Caller: My Issue is With the pharmaceutical Companies…

apropos of this Mike in Cleveland
Georgia a mike thanks Russia free speech TV I
Dish Network you marianne re: vaccine topic although I want take this
much larger go for a I don’t know if you remember but there
were some years back a buncha decorated military boys dropped a system
on a car what was being done with her troops and the vaccinations and all the stuff
that you go take to go overseas and all right there’s there are so many I’m the
problem you’re injured you mention the mercury but squared away those there’s a member
different things at the store corporations for dinner to make money
and although I’m not necessarily against vaccinations I’m very skeptical drug companies in the morning the powers
that be partners stuff in your life well the stuff you know think we do
after and personally if I dunno flow that small for not if I’m not a now to 15 people around you catch it to
them die too well that’s your choice to be around
neighbor I don’t know ISO not fair you chose what when I was a kid my momma used to bring
folks to ask to give us chicken pox and measles out here we go out with my
mother did the same thing like everybody and we don’t know we were now dropping dead from exotic
diseases the right your right now i i don’t know what the
answer is work are not doing alright I’m told by the
pharmaceutical industry yeah well here’s here’s the problem in the
situation and you’re right when when you were a kid when I was a kid and
and we may be the same age maybe a little older than me but basically back
in the fifties and before when a kid in the neighborhood got ma
moms measles or chicken pox their people
would throw parties they would invite other kids over to get infected and it I want to honor those parties it I
got measles and or mayors monsoons while the other is
like a 78 years old on me everybody wanted his because that’s how
we got herd immunity everybody got these as children by and
large you know didn’t didn’t hurt too many people now it heard
enough people however that and and mike thanks a lot
for the call thank thanks to vote for Megan it heard enough people that we said you
know maybe there’s a better way here and the big problem occurs at least quote childhood diseases like measles
mumps is that when adults get them if pregnant women get rebel I get there
that for measles they’re gonna have birth defects their
child is gonna birth defects and if and men or women get the moms after adolescence after they
become sexually mature they get they can become sterile I mean
there’s some really serious side effects to this to these diseases so we basically wiped
out the herd immunity by vaccinating everybody and at least the long-term herd immunity
from childhood in infections and replaced it with a
short term herd immunity in 5 10 20 years however long the
vaccines last and you could argue that that’s
something that worked to the benefit of the vaccine manufacturers or whatever
you know and that it’s trying to do what major did naturally and all that but it’s what we have and now you’ve got you know two
generations are people who did not grow up getting knows those diseases chilled and
vaccines are basically they’re only shop

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  1. Whooping cough is another threat that has spreading for a little while now that should've been contained a long time ago.  

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