1. It's not just Dr. Esselstyn. The best physiicians in the US are showing how a plant-based diet can help repair the brain (Dr. Amen), prevent or reverse cancer (Dr. Colin Campbell), reverse diabetes (Dr. Barnard) and uproot the cause of all disease, (Dr. Greger–Search YouTube 4 urs)

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  3. It's 4 years later now, and he's still going strong. Turned 85 in December. His father didn't do nearly as well.
    To understand why, get a copy of the "Vegsource" documentary, "Processed People". If only for his 12 minute, "extended interview". ( available now, on youtube, by googling, "Processed People extended talks" )

  4. H. Jay Dinshah, 66, who as the leader of the American Vegan Society was an advocate for life without violence toward animals or humans, died on June 8, apparently from a heart attackwhile working in his office in Malaga, New Jersey [after 43 years ofveganism].
    Veganism prevents and/or reverses diseases? Wow, which ones? Obviously didn't work Dinshah and countless other deluded fools who fell for the religion of death-cult diet

  5. Hi I wonder how they explain the health of traditional Eskimo people's whose diet was predominantly meat and blubber not many greens growing in the frozen tundra. Can anyone explain????????

  6. Dr Esselstyn's plant based diet is AWESOME! The amount of energy you have by cutting sugar, oils, eggs, of course meats, and dairy – OMG! HUGE! I started this over 4 years ago without ANY pending problems – don't smoke or drink, I am 60 and workout in gym regularly, and as long as I keep eating properly I have energy – I have no EXCESS fat, yet have enough fat to be healthy – in other words, I am NOT boney and depleted at all! I am well hydrated (not like a bodybuilder at a competition) but just "NORMAL" and YOU CAN BE TOO! Please don't keep feeding the demons! STOP and just DO IT! as Monk would say "You'll thank me later"!

  7. Wow, what a treasure! This experienced physician and surgeon uses plain language and common sense to explain the diet/cardiovascular disease connection. Now, it's up to us to change our diet and lifestyle if we want to avoid or defer disease and disability. Thanks!

  8. I tried this diet for 6 months and although I took my b12 I felt like something was missing, and my joint pain was not improving, also I suffered a shoulder injury that just wouldn't heal. I learned about Glycine and started making/eating gelatin dishes daily, my shoulder began to heal rapidly, the noise in my knees went away and most days my elbows don't hurt. I also started eating other animal products in moderation. I've been studying nutrition for 40 years now and read almost everything I could find, One thing that has bothered me about This Low Fat Vegan Diet is that the diet of the indigenous peoples it is supposedly based on the people that live to 100 in perfect health, most of them are not Vegan they eat Frogs, and Pork, and Eggs, and Fish, but what I have also noticed is they all eat very high fiber diets with lots of greens, and they use all of the animal meaning they get the Glycine and Proline and other nutrients found in connective tissues and bones. So at this point I'm still very vegan friendly but omnivorous myself in moderation.

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