Calabash Fruit Review – Weird Fruit Explorer in the Philippines – Ep. 90

I’m in Loboc Bohol in the Philippines right now, it’s a little island it’s right by this river here the loboc [River] is gorgeous over here, but I’m about to head out a Little fruit adventure, because I was riding a Jeepney earlier today I saw a calabash fruit tree. Which is a very distinctive looking fruit So when I saw, I was like oh my God, calabash which are Not Edible, but a very interesting one and you can eat it if you like prepare it some way so I’m gonna go over there and Just like knock on their door. I think and see just kinda like ask around to see if Maybe I can go and get one or if they happen to you know make some juice They can sell me some or something I don’t know, there seemed to be a shop nearby so I don’t think it’s like super weird for me to go there but yeah, that’s what I’m doing right now, so get like swept away by bandits or something I’ll make video of that too, it will be more interesting Yeah, so I’m in America now And I just wanted to fill in a little bit of information about what’s happening in this video like editing it now and there’s some gaps that I think require like a little bit of explanation So what happened is… I went on a Jeepney, and I was driving down and Just keeping an eye out for that tree, and when I saw it. I hopped out I walked on over and It was somebody’s house But [like] outside the house was what they call a Sari Sari shop, which a lot of people just own their own And they all just like sell like little snacks and cigarettes and things like that at the sorry-sorry shops So what I did is I went to the “Sari Sari” shop in front of this house And I just like asked the woman there “so…” “That the tree over there, is that your tree?” She’s like “Oh, yeah, that’s the the miracle fruit tree. It’s 200 pesos per fruit”. So these big, giant fruits are about four dollars each About four bucks, and I said like well can you eat them and she’s like “no..” “No, you can eat them if you make a juice out of it.” I’m like well, I I’m staying at a hotel. I can’t really do that Do you sell the juice and she’s like no no we don’t sell the juice. I’m like “Well, you know I really I really really wanted to try this I’ve been traveling around trying to find different fruits and I came across this one. I really would love to try it, but I can’t make the juice, can can you make me the juice?” and she’s like “Oh, I don’t know, well… Alright. I’m not really that good at doing this I’ve never really done it myself, but my mother knows how, so let me go ask my mother.” A few minutes later this really kind woman came out, and she’s like. “Oh you want to try the juice, okay.” “I’ll make you the juice” So the mother took me over to the miracle fruit tree as she called it and said just pick out any one that you want And we’ll cut it down for you I asked her like how how do you tell if it’s ripe or not? And she said you just want to pick one that is like big and round So I picked a big round one and they cut it down This is the one (old lady) “Yes, this is the one, you go to your yard and it’s this big” Okay, how heavy is that? “It’s 3 Kilos” “5 kilos, 8kilos the biggest one” “Yeah, that’s really heavy. It’s like a bowling ball Thanks, very heavy we have to Slice this one down. Let’s get me picture There you go Gonna Show that to the in America You’ve gotta be strong “oh, you can eat it fresh, is it okay?” Not too much though, right? When I researched about this fruit online I saw Several sources Say that this is actually poisonous that you’re not supposed to eat it. It’s used Medicinally in some cases, but it’s used as a purgative or an emetic Meaning. It’s used to make you throw up It’s also used to induce abortions in cattle So I was a little bit surprised when I saw everybody diving in the moment they opened this fruit. “If you eat this much will you get sick? A little bit is okay?” Little sweet like um yeah.. not sour, not bitter. “And also the smell” “Smells okay. Not not much flavour.” A little bit of a green taste Doesn’t have much flavor. It’s a little a little bitter a little bit like pineapple or guava, but subtle It’s good though. It’s a little sweet, but it would be better with some sugar. “Do you boil everything, the whole fruit?” “Yes, everything… …Maybe you’ll bring this one” “Bring it back?” “I’ll put this in my luggage” “It’s like a guanabana” “Oh yeah. In the US we call that Soursop” “Sourship?” “Soursop, yeah” “You call it “Guanabana”?” “Yes, there are many thorns yeah” “I’ve had that it does taste a little like that” “That’s like maybe this is maybe a little bitter.” “Yes” “I thought I saw this one on the TV…” “They just cut it like this and eat it with sugar” “They just eat it straight with sugar?” “in the baby” “And it’ll be good?” “It’s a beautiful fruit. It’s such a small tree and the fruits are like so big” “They could knock the tree over” And you planted this, yes? This is Mindanao, we brought it from Mindanao In Mindanaothey have plenty in the market. “oh, there you sell them in the market? Ok” “Thirty per kilo” Really? Yes. But up here. It’s not normal. It’s not easy to find? yes So she scooped out one entire half of it and is Now putting it on the stove to boil And it cooks for one hour How much water did you put in? It’s up to you how much you want depending on how strong you want it, but three of these. It’ll be a good taste so as I mentioned before in order to make the juice you need to boil the fruit for an entire hour and As I was waiting for this hour the the lady was so sweet she like sat me down [and] she plied me with treats she gave me like crackers and some coke and Cookies and things like that she’s like do you want some food? I’ll make you lunch. Do you want some lunch and It was really sweet is one of my favorite moments of being in the philippines Just like hanging out with this family her english was actually pretty good, but it got like a little bit awkward So she went like into the into the house and just coming busy herself and I was left outside And just tried to amuse myself Incase you’re curious what the seeds look like, they’re very small.. very tiny little seeds and they’re shaped like a little heart But she said that most people will take a branch and will plant the branch to make it grow I don’t know too much about growing plants, but apparently that works Is that a dried out one right one? okay You can use it for a bowl, right? Okay, that looks really good For such a big fruit the rind is very thin I wouldn’t want this as a helmet It’s turning Gray, like a Dark color This is it After one hours cooking you strain out the pulp And you’re left with this one with this one. “We throw that one, you throw away.” “Yeah, you don’t want to eat that.” This is the water The drink See wait for this to cool “Hello! Want to taste the miracle juice?” It’s a big bottle I really had just like an amazing time just hanging out with his family while they made this juice for me But sadly it it had to come to an end and once the juice was was made I took the bottle back to my hostel and popped it into the fridge and later that night once it was cold I decided to try it out with some friends of mine So here is the dried out partially Calabash fruit, and there’s the juice and here are the guinea pigs Hello, hi What are your names? Rath, Haneka, Halena, and I’m jared. I’m also gonna be a guinea pig and try this stuff Okay, so let’s open it up See you guys first good. Yeah, who wants to drink first? It’s a beautiful gray color Nice tall glass of Grey muck Do you really think we’re going to finish that? I expect everyone to like you know fight for this bottle and chug it Okay, you guys can share this one here will do. Thank you very much, okay your first row It doesn’t have strong smell actually, there’s some glitter. Glitter? it might be oily layer on top Yeah, it probably has some fat content and where she cooked it up. Okay? Here. We go Any good? It’s alright. Yeah, not bad. Yeah, what does it taste like? I cant describe it. /with how it looks I would imagine it just tastes like dirt, like charcoal Just like Gray and burnt It does have a little burnt taste I’m gonna give it a go. That’s not very strong flavor It tastes healthy though. I thought it smelled kind of like coconut does it taste like coconut? No, no You dont like it? It’s really healthy though. It’s supposed to be good for your lungs and diabetes Yeah Its the colour of smokers lungs. It smells a little bit like like the coconut powder, but it has many tastes “Burnt” “So it does taste burnt?” Burnt, yeah. I dont think it has another taste This is hard to describe Is it sour, or sweet or bitter? Nothing else. Not sweet, not very sour. Yeah mostly strange. Okay, you must be getting really curious I… No And it leaves a strange taste in your mouth Yeah, I’m not getting curious as much as I’m getting like kind of hesitant, but let me try How many fingers am I holding up? “17” All right There we go nice tall. [oh] that is greasy looking if you want to put that in there, it’s a nice layer of crud on top nice It’s got like a little Little slimeyness to it. I think there is quite a lot of oil in here because my finger’s now shiny I’m going in there, but Should have tested on the dog first. Smells kind of like squash and coconut It’s not great, but it’s not like Horrible, it’s just like tolerable But your face doesn’t look too pleased. It tastes like I mean even though It’s not a gourd and it kind of has like a gourdy kind of flavor. Just like pumpkin or squash Very Green and Mellow tasting, it’s slightly sweet, but not much, not very sweet I’m not really getting the burn flavor you guys are talking about, but I am getting the gross flavor It’s like a little sour, not very bitter, Little mellow I’m trying to think what it tastes like, it’s got like a green taste to it I don’t know It reminds me of drinking coconut water just without like the the pleasure of like a nice coconut flavor it’s like coconut water and and like a Gross Tasting gourd or squash But yeah, there you go, not the most appealing thing in the world but certainly one of the more uncommon things I’ve had and plus it comes with like a Wonderful bowl. I think I’m more excited about the bowl than I am about the juice or the fruit but Yeah, this has been a pretty incredible looking thing to try so That’s it. So I’m just gonna put on my my helmet and Say goodbye, thanks for watching Well, that was pretty stupid, but I think wearing this on my head has given me an idea Isn’t it pretty?


  1. What a wonderful woman to take time out for you. I wish we weren't so tech hungry and spent more time with people than our electronics. Your fruit videos just cost me 200.00 lol. I had to order some exotic fruit online since you inspired me. Have a great week!

  2. The burnt taste was just caused by the firewood. if you miscook it….could taste like a rug 😃like noni juice.

  3. That place where i stayed when i was in Bohol " Fox and The Firefly Cottages " I loved that place. The cottages where you shared your room with other. The cats and dogs who are so friendly. And the bathroom and CR it was so big with garden inside.

  4. for php200, it is actually quite cheap.. I'm from Philippines and in my side, the fruit costs us php300 and above..

  5. nice vid. and i never drink like this ever, we had also this fruits but i never do it on my own, its taste good?

  6. I'm Filipino and Bohol is one of the best places I've visited! I'd wanna go back but I'll explore other places first. Interesting wine. Never tried that. Lol

  7. God will not allow this kind of tree or fruits if it is bad or harmful for human.every fruit trees have its purpose for men…how about the drugs from pharmaciutical? is it poison or not?

  8. Guy from Mindanao here. We have a tree like that in our backyard but I haven't tried it yet. I heard it is healthy but I don't trust it. BTW, the girl on the left, is she half-Filipina? SHe looks Pinay

  9. Probably her pot had oil in it. I think the power of suggestion by you made the other three think it was tasting burned.

  10. They only make bowls and handbags bags out of calabash where I’m from. I’m pretty sure someone can come up with some use for the inside flesh.

  11. The kenyan village ppl make a really neat bowl out of the calabash and use it to eat foods. No idea what they do with the actual fruit. I doubt tht its poisonous

  12. we wait for them to get harder and pick them to make into bowls. This one in the video is very soft to be able to cut it with a knife. We cut them with a saw.

  13. its good for a natural dye too. When cutting them and removing pulp if you dont wear gloves your hands will turn brown/black and stay stained for a long time..

  14. These are sometimes dried & stuff is made from them,but DO NOT sand it without a full face mask,or it could be potentially deadly!

  15. In El Salvador, it is called Morro. The seeds are toasted and ground with peanuts, sesame seeds, cinnamon, pumpkin seeds and rice to make a refreshing drink called “Morro Horchata”. The recipe can be found here:

  16. In Colombia we call that totumo and it's never eaten just used as a gourd maybe in some medecine my father had two trees in his courtyard

  17. I'm new to the channel, already subscribed but will be unsubscribing. I am not sure why you guys who travel are so disrespectful to the people in the countries you visit. Some countries. If you were in Sweden, Canada, France…..would you ask them to make a drink for you, had her start a fire and impose on her time??? You would not! But it's ok in Asia, Mexico, Caribbean you get the drill. You nasty fck.

  18. It's interesting what happens to things when they spread from their native zone. It's from Mexico, and no one eats it here. It's thought to be toxic.

  19. You are so creative! I love the bowl! Too bad you couldn't have sent a picture of that to the family! Hopefully you told them about your channel and they will watch this video! Nice people!

  20. What a waste of land planting that tasteless and toxic fruit tree. I'd rather use that land to plant a durian or mango tree instead. But as always, this channel always provides the best fruit taste testing vids on youtube. No one has ever came close.

  21. That’s interesting! The calabash is also used to make tobacco pipes. You know the big ol pipe that Sherlock Holmes has? That’s the one!

  22. I would have been kind of afraid of the aluminum pan having leached aluminum into the fruit juice if it was at all acidic… That would cause a gray coloration and I would be so concerned but maybe you would have tasted metal.

  23. This is a pretty good video. When I was a kid, we drove to see my grandmother (600 miles). It was the end of summer, and we stopped at this farmer's Store. This farmer grew cabbages for the most part, but sold a wide variety other stuff he grew, or bought from other farmers. He had all these Cantaloupe melons, which looked normal, but there was this giant cantilope in the mix. This giant Cantaloupe was just slightly smaller than a beach ball, an deeply ribbed. My mother asked how much, and the farm said, "The same as the others. It's out my personal garden. I can't eat them all, so thought I'd let some else have it." My mom bought, and the farmer said,"Most people can't stand the smell, or taste, but I love'em" The melon sat on the back seat with my siblings, and myself. The smell was so intense, we had to roll down the windows. It didn't help with the smell. We got home late, and went to bed. When I woke up the next day, the first thing I noticed was the scent of the melon. My mother cut the melon up, and we had for breakfast. The dam thing was great. Anything I could say, any words I could use, would fail to discribe the taste of that melon. Over the years, the melons in the store seem to get worse, and worse. It like they don' expect you to eat them any more. I've home grown melon that were good, but still not great. I'm still looking?

  24. 10:38 ur nails bro lol great story though goes to show how much you can be rewarded for being brave and just talking to people

  25. Filipinos really are some of the friendliest, most sociable people. I don't love Manila and the food isn't my favorite, but the people are really warm and charming.

  26. Funny that you seemed surprised it tasted a bit like pumpkin or squash. Calabaza is Spanish for pumpkin or squash.

  27. According to Wikipedia, the fruit itself is usually safe to eat, and most lethal cases come from making it into a juice because that concentrates it… the key is the bitterness. The chemicals that make it bitter are the ones that are cytotoxic in large quantities… sounds like as long as its not super bitter tasting, you're OK. You said it's supposed to be good for diabetes? That might be why 3 of the lethal cases were diabetics in their 50s and 60s…

  28. The color and,”glitter” are from the aluminum pot she boiled it in! The acid from the fruit corroded it off the pot. You’re going to trash your kidneys and liver, if you drink this stuff.

  29. They are always willing to cook food, so sweet haha love visiting my grandma for this reason. Can't go wrong with her adobo

  30. "I'm not getting the burned flavor you guys are talking about but I am getting the gross flavor" LOL

  31. I feel like that last shot of the calabash bowl sitting there filled with mundane american supermarket apples constitutes its own sort of dry metahumor.

  32. My understanding is that you more reliably get good fruit if you plant a branch instead of growing from a seed. Any time you plant a fruit seed it's a gamble as to whether the fruit will be as good as the fruit you got the seed from (why this happens, I do not know)

  33. I thought calabash was a gourd. They are edible if immature and cooked and the seeds are edible like pumpkin seeds. Not the same thing, I guess.

  34. Silver Swan bottle? Toyo or suka?

    I think the burnt taste came from the smoke of the heat-source. The pot wasn't air-tight, and that smoke was pretty thick over one hour of rapid boiling.

  35. Used to eat this but a different way. Slide it up and sundry it until turning black. It would taste sweet and fibery.

  36. Meron kami nian dto sa bahay namin.. Miracle fruit akala namin walang kwenta aiun benta nlng.. Kung sino may need.. 🙂 pm lng.. Around manila lng kmi..parañaque to be specific..

  37. My procedure in extracting juice is I don't add water. I grate the meat and put them in a deep pan and simply let it boil in a low fire of course stirring constantly. After boiling drain the juice with a strainer

  38. That’s what Filipino are good at.. praising white guy like their Gods 😂that’s why most Filipinas are marrying white guys for visa.

  39. Awww lol what a
    Precious family! Shows what you can get when you ask nicely 🙂 edit: OMG that bowl you made turned out really nice

  40. In Central America the seeds are toasted, grounded and made into a delicious drink. The seeds are sold in many Latin groceries.

  41. When you travel you meet some of the nicest and funniest people don't you?! I always did and I'll be traveling again soon I'm about to inherit my parents estate and I have no living family left.

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