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Hi guys, its me Ann and I know that you’ll
have been asking me a lot about where I get my ceramic pots from. So I thought I will do a quick video of how
I buy my ceramic pots and how I repot my plants into them. They come in different shapes, different sizes. But I will simply buy a pot that’s a little
bigger. So for this reason I have laid out a few plants
here. The first one is the ficus elasitica ‘Schrijveriana’
and this one is the Asparagus densiflorus also commonly known as the foxtail fern. It also has some oxalis triangularis green
growing in it. And I feel as a combination they both look
pretty together. The last one is the Aglaonema Widuri. This one probably I will… because the pot
is really very small I going to just take one tiny size bigger than the pot that it
is currently in. If you remember in my last video I had shared
how this pot is falling apart. It is just crumbling down. So I will re-pot that, I promised you’ll that I
will be re-potting it soon. So I took this opportunity to re-pot that into
a better pot. I will probably re-pot it into half an inch
pot that is bigger than this pot. Now this one seems to be very comfortable
in its nursery pot. So I dont intend to remove it from this pot
plant it in another ceramic pot. But I will simply buy a pot that is a little
bigger and that will fit and accomodate this plastic pot in. So I will just take this and put it inside
that pot. Maybe somewhere down the line when this plant
grows. I will repot it into the same ceramic pot. Now the next thing to do is always carry a
little extra cash so you have enough to buy when you are out there and you dont know how
the prices are. You dont know if the nursery walla will reduce
the prices or get it within the price that you have estimated. I am going to Majiwada nursery, the nursery
that I always talk which is my local nursery and I buy most of my ceramic pots from there. So I am here at the nursery and this is one
of the places I am the happiest, though it is really hot and I am sweating. But I am here and you can see that this entire
section is full of pots. You can see different varieties of ceramic
pots. They com in different shapes, different sizes,
different colours and different materials as well. Now when I entered I was a little distracted. We went looking at the plants and I also picked
up a few plants which I will talk about later, probably in some other video. Right now lets get to selecting the three
pots we have come for. I almost brought this one but I dont think
I am going to stick with this, because my heart is pulling towards the plain ones. I prefer the plain ones to this. I feel its a lot of distraction though I love
the colours and quited muted and nice, but I think I will stick with the white one. Ive got one.. my sofa is grey so I have got one grey pot
that will look good with my sofa and my other colours at home. I have gone and got some textures, different
textures. Because I have selected white, I am going
for different designs and shapes and textures to add interest to the plants. Different sizes as well and shapes. So finally the shopping is done and I have
brought these three beautiful pots. If you know me I have a liking for pots that
are white in colour. So I have gone and picked up two white pots
and I have deviated from the white color scheme, I have gone with grey here, because my sofas
are grey and I can afford a few grey pots here in my house. You can buy pots according to your choice
of colour. You can buy colourful pots, pots with patterns
and designs as you want and as you want to decorate your house. The choice is entirely yours. But for me, I choose plain colours, plain
pots and muted colours and muted tones because I want the plants to be the heroes of the
look that I am trying to get. I want the plants to shine out. So when the pots are plain and white, the
plants I feel look really beautiful in them. You will always get pots that are cheaper at
your local nursery and especially if you are good at bargaining, you will get a good rate. The normal MRP for these pots are around .. this
might cost you hundred, this one 300 to 350, the same goes for this one, 300
to 350. But if you bargain you can get your pots for
cheaper. Now lets start with the simplest one… this one and like
I had told you before, the Widuri goes in like this. The day I feel he fills up the pot, I will re-pot
him into this. Now this plastic pot fits comfortably into
the white ceramic pot. And I feel the plant looks stunning in this
white pot. Just have a look at that. So gorgeous. So now that I have finished with this, this
didnt take me any time at all, I just had to pop it in, so this ones good and easy. Now comes the difficult part. Now lets start with the ficus elasitica ‘Schrijveriana’. To begin with I am just going to press the pot a little to loosen up the soil. And then I am going to gently pull out the
plant. Nurseries here in India pot plants in clay
soil, so it is really difficult to get it out. You can see that the root system is pretty
OK. The mud is good, there arent any pests in
it. I will probably use up a little bit of this
mud. There you go. I think that this looks really lovely. And I like the way that the plain colours
highlight the green beautiful variegation of this beautiful plant. Now this has been with me for a very very
long time, I dont know how many years. And I dont think I have done much for it,
I havent repotted it or you know removed it from here, it was happily growing and I just
left it. Lets start. Now this is a bulbous plant. So I am going to go with the edges, I dont
know how far the bulbs are spread. I think this is root bound. So it is high time I repot it. Ok, sliding out, thats good. Ohh… Oh my. Check the root system out! Just check them out, its so beautiful and
its so full. Now the problem that I have encountered after
unearthing this is that this pot is too small for this plant. The mouth of the pot is really narrow. And I can somehow manage to push him in and
he will fit in, but I dont think it will be ideal for this plant at this moment. This pot will probably suit some other plant
better. This one needs to be put into probably a taller
pot where its roots will further grow and the plant will be healthier. Hence I am going to keep him away and at the
end of this video I am going to pot him into some other plastic pot. And in his place I will repot my Angel Wing
Begonia. As I am digging up the soil here, I am realizing
that this soil is much more sandier and its not very clayiy like usually you get it in
Indian nurseries. So I have my plants here. I am going to quickly pot it up. So somethings happened as I went along with
this video that werent in my control. And I had to work around that and got to repotting
my Angel Wing Begonia. The next thing I am going to do is I am going
to water it thoroughly. I really hope you enjoyed coming with me on
this fantastic adventure and buying these lovely pots. I think that these plants are looking really
nice in this ceramic pots. Do let me know what you think in the comments
down below. If you are new around here please dont forget
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  1. Hi Ann, so beautiful, your bigonia looks so good in the white ceramic pot, what manure you are giving to the plants.

  2. NOTE: There are some audio leveling problems from 5:14 onwards. Please use subtitles which I have added or headphones to understand what I am saying more clearly. Thanks!

  3. Hey pls come along with me to shop for plants. Already have a few but indoor nt vry lucky. I stay in thane as well. Vry close to majiwada. Go there very often bt cnt choose right so return empty handed โ˜น๏ธ

  4. Very good choice ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป aglonima in white pot looks very pretty ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป

  5. Woooow dear a great day u spend โ˜˜๏ธ๐ŸŒฟ๐ŸŒฑ๐ŸŒณ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒด what is maziwada nursery please can u give me address as many a times u refer this for plants

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