Building the Future of Michigan Medicine I Process of Creating a New Building

(upbeat music) – [Cinda] So what’s going on here today is a lot of different
colleagues are coming together to build a new clinical in-patient tower. And I equate to a little
bit like marriage. There’s conflicts, there’s compromise, there’s humor, but at the end of the day, it’s what’s best for the patient. We do come together, we come up with a plan that
meets everybody’s needs. – [Jack] It’s a bit of team-building, crowd-sourcing ordered chaos. And everybody has good ideas and I think working together as a team, we kind of coalesce the best
ideas and put it together to build the building as best we can. – [Corrie] This is the
first time that we’ve tried to do our lean facility design process for a project of this scale. The whole process starts
with understanding our current issues and problems and having the new design
really solve for those problems. – [Bill] When I’m part of
a patient family care team, and there’s several of us
here today in the workshop, and we try to provide the
patient’s perspective. So we get to offer a different perspective because we’ve seen the whole
operation from the bed. One of the things that has come up today that is showing the difference between the way the med
staff looks at things and the patient, is the window on the outer wall. Now when the window shrinks, it provides them more
space to get their job done as the care providers. However if you’re the person in the bed, the window shrinking is very undesirable because if you’ve got to
lie there for several days, the view out the window really gets to be pretty darn important. – [Karin] We’ve started
to think more globally, not just about the function
within a given department or within a given service, but more broadly about how it works for patients and families, how it works for an individual nurse, an individual medical assistant, frankly how it works for someone who’s having to take care of
the instruments or the trash. We’re at a unique place. Cooperation is the hallmark
of a place like Michigan. And to have that level of cooperation, even in designing a building, I take a lot of pride in that. And I think it’s exciting, it’s exciting to think about the future, it’s exciting to think about
what we can accomplish, and most importantly, it’s great to know that I work in a place that allows us to think that way. (upbeat music)


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