BSc Hons Pharmaceutical Science at Anglia Ruskin University

hello my name is dr. grassle alpha I’m the course leader for the pharmaceutical science BSC course here at Anglia Ruskin University the pharmaceutical science program is a three-year program that covers a broad range of topics it will provide students with the knowledge training and development necessary to meet the demand of scientists within the expanding pharmaceutical sector I chose this course because I’ve always had a love for biology and chemistry and the human body I was as a young child always to watch documentaries students would be preparing various pharmaceutical formulations such as screams pointing emulsions tablets and capsules there will also be testing them they can also have opportunity to work on some cosmetic products and food supplements right now I’m currently doing my research project I am studying disulfiram which is an anti-cancer drug so every week I’m in the lab testing its pH testing its size potential and just saying how the formulation generally stays stable so that’s really quite interesting and I’m doing it quite independently in class and I’m listening to the lecturers because they’re so intellectual I pick up of that so I may decide to go into cells I may decide to be quality assurance that’s the sort of things that just goes by was you say yeah I would recommend this course I mean the course itself is very intense so it’s very engaging and there’s about they can manage afterwards the opportunities that you have a serve wide for you you’re not just limited to you one thing [Music]

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