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hello what is happening everybody let me
know if you can hear me I think I just got to send this out to Twitter real
excited about the upcoming iphone 7 and why because that announcement is coming SuperDuper soon but I promised everybody
on twitter that I was going to let them know let everybody know that I was doing
this live broadcast so let me just go ahead and get that tweet out there
everybody real quick before we start taking phone calls okay okay okay thank
you very much now let me see here we just get this link seriously one second give it a moment I’m I’m live wait one
second call me now ok this is gonna work ok cool, lets start taking some phonecalls oh people are trying to face-time me but i dont wanna……i dont wanna be showing my screen showing the screen to screen screen to
the camera if you know what I’m saying anyways there’s a lot of people in here
right now hello everybody what’s happening we’re gonna be taking phone calls like i
said before and we’re gonna be talking about the exploding batteries on a note
7 funny enough i’m actually broadcasting it may very well explode here hahaha while we’re recording this in the studio but we are gonna talk about exploding batteries whether you c are or not (phone continues ringing in background) we are also gonna talk about the upcoming video in my pants. ok that’s coming out we’re gonna
probably have an announcement here on the no not probably we definitely are
having an announcement on i believe the seventh of september’s so this week ok now let’s let’s go ahead let’s let
some people in I’m gonna let you on the phone lines but make sure to bring the
heat ok so here we go I’m gonna go my own accord hello hello
hey who’s this only from rock this is on box there you
have it going my friend how’s your cool cool that’s right and here you are now your
live as well i gotta i just realized i gotta turn off call waiting because it’s
going crazy here let’s get your quick let’s get your comment or question real
quick you have a question or you want to make a comment on the iphone 7 is coming
out or the exploding battery on the note 7 question or comment 0 for my colorful
cool Carlos llorca father right yes it is it’s very cool
everybody’s pumped up now to you is this something that you’re gonna want to buy
are you what what feature you excited about is it the dual camera lenses
loculi sorry say that again talking about i know you would definitely buy ok
I’m gonna let you go because I have to turn off call waiting on this thing
because we’re getting some crazy call-waiting you thank you for calling
in ok more phone calls in a moment folks I gotta turn off call waiting here real
quick and I’m on this this phone years we’re gonna have to find a way here hahahahahah have to find a way here to turn off call
waiting because a crazy number of calls are coming through now let’s just see
here how to do that on an iphone before this iphone completely breaks okay
settings this is something i should have been
prepared for obviously but it’s imperative of course to turn off call
waiting when you’re doing something like this right here we go our general phone okay I’m gonna have
this in a moment alright so one second please stop
calling me here call waiting area ok so we call waiting
is off ok cool so we’re not going to get beat
like crazy when the next phone call comes through so go ahead call in with your next line
let’s see what’s going on let’s see who’s here hello ok this is lu han you just for
some reason you’re not going through bluetooth anymore let me just see something are you still
on the line my goodness okay we gotta just all that we break we
may have broken you know what i think is breaking this iphone is a pic this
iphone is busted from facetime its face time that is breaking this thing here
let’s try again hello please lay off the facetime let’s
just go with old-school calls here please oh this is busted this is busted we may need to do a quick
switch sim card switch here into another device because I think facetime has
broke has broken the poor iphone i’m going to show you the bottom i’m going
to show you the top of the display but if I show you the bottom here you can
see that i can text this out I can’t get out because of facetime
facetime broke the show so i’m going to extract this i’m going to extract this
sim card here put into a different device something of course it doesn’t
have while the phone is so hot right now Oh taking calls like crazy okay I’m gonna take this sim card out
now a lot of people recommended that i use the burner app man the burner apples
was really finicky I was a trying to barter with some calls and having some
problems so it’s a really unique set of circumstances here when it comes to you
know when it comes to doing these mega calling shows because it’s not like a
usual application where you know where you’re getting a small volume of calls
this is an enormous volume of calls you’re gonna get in here and so I guess
it should be expected that your average device isn’t really going to work
alright so i gotta get a different phone actually I was going to just put it in
my phone and I realized how much of a nightmare that would be for my
notifications my notifications we just right give me one moment I’ll be back I
promise you okay one second another device once yeah yeah okay folks I know you’re upset and I
appreciate that I’ve got the ZTE acts on over here and we’re going to have to
make do right now now hopefully with the absence of
facetime oh hello there mr. look at that look at that beauty I’m with the absence
of face time I think we should be golden now oh one thing i wanted to mention
based on the last time that I did this is that a lot of people were upset that
they actually missed the broadcast i’m guessing phone calls going to come in
like crazy right here a lot of people were upset that they missed the
broadcast yeah and so my recommendation here is to
turn on your notifications for my channel that little bell on mobile then
you won’t miss any of these broadcast will be first to know and you can get a shot at calling in and
having a chat so this says no service here let’s just see what’s going on don’t worry we’re gonna be taking phone
calls again in a moment the iphone terrible idea you know why because facetime pretty
much broke the it pretty much broke the device that you guys that were
requesting facetime you shut this thing down it was completely impossible to
answer it now as my father should have had should also had the should have also
had to call waiting turned off and that is the first thing I’m going to do on
this fun radio we’re already getting calls coming in
here ok so first things first hi you guys are probably going to kill
me with the text and everything as well so let’s just get this set to where you
at i’m going to do no not airplane i just want to do not
disturb where are you at do not disturb okay hold up hold up on the phone calls
for a minute haha this is something saying do not disturb you got this
slightly different layout over here no call me yet don’t call me yet please
don’t keep calling me yet frequently used sound and vibration do not disturb I don’t want to do this update right now ok always do not disturb is now on okay
next thing is to turn off call waiting because that becomes a major headache as
you experienced khan the last one are ye i hope you guys can hear me ok I
don’t have any kind of special microphone just speaking into the phone uh you know what let me know on Twitter
if you guys can hear me properly at all ok so next up is what was i doing I was a turning off call waiting now
that’s not a thing that i normally do but where is let’s see apologies guys I’m gonna get this down
i’m gonna get a system here so we know what works and what doesn’t work what
you really after do this a few times to figure out the best way if you know what
I’m saying so should be called sitting somewhere here mmm course all the settings where you at here we go get trust me we’re taking
phone calls and I told you we’re gonna be talking about the exploding note 7 in
the upcoming iphone 7 that’s our agenda for today if we have one if we ever get
there by I’m telling him try my best here call waiting is in the call
settings but where the hell are the call settings here sound and vibration mm
alright let’s just take a call let’s just take a call and see maybe the call
waiting will be so bothersome hello hello anybody there hello all that
person hung up they didn’t expect me to answer it ah yeah well trust me if you call me i’m
going to answer it all right here we go hello they hung up to maybe we broke this device as well maybe
it wasn’t meant to be você hopefully its person sticks around
holy smokes hello oh hey we got a winning color
today you have won an all-expenses-paid cruise to the Bahamas how’s it going man
you have that the last that racket what’s happening right now yeah man listen to calls were coming in
like hot fire they were coming in one after the other yours made it through
was trying to turn off all these different features because i had it set
up on the iphone at first and was getting absolutely bombarded with
facetime request it the whole phone was catching fire i had to shut that down so
now we’re on ZTE and things looked to be working working property walking you
know I had my macbook already my phone writing my google voice ready all all
battling it out one got it well you you sound like a professional
my friend I’m proud of you sound like a proper unboxtherapy viewer or I
definitely love me although night and hear my question for you what do you
think about the new macbook that’s coming in a couple months do any
thoughts on that oh well I definitely gonna pick it up i
have a you know I macbook owner for a long time now currently in in my
inventory of macbooks I’ve got a macbook pro I have loved the 12-inch MacBook i
have the old 11-inch macbook air and i got an a- got an old-school macbook pro
that i put like my own ssds into so I pretty much get every generation of the
macbook and macbook pro so this new one I mean I saw the rumored oled display
panel on there and and that looks that looks pretty badass I mean to be honest
with you the the the current design is just a little bit stale I mean it’s been
out for a long time so it’ll be interesting to see how they date take a
different approach at the Pro and maybe make it thinner maybe make it a little
bit more portable so I mean you can bet your boots that i’ll be picking one up all right here like a pallbearer the aircraft um you
know it’s so hard to say if you can only have one if I could only have one I
would definitely take the pro just because I do so much video work and
having an extra horsepower is just super helpful when you need it but that said
if I didn’t work in video and it was strictly for productivity it might be a
little bit overkill so it really depends on the usage
scenario right and-and-and first for some people that are that are just
typing emails and using it as a student they might not to speak and they might
need to spend the extra cash and carry the extra weight of the pro but for me
it will be a pro com alright do you know I don’t hold back to
other people are waiting patiently crazy and no worries dude thanks for calling
in ok so cool I guess call-waiting it looks
like call waiting was off by default there because we didn’t get interrupted
during the phone call which I appreciated that or we have another
broken phone no we don’t ok cool so it turns out that
it looks like the ZTE is the way to go on our call in phone for the calling
show hello hey I what is happening my friend you got through oh my god hmm why rush to the phone i
have a notification i’ll come up it’s amazing it’s hard to believe here
we are after all this time are chatting to one another just like a couple of
buddies that’s gonna be weird I got your video playing right here
because that is weird it’s like some kind of weird inception or something
about that guy hot guy that was the last guy yeah so there’s a bit of a delay
it’s a very slim delay but it’s a but it’s a very cool new app new function
within the app it’s being sort of rolled out in a bit in a very slow way to test
it out but uh this is one of the biggest experiment so far so this entire
broadcast is actually running off of a note 7 right now now which has been out which hasn’t
exploded yet and uh and i’m hoping to do this frequently I think it’s a really
cool way to connect with people in show the world that that you guys are you
guys are real you know you’re not just like some some view count or something
like that but anyways today we’re talking about and I at least want to
have some sort of a topic here so your choice would you rather give your
opinion on the exploding note 7 battery or the upcoming iphone 7 which which is
more spicy for you the iphone ok alright so let me know let
me know your thoughts what do you what do you think about it will you buy it are you excited are you lukewarm what
are your thoughts I personally will not buy it I mean
everything i’ll probably online a lot of videos about it said that super good are
compared to like changes from like five for the 60 the six because it’s not
gonna be you know they were better than the changes from the success of the
seven right I personally don’t buy everything life
only comes out i have accepted it was like the success from the farm actually that was awesome i had so five
shoes all together right the headphone jack alright doesn’t want
us to confirm thing about what we’re gonna come in the box I don’t know the last honestly the last
rumors that i saw said that the somebody had a picture of a box which had the the
contents and it looks like there’s going to be at least according to that there’s
going to be an adapter for 3.5 millimeter and then and then there also
might be a there also might be some earpods that use the Lightning port so I
don’t know if either of those things sort of solve the issue because as you
know with adapters is the kind of situation where they never with you when
you need them to be you know like you’re on an airplane and you’re like damn I
left that adapter at home so they’re there goes using this this last-minute
headset but I think I think the agenda here is the
kind of push individuals into using wireless headphones and it’s obvious
it’s obvious to see what they’re doing but I think you know I think a lot of
people are going to share your sentiment but at the same time it’s like I think
so many people are just used to always getting the new iphone and you know
Apple is going to show off some magical thing regarding the dual lens system and
I think it’s gonna it’s gonna get those same individuals hyped up but i agree
with you i really don’t think I really don’t think that at this point in time
there’s much of a need for your average person your average user of technology
to be upgrading to every single device it’s kind of it’s kind of ridiculous
from an economic perspective considering how good so many phones are now I’ve
always you know I’ve been growing up iphones the first smartphone wasn’t
iphone and I’ve never had someone senior your axon videos i loved ones are you
just get iphone bird haha smart homes like you and don’t look really nice of
always look like them you know so maybe this whole break gotta know yeah it’s honestly honestly dude I think
I feel like the new the new optimal price point for smartphones is somewhere
in like the three to four hundred dollar rage what you’re like value value for
money in that range right now is absolutely insane like I mean the phone
that we’re talking on right now right now is the new axon and it’s like yeah
and it’s like man you look at the complete package and you start to wonder
how it is that the market leaders are selling their products at twice the
price somebody’s making money and somebody
isn’t you know that became plate like this it seems pretty obvious but yeah
and needless to say obviously these new startup companies aren’t going to not
start ups but like new to the north american market they’re not going to
have the advantages of the other guys from a marketing perspective so your
average person on the street is not isn’t even going to know what these
devices are but for somebody somebody who’s more of an enthusiast this certainly value to be had in a lot of
the cool lifted the emerging budget android devices that are out there for
yahoo com ya know you’re not gonna see one in the
wild anyways dude i love the phone call I appreciate you brought the heat today
you you were you were right on the subject matter educated that’s what it’s
about I totally appreciate it and thanks pic
yeah thank you very much and we’re going to see we’re gonna see you on the next
call it ok alright later dude how about that what about this caller
bringing the heat you know what I mean you never expected
that let me just see I just want to ask people on Twitter real quick from an
audio perspective can you guys hear the caller well can you can hear the caller
hello i love the way that you introduced that you were just like all casual just
like you’re calling up your body like oh hey Lou how’s it going like it wasn’t
hard to get through anything you’re pretty sure waiting my friend
actually look like it right now your life I know it’s crazy it’s it’s wild and why
is it why does it why does it feel so weird to be
connecting like this don’t wanna know even now I videos but i know i got don’t
know but um oh I’m not been here mourning you probably have been flipping
my do and it does not doing he taught me how to well you taught me
how to love at yeah you need you need some very serious self examination of
course you know you need i think you mean I think you need some meditation yeah it’s like it’s like Brits a
breathing thing you know what I mean it’s like it’s like let’s do it together
okay three two one i wanna i wanna cup deep inhale and we’re going to exhale
together okay three two one hold it for a minute and then let it out
there you go my friend you’re cured alright thanks for the phone call but
nature in a phone call haha what what oh what a wide situation you got every day
people are more lines just reaching out to the audience we’ve been live for 26
minutes when is the last time we hung out for 26 minutes all right here we go
at what we got another one and another one and another one out they turned down
turn down the show in the background yeah yeah hey man what’s going on haha it is wonderful to speak to you
today and this saturday afternoon how are you doing are you I also i’m also having a good time i’m
sitting here talking to people i’m asking people questions I you know what
we’ve been talking about specifically is a some technology we were talking about
the nobody so far as has talked about the exploding note 7 have you heard of
the exploding galaxy note 7 no okay well this is the issue alright so the new
note 7 came out recently and there’s been some reports somewhere in the
neighborhood of like 35 reports at least that’s what Samsung saying is of the new
note 7 phone exploding the battery catching fire is this something that’s
conservative is this something that concerns you know
what about the people who do are you worried for them I guess haha alright well they issued a
recall so they’re asking for people to send back their notes evans in exchange
for a new one so at least that’s the good part yeah I’m okay so let me ask you one more
thing are you what kind of phone do you use right now ah do you know which model no okay well
it’s worth at least it’s working for this phone call right here i’m happy
about that but writing out all right going out google hangouts okay that
works that’s healthy um let me out let me out
let me ask you do you have any questions for me before i go on to the next phone
call oh there are ok thanks for the phone
call my friend talk to you next time how about the ZTE you guys have to tell
me whether or not it sounds okay the caller volume audio is good okay
thank you very much Twitter folks for saying that because I’ve been thinking
should I put it through a bluetooth speaker something along those lines to
improve the quality but this thing does have pretty decent speakers and the are
firing upwards so maybe maybe that’s helpful okay here we go alright soon as i unlock
the phone is another call hello hello yes it’s who you called my friend this
is who you called operators going to school there are all this year ya I’m not watching the game a to be
honest that have followed too much football but you’re asking about the
Raiders yeah the Oakland Raiders that’s a that’s it used to be my favorite team
as a kid actually cool they play i’m gonna give you I’m gonna give you the
insight right now or were they playing alright who are they who are they up
against the seahawks ok and how did that go ok alright well listen man I don’t Amy I
Capcom go ahead with the Chicago girl I don’t think that’s much of an
achievement is it the Chicago Bears yeah okay make your own harbor when look at the
pictures ok alright so let me let me let me ask
you this is we’re on the topic of one of the Oakland Raiders are you are you
prepared to go out on a limb in front of almost 30,000 people and and say that
they are going to be the next Champions yeah well alright without hesitation
thank you my friend for bringing on to it for bringing football into the show
today that’s what we were missing thanks for
calling all right well you hit me on the subject matter that i haven’t been
following definitely well as we get closer to the elimination games as you
know here we go alright hello a turn down
your volume in the background hello hello hello how are you doing
what’s your name hello oh my god oh my god oh yeah did
you got to turn down the background right I’ll be right out okay you’re
you’re in here dude you gotta turn the volume down no background ok alright so how you
doing what’s your name they already gave like there with it
tarak tarak I’ve heard that name before where you calling from I’m going on my out okay cool alright no
I meant like to put what part of the world from his house watching your video
and I’m talking for hours like yeah well let’s just let’s focus on this
conversation is a special moment in our lives yeah yeah alright so what part of the
world what part of the world are you coming from what state are you in I’m in for Diana
library particularly if it’s crazy that no was a hurricane women are ya doing
old American army and then it is like do it so we have a car before like it might
be for real that’s happening right now oh yeah at the moment yeah wow alright oh yeah I see right here hermine
hurricane here oh wow brings heavy rains in the
Carolinas florida coast battered by I feel like we’re CNN right now we’re
breaking new know i will show you a video but I can’t right now oh we lose him we lose 10 you’re still
anywhere okay let me ask you something while you’re sitting there surviving
this barricade have you been at you have any questions for me about that well I do I awesome actually I just want
to know like you’re not very special position or like you know how do you
know this and you accidentally fans and you have many people that-that know you
and I look up to I mean how does that rabbit our responsibility how do you deal with that and the hatred
and all that all the drama happening how do you do with that look at how about
tarik bringing the heat on the sentimental question right now unbelievable um let me tell you i don’t
think it’s anything that you ever really prepare for like honestly for the most
part I feel I feel a lot like the same guy with the same perspective as long
before anybody was paying any attention to what i was doing so I think it’s
imperative for me to to just stay in that frame of mind that there’s really
truly no difference from from somebody who has millions of followers and and
somebody walking walking down the street now obviously like but obviously there
is a functional difference if people are stopping you and asking for photos and
stuff like that but but I feel like you you turning to a bit of a weirdo if you
really strictly embrace that side of it and forget your actual pre-existing
identity that was in place long before that ever was the case so I try to do
this in my videos I try to do this when I meet people I try to do it even when
i’m taking phone calls from people like you I just try to bring you the realness I
try to bring you the guy who existed before all that and I think so long as
that so long as I remain focused on protecting protecting that kind of
character i think that uh the whole situation just remains a hell of a lot
healthier so I keep also keep people in my life that that bringing down a few
pegs like humble you know people who I stay connected to a lot of people from
back in the day I’m still friends with a lot of people for example i went to
high school with and that’s a lot healthier to maintain those
relationships with people who knew you before anything special was even going
on you’d like more like I mean yes I’m percent anything I’ve done you can do my
friend Wow and i remember seeing you like from
the first or beginning they don’t use your likes long boxing videos and
reviews the metal products but honestly if you’ve been fired so many people and
all that sounds cliché but I’m just like that in ok alright dude yeah I
honestly a nothing cliche about it I mean maybe it’s been said before but
it’s meaningful every time that I hear it inspiration is a delicate thing and I’m
happy to contribute even if it’s just in a small way so appreciate the phone call
I appreciate the question good luck with this storm I’m sure
you’re gonna make it through my friend and i helped more than you are ok thank
you so much thank you so much to all right so listen we’re gonna end it there
i got to turn this off before million more phone calls come in we’re gonna end
it there that was a beautiful thing I appreciate
all of you those that called in those that participated by watching we’re
going to have a system here right I’m going to get better audio we’re going to
have a better feedback i’m gonna find a streamline way of approaching this whole
thing so I don’t need to run off camera halfway through to address that but we
didn’t talk all that much about the exploding exploding note 7 for the
upcoming iPhone but i think we had a couple meaningful conversations in there
and before I take off i just want to remind you guys if you want your chance
to call in want to participate live next time just make sure to turn on that
notification button on your mobile app there’s a notification button on my
channel page looks like a little bell hit that button turn on notifications
because obviously if you’re not here live you got no shot at calling it and hit me
with the hard questions while Bobo alright thank you very much catch you on the next one this is crazy welcome to the chaos I later


  1. when is saw the note 7, i realy wanted them but after a few incident about exploding batteries…i loss my interest on the phone

  2. That's a Torontonian phone number… You're Canadian?!! I'm going to like your videos a lot more now! 😀 I'm happy to support a fellow Canadian!!… Except for Justin Bieber, of course, 😀 😀

  3. Your call has been forwarded to a customer that hasn't setup their voicemail yet. When you reach the customer at a later date, please remind them to access their voicemail. Goodbye.

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  7. FYI guys the number doesn't work anymore; tried calling and got a message telling me to check the number.

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