycle management the course will also provide a sound background in science and the opportunity for language tuition the course is targeted to those who wish to operate quickly and lead within industry whether you are an entrepreneur wishing to grow your own ideas and science or those who wish to clinch the big deals with big pharma this course should prepare you please see the details available and please do not hesitate to contact us I do hope to see you soon

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