Bush medicine – Brendan

Today many of our people shop here for food,
for medicines off the shelf, and go to the clinic if we are very sick. But back in the
old days, when we lived in the bush, things were different. My people have lived off the
land for 40,000 years and the bush is our natural pharmacy. Brown Plum – Boil Remedy: You boil the leaves
for half an hour. When the leaves are soft you wrap the leaves on the boil. My sister Aggie learned all about bush medicines
from our parents. I was 10 when I learned about bush medicine.
When my kids get sick I use our bush medicine. Green Plum – Tooth Ache Remedy: If you don’t
like going to the dentist, use this green plum. See this white stuff, scrape it off,
and put it on your tooth. And I’m looking for all the bush medicine
to find good bush medicine for our children and make all the children back to normal.
Yeah, this is my father’s homeland. My little daughter Marcia has a terrible cough
so Aggie was looking for this plant. White Flower – Cough Remedy: Crush and boil
the leaves and pour them into the bath. When it’s cooled bath the baby. I couldn’t wait to give my little daughter
Marcia a bush medicine bath. Bush medicine’s keeping the community strong. From Galiwin’ku,
see you next time.

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