Burger King Exploits Mental Health to Sell Burgers

watch this ad just bear with me cuz it's like a cup it's one minute long and bear with me here and tell me when this ends if you are not shocked and awed by what actually this ad is for so I'm just gonna play for you and let's talk about it when it's done not everybody wakes up happy sometimes you feel sad scared crappy crappy Elias is that you let me feel my way can't wait to leave this close-minded town my Giga claim I'm commenting on it yes I can't believe my sit alone I'm never moving out of my parents home just got ghosted should've known pretty sure it's nothing long the lyrics are pretty crappy right now to raise my girl yeah take your opinions and suck it world you go girl sister he spilled tea on that bitch yeah each through your phone on our River brows no one is happy all the time and that's okay that's why burger man burger meme Burger King is introducing real meals are you fucking kidding me Burger King you believe this corporate nightmare these corporations need to stop this KFC this Burger King there's Wendy's they all need to go fuck off you're not one of us and then they're like supporting Mental Health America but what exactly are you doing nothing they're making money yeah she's still just selling the same burger yeah so we actually went out and bought all of these for for Rizzo so we've got here well we can bring them in so yeah they've got the let's see you guys gonna love this the blue meal the yacht's meal pist meal salty meal don't give a fuck meal these are real meals for real people now that the I love to then do I get a crown down thank you which one do I get yes yes I love the Burger King of all people is making the depressed meal because honestly nothing makes me more depressed than eating a Burger King burger it's disgusting garbage it's crap is disgusting and I love that they have depression burgers because I don't need help getting the press want to eat Burger King either word they just starting shit with McDonald's because they have the happy meal yes exactly they're trying to call up McDonald's for the happy meal now they're being you know how dumb this is they call it a happy meal cuz it makes you happy when you get the meal and you're not gonna have to be happy to get the meal you idiots and you know what McDonald's does because it's way better yes this one is depressing that's what Happy Meal makes you happy when you get it okay if I get a meal and I'm salty afterwards that's not a good meal and I'm blue afterwards okay that means you're fucking depressed the depression meal who thought this was a good idea but also inside it's just a regular oh yeah you're like oh is that this is some interesting shit no it's just a whopper and fries man it's literally they're fresh suck by the way they're fries at work and their burger what did we write Burger King cuz I want to lower it I think we gave it up it was a dear enough yeah and tell me about the process of getting these I'm curious the burger looks alright to be almost you want lon no you already had one well don't you know aunt topped me yeah I went and got done this morning and the woman at the drive-thru had no idea what I was talking about what did you ask for I said could I get the real meal that's what they call it the real aunt the sad burger and she said you want a grilled burger and I said no the real meal she went it would take about 10 minutes to grill a burger and I said no I need the real meal and she said I have no idea what you're talking what's in the grilled burger I have no idea Ella burger it's always grilled isn't what as opposed to how else are these prepare you and I mean yet I don't understand two is from what we looked up this promotion is only being run at like five Burger King locations nationally and that just happened to be a so their marketing team is so incompetent that the employees of the five restaurants they don't even know what the hell is happened well who the hell would actually go there and ask for a real meal I mean that's kind of psycho but you went there yesterday in and you said they were sold out right yeah he told me to come back tomorrow I have I find that hard to believe how do you sell out a baby just run out of packages yeah what does that mean they sold out I wonder also I like that they got these crowns eeeh I can clearly tell that D G f you don't give a flop head gap yes Queen you gotta twist yours Ethan we can't see the shit tell me others other way other way well I'm going all the way I go all the way around but gonna keep it going keep it going I was like hurting my ears stand yes yeah it's so small yeah this this has got to stop got the whole variety pack its nut I want you to appreciate how far we went for this okay these are all real meals we're the only ones today to buy them we're the realest month research right that's right mmm three our old french fry so you ate a burger and fries today yep from breakfast here before the show how do you feel I actually feel good I could totally eat another one of those burgers like I can't even smell it I put in my mouth I struggie another one he was like don't you fucking she threatened me and I was like huh she's right I shouldn't eat that I'm already depressed enough I don't need a profession burger making a shit worse but these corporations have to stop I am NOT down I don't find it cute on funny charming their food sucks ass Burger King fuck you time to spill the tea the time to spill the diet coke on you Burger King has no not this apparently real by the way Burger King tweeted this out him it's only a month waifu like no not november you saw burgers why are we talking about Nona November why are they all trying to be like relevant on social media I just stop I don't think anyone ever bought a fucking Burger King meal because it's some asshole talk about no not November on Twitter what is this shit goo for the rent um no I can't this is so embarrassing honestly the Wendy's ones are the worst goofing around this afternoon which one of these classics do you want to see us deep-fried votes are in the frosty one but we went ahead and deep-fried all of them because it's a deep-fried mean Oh God do you understand that that you are the worst you are the worst I will never eat at Burger King I will not eat your food it's Wendy's Wendon whatever they're all ass yeah Wendy's stupid makes me angry not as angry as this Burger King one dude they just hire like a 15 year old to run their social means yes you mean yes I mean yes Domino's is so wacky I don't get this this one's pretty bad demons take off your blindfold me no demons we got Domino's promo code me a what why are demons is this real I think it was from bird box when all those memes we're going our home no no man who is this asian girl that got to do this dumbass probably an intern it's not even a real it looks like they photoshopped looks Photoshop the freaking blindfold on her wow that's so bad Wendy's talking shit about Burger King well talk about calling the kettle black you know Burger King also a spicy chicken nuggets yeah but there's also water in the bottom of the dumpster out back if you're thirsty godom who is this person who took the screenshot cuz they like the tweet yeah people like it they think it's cool that and relatable and edgy that a big corporation would were under Wendy's is so savage that they would run their social media like a 15 year old sick yes you know it's probably like a 30 year old guy pretending that he's 12 yeah I'm telling you Wendy's this savage social media run by a 30 year old dude who jerks off to hentai okay yes the UPS store is even getting into the fray somehow if your child addresses a letter to the North Pole you can leave it with us we do shredding that's right Savage is fucked up dear Santa please care my mom she has cancer and she's dying UPS garbage you understand what it means because you're not American I'm not sure kids write letters to Santa asking for Christmas miracles and wishes and so that they address it to the North Pole UPS store saying they'll shred it Dom dear Santa my mom passed away and I'm all by myself my dad is dying of cancer what do I do sit-ups start shredding [Applause]


  1. How do you "just get ghosted?" It isn't something that just happens, it's the lack of something happening

  2. Does anyone else think he’s getting a bit too triggered over a burger company he was acting like people in big corporations can’t experience depression or try to be more accepting and him insulting good burgers is just childish it’s a burger company it’s not that deep and him saying who would but these and buys all of them

  3. how can you say Mcdonalds is BETTER…..lmao shit is fake nasty chemical filled food….BK is still fast food but at least taste better…mcd's fries arent even REAL. lol

  4. They just made an ad for a mental health organization. I think you’re reading the wrong thing in this. I don’t go to Burger King but it’s not the worst thing in the world.

  5. What they did was pretty Shitty but I’m still going to Burger King Tho (only for the Whopper and their fries. Everything else there is Pretty Shitty)

  6. WTF! Did I just watch! Dear cooperate America thanks for showing us how desperate you are in wanting to get us to buy the same recycled garbage.

  7. McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's, they're all absolute shit. Special FUCK YOU to UPS, too. It's time to…

    S T O P

  8. Ethan keeps saying bear with me while wearing a bear shirt! Anyone else find the irony in this like I did? Lol

  9. Last year in NZ 3 young people a day statistically self harmed or attempted suicide, and if when we add adult stats it's beyond heartbreaking the amount who actually killed themselves. Your poor opinion of Bk's marketing abilitys aside, you said "your not one of us", thats something you could do better to focus on.

  10. I was wearing headphones when I watched the original podcast. Ethan's eating noises made my want to vomit lol. Maybe don't lean into the mic while you're being a Burger King glutton on air! Luckily this wasn't live so I was able to skip the entire eating segment after 10 seconds of disgust.

  11. This in addition with the BK UK drama, never buying Burger King unless its free and I'm starving to death.

  12. The ad is fine, stop whining over nothing. Not everything needs to be so bland as to not offend anyone.

  13. Sorry I have to disagree McDonald's is nowhere like BK I mean BK actually taste like a buger vs McDonald's putting flavor in there but to hide the processed mess they call a patty

  14. I like their burgers and chicken sandwiches but their PR department are out of touch, pandering morons. Also, the service at the one in my city is absolute garbage.

  15. You guys should also react to the TV dinner commercials that make light of addiction, and the Fried Chicken commercial that makes light of slavery.

    Oh and don't forget Ford giving free cars to Wounded Warriors with extreme levels of post-traumatic survivor's guilt that are already depressed that they believe that they don't deserve any more reward for their service.

  16. Corporate officials sat in an office after multiple pitch meetings and thousands spent on production and they still Ok'd this…let that sink in…

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