CAIRO – Addict


  1. Not sure why all the catfish comments just because they used this song on 1 epidode. Cairo has nothing to do with catfish. And if tou truely loved music you wouldnt have needed a catfish episode to know this band. Dumbass kids these days.

  2. Currently having a 'catfish binge'.. Had to look it up, most beautiful song ive heard in a very long time ❤

  3. This song is one of the greatest songs ive ever heard and its crazy that if i didn't watch that episode of catfish i would have never knew it existed its almost an injustice that the entire world hasnt heard this record at least once…beautiful music

  4. FRIENDZONE brought me here! poor guy got rejected by her bestfriend and this song just made it more dramatic 🙁

  5. I love this song and I don't ant to correct the writers, but the lyrics in the description don't match the actual song.

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