C5 disc herniation fixed without medication or surgery.

okay so what we're doing here is we're doing cervical decompression on the DRX 9000 C on c5 c6 it's a very comfortable and safe procedure to help unload the herniated or bulging discs taking pressure off those very delicate spinal nerves it's a tremendous non-drug non-surgical alternative yeah and when I came in I was in really really bad shape and our eyes showed that I had bore herniate this neck I had a lot of pain coming down my right arm all the way down to my fingertips and I couldn't sleep on my back and after only three sessions the pain had gone down to a point where I was able to sleep on my back which was a complete lifesaver so as you know you know you can't kill your body if you can't sleep so I've been coming in continuing to come in three times a week and I've been seeing you know a gradual decrease in the pain and a lot of increase in my range of motion so now that I'm able to turn my head and sleep I feel a lot better and I'm sure there's no treatments I'll be back hi what's up so team here is very professional very welcoming they really do care about getting better so I feel really great about coming into all my visits every thank you

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