Cab Drivers In Delhi Fall For Fake News About Condoms

In Delhi a very strange rumour has been spreading. The taxi drivers say that, First-aid Kits which contains medicines such as bandage, Gauze Pads, etc must contain a condom. If not you will be fined by the traffic police. These were the rumours. The rumour started after a taxi driver named Dharmendra said that, he was fined for not keeping a condom in his cab. He said that, the traffic police fined him for not having a condom in his first aid box. Dharmendra was very confused as the challan receipt should have been for not storing condoms. However, it was for overspeeding. This is so weird. The cab drivers thought that it was mandatory for all cabs to carry condoms in their First-aid Boxes. In Delhi, Sarvodaya Driver Association’s President named Kamaljeet Gill has said, all taxis as well as cars, motorcycle, etc are required to carry at least 3 condoms. The reason is, if you meet with an accident or fall off your vehicle, the condom can be used to stop the bleeding and treat the wounds. Special Commissioner of Police (Traffic) named Taj Hasan said, there is nothing in the Motor Vehicles Act about fines for not carrying condoms. If anyone is caught and asked to pay a fine they must complaint to the police. According to Taj Hasan, he never told people to carry condom in their vehicles.

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  1. First aid is vehicle fined not allow condoms..

    First aid keep future after sex condoms problem … women is depression.. sur3.

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