Buying medicines in Makola market

Makola Market, in Accra, is the most important one in Ghana. On weekdays, wholesalers from all across the country meet to negotiate the transaction of products. Nearby, in Okaishie, is where the drugs that arrived to the Port of Tema are bought and sold. Saturday is the most crowded day in Makola. Hundreds of people come to buy or sell fresh products, clothes, handicraft, tools or drugs. – How much is this? – Five cedis. For just five cedis, slightly more than a euro, we buy a tube of Funbact-A, an antifungic ointment made by the Indian pharmaceutical company Bliss. – Look, it's from Bliss Pharma. At the end of 2013 the FDA put this company in their blacklist because they suspected one of their products, a child suppository against malaria, had been counterfeited. The ointment was among other health and beauty products also imported from Southeast Asia. In several Subsaharan African countries this pharmaceutical product is used by some women to bleach their skin.

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