Bubble Boy Disease Cured With Gene Therapy

everybody loves a medical breakthrough what exactly happened here well well right you know it's a great it's a great upbeat story at a time when news isn't always so upbeat these days and some researchers as you said it st. Jude Research Hospital came up with a very unique and new way to to treat kids almost entirely boys who have who have this immune deficiency oh no this is something that was tried with some success 20 years ago or so by some companies and some research institutes in in Europe but those children back then always developed leukemia now with a new kind of system that that st. Jude and a company that it's licensing the technology hopes to use leukemia is no longer a worry I'm looking at the chart of Mustang bile in my Bloomberg hair which was involved in the treatment for this disease shares up more than 180 percent right now more than 200 percent after hours right um you know these these young boys have already been released from their isolation so you know at this point this seems to be failsafe what does this mean for this company and for the industry well I mean obviously it's it's very promising for for the company the thing to remember is you know the news today is based on the results of of six excuse-me of eight very successful treatment results of kids that were treated by by st. Jude now the companies is planning on doing additional research and testing in the hopes of getting a fairly speedy fda approval and whether that's going to happen or not or how long it's going to take is still to be determined of course but that said you know the the results are extremely positive the company is is extremely enthusiastic that that that this will this will have a good result for them in terms of FDA approval


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