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I am Callen Parra and I’m a first year
medical student at F Edward Herbert School of Medicine.
So the Public Health Service, public health in general is to help masses of
people. The agency that I’m affiliated with is the Indian Health Service or
Native American populations but there are also other agencies such as NIH, CDC,
FDA, who are under the public health umbrella. With my specific public health
agency I will be able to advocate for underserved or underprivileged
populations such as the Native American populations. I think that a preconceived
notion within the military is that hard, emotionless, resilient, can you can dish
it and take it, but I think that may not always be true as I’m not like the
strongest person and I’m not like the fastest and I won’t be on the frontline.
You shouldn’t trust me with a gun protecting, you know, troops of people.
That’s not who I am I add a different aspect to the military I’m someone who
who will hopefully serve those who are serving us by offering a more
compassionate lens. An important reason why I chose usus is the integration of
leadership skills and from my understanding we’re the only Medical
School who really emphasizes this leadership because we are officers on
top of being medical students. I really felt like I belong and or I would
fit in with those students when going to school and I think that’s important for
any med school that you choose because you want to be able to get along with
your classmates they’re not only your classmates or your teammates through
throughout the four years. I am Callan Parra and I am powered by USU.

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