happy happy Monday everyone welcome to my channel if this is your first time here thank you for being here if you are my regular people what's up everyone I'm happy to see everybody here I already saw some people waving sorry for the slight tardiness I was almost on time but you know life right so welcome everyone I see I'm trying to see I see I saw people here I think I see got a self up in here I see Larissa miss lady stellar regime hello hello hello and I'm wondering I can't seem to go down so oh well but welcome to being here so today I want to give you a technique on calming anxiety so a calming meditation technique on calming anxiety and then of course whatever else happens after that so right now can everyone see me is everything great because for some reason things seem a little I don't know how to put it like like frozen a bit a my end I don't want that to be on my end alright so I decided that you know okay oh thank you very much I appreciate it I appreciate it I got some compliments I appreciate it so I wanted to give this technique because I'll tell you why first it's because I find that anxiety happens a lot sometimes we don't know it's anxiety so sometimes we have a hard time recognizing when we are having and a reaction to anxiety or when we are experiencing anxiety because it seems so natural so I did I thought to myself you know well it does happen sometimes we see the nightmares we see them we wake up at 3 a.m. thinking it's a divine call and really the anxiety from the day has finally pumped through your body via adrenaline and now you're being woken up like that now not saying that 3 a.m. wake-up calls are not Ness completely undefined but a lot of it has to do with your body trying to process the level of anxiety that you've experienced of the day that you've probably suppressed or pushed aside now finally when it's time to relax it comes up through adrenaline and then it's hard to go back to sleep and so um I thought about that I thought about how I noticed that that happens a lot you know one of the things that I do is that you know I'll look on Facebook I don't necessarily interact a lot of times on Facebook what I do is I study on Facebook I see what people are saying is going on I see kind of the trends of behavior and feelings and emotions and then from there I'm like hmm you know I wonder if there can be something that I can offer to help people deal with that and so then that's where sometimes these videos come from thank you so much Alisa so anyway so that's where this technique comes from and so I guess I'm just gonna get started on it because then from there we'll just talk about whatever so here's the key the first step in and I've combined a few different things one I think I've combined kind of my training with with the Zen Buddhist so that's one combination and then the other aspect to this was just something that I learned in Bikram yoga now where that person learned it from I don't know you know that's a great thing about teachers and people who are into spiritual teachings a lot of times we get information or we have experience in a class and then we remember it and it really worked and we liked it and then we ended up passing it along and so oftentimes when I hear something like that in a class and I find that it works I'm like well must the work for that person – at least that's how I interpret it and sure enough it did work so I'll kind of give you the backgrounds of how I connected to this so you can see how I pulled it all together the first time was through meditation I found that I was having a lot of woowoo moments but not a lot of grounding and so you know the the monk at the time told me listen you need to learn how to ground it so he gave me some grounding techniques of like I understand that you're gonna have these amazing experiences where you'll feel like he left your body and so when so forth and you'll have feelings of bliss but you also have to grounded because you still have the human experience to experience so that was the first technique that first aspect of what he taught me I said okay I understood that and part of me had a hard time accepting that I think because a lot of us like the feeling of the escapism into the woowoo we like the idea that we can completely be submersed in this other world but it just isn't the reality so when we learn to ground it all we actually have our lives are a bit more enriched and it's not so much of an extreme okay and you'll find that you actually probably like that a lot better than then the big jarring aspects of having the wonderful moments and then popping right back into you and gasps and farts and poop and you know bad attitudes and taking out the garbage and regular human stuff okay so then the second aspect of this came from me doing Bikram yoga Bikram yoga also hot yoga and so you know you were you know become yoga is not as popular anymore because Bikram turned out to be you know a bit of a perv but hot yoga usually you're in a very very hot room and in that hot hot room you will feel some anxiety you'll get that fight-or-flight mode at certain point when something gets really really hard the heat is on you literally and you're trying to hold a position and there are times where you find your heart it's just like racing because maybe you try to push yourself too hard and you feel that and so anxiety will happen it's like it's going to happen just based off of you trying to deal with the environmental pressures and the physical pressures that you're trying to achieve in certain postures so you know I remember there was something it seemed like a lot of people were having that reaction and the teacher was like listen you know every time that we stop I want you to say something and so that's what I'm going to give you and so those two things can't you gather so this is what you're going to do when you start to feel a sense of anxiety and the way you'll know that you're feeling a sense of anxiety if you feel your heartbeat go up a little bit if you feel any sense of almost like you can't move right so one thing that people talk about this fight/flight you know there's fight or flight where you fly you know you got to get out right or you're ready to fight and kind of go through this you know that this this whatever is going on trying to fight through it but then the other aspect is freeze I think freeze happens to people more so often times than fight or flight the freeze aspect where you like I don't know to do I can't move you kind of get stuck in it okay I know freeze is more common for me so anyway and all of that when you feel these things where either you feel like oh gosh are gonna fight through something and you feel that little burst of energy you're dealing with anxiety and then if you're feeling this you know I kind of run you're feeling anxiety now there's gonna be times where it's absolutely appropriate right you know if you're in a sense of danger or like real danger and yeah get out get the hell out of there don't freeze but there are many other times where life in general is going to cause that maybe your child did something and then now you're worried about them on like there's a whole other level of why you're worried about them and you'll start to feel anxiety stretches at the job maybe you didn't do something right maybe your perfectionist you don't want to mess up you're gonna feel anxiety someone has criticized you you having a hard time with criticism once again you don't want to mess up and now you're feeling this sense of anxiety you feel everything rush and even though it doesn't seem like the world is moving around you just as it was before your inner world is up in shambles so this is what you do and this is something that you can do at any moment in life you do not necessarily have to be find a quiet room you don't have to stop anything you don't have to remove yourself even from the situation but if you can of course you should but if you're right there let's say you're in a meeting and you're feeling anxiety I know I felt it before in a meeting some tell you what to do the first step is this you start to acknowledge what's around you and you do it kind of in a physical way not just in a visual way or just through verbally you look right now I'm at a desk right so what I would do is this I want tap the desk and say the wood is hard you know I'm just happy the wood is hard and then maybe I might even move my foot around ever so slightly and say the carpet is soft the carpet is fuzzy and I start recognizing the environment around me okay the window is clear the sky is gray and I'm not saying out loud I'm just acknowledging it essentially what I'm doing is I'm bringing my attention to the present moment I'm not being focused on what people are thinking about me but this might mean done no no I'm focusing on the moment and you do that by simply observing the environment you know you could say that air is fresh the air is a little musty you you're totally dealing with the environment the water bottle is green okay I have a metal water bottle so that's why I'm tapping on a and if your course in the meeting or a public space maybe you wouldn't tap on the bottle maybe you might rub the bottle and say the water bottle it has a smooth texture this is something that you would say in your head and as you're doing that you keep doing that until you start to feel that anxiety reside once it begins to reside that's when you go into a deeper calming mechanism so that's that second part so you've been acknowledging your environment using your senses you know the wall is green or the wall is blue and you're just acknowledging everything the book is red and I'm really just kind of you know right now I'm just pretty much describing my environment you know the glass is clear the death is hard okay maybe you maybe your hand is soft right you're talking about your environment in your head bringing your attention to the present moment and nowhere else once you've gotten used to that now you go into this phase and you start to observe yourself and all you're doing is a simple thing I'm breathing in I am breathing out so when you when you feel yourself in inhaling I'm breathing in when you feel yourself exhaling I am breathing out I'm breathing in I am breathing out and that in and that out and that in and that out acknowledging that breath in and out that is going to call me now you're starting to be aware of yourself so first you were aware of your own in the present moment and now you're bringing awareness to yourself and what's happening within you and the only thing you're gonna focus on a course is the breath I'm breathing in I am breathing out I'm breathing in I'm breathing out and you're observing the breath now first it might seem like you're controlling the breath meaning when you say you're breathing in all sudden you're breathing in and we say everything out and then you might get to the point where you're simply observing the breath now that you're breathing in and out and as your mind might start to wonder you go right back to that because now what you mind if I start to wonder for a sec wander for a second and you can stop and say well what am i doing oh I'm breathing in I'm breathing out I'm breathing in I'm breathing out and you just do that for as long as it takes when you start to feel everything start to gather itself and you will feel it in your body because anxiety is something that actually can be physically felt I just want people hyperventilate and think they're having a heart attack I think they're having all these experiences when they're not it's because it is a physical reaction so you start to feel everything calm through everything kind of get more back to a place of homeostasis and once you have gotten there and you've helped that space for a while how do you actually leave that you leave the same way you came you want to ground your experience because you might start to have a meditative experience and you're back in the womb and so on and so forth but remember you still have to get up you still have to live you still have to walk out so you ground your experience and then also remember you can do this anywhere you could have been on the bus you could have been you could have been out there with your friends okay so then what we do here is simple you grounded again and you pretty much say oh the carpet is fuzzy the table is hard the chair is wood the tape the chair is hard and you start to observe that physical environment again so you're bringing together those two experiences and then you can even have fun I'm breathing in I'm reading out the bottle is smooth and then through that practice you're gonna start to feel calm and that's it that's a calming meditation technique for anxiety it's very effective something that I use it's not like I'm just pulling it out of my butt is something that I used because I do have anxiety I experienced it because I am a perfectionist so if I'm a perfectionist that means it's very easy to you know I can oh my god should I do this right I do that right I do this right you know so I had to stop and I have to be able to say what's going on Oh the carpet is fuzzy and I start to bring myself back to that space if you can't tell I did this before before I'd made this video I did before I made this video which is pretty much why I'm extra calm right now and I'm able to just deliver it in this way which I did on purpose I wanted to be calm while I was giving out a calming meditation technique and the other thing is this is also good when you wake up in the middle of the night so you know when you have those middle the night terrors if you have them it's a rare that I might have it but if I do have it it's a way to deal with it and the way you do it is it simply the same way the pillow is soft you just start observing everything I'm breathing in I am breathing out and work your way through that process and I'm telling you you will start to feel calm again and tired again and more than likely you'll be able to go back to sleep so that is my technique okay and think about it for those of you guys don't want to miss out on your chance of 3:00 a.m. spirituality that's pretty spiritual you're dealing with your non-physical in some way shape or form you're calming yourself enough to be able to tap into the non-physical aspect of you so don't feel like you've cheated yourself out of that experience because I know that can be something that could might feel so anyway that's that and so now we have a technique you know I now kind of want to talk about a little bit about kind of you know I had this thought about this you know as I was making it I thought to myself you know when when do people have experiences like this and I feel like a lot of times when you have chill and and I'm thinking about children the fact that when you want to discipline discipline them and they get you very upset they've done something a lot of times we don't what parents don't realize that they're acting from anxiety one their children's not listening to what they're saying that means I don't have control over them that means I don't have control over the decisions that they make that means I can't protect them in the world so there's like levels of too why you have that anxiety so if you went through that technique prior to disciplining them I wonder what the outcome would be of the discipline doesn't mean you're not going to discipline them but it might be a different way that you've done it prior to so I'm just throwing that out there and that in the way that you deal with people take the time to calm yourself before it happens that you're not coming from a place of anxiety and worry and fear that you're coming from a rational logical level-headed place so that it doesn't mean that you don't act it just means that you're gonna be acting differently so I'm giving you that advice that you use this technique also prior to making big decisions prior to making something that's already been causing you are they worry and grieve use the technique and then make the decision I bet just going to be a lot different so those are different ways that you can use it and I hope you guys so I've seen like you guys appreciate it so I'm glad you do hey and don't be what's going on so all right now we're gonna look into this bag of tricks here and see what we have cuz I said a calming meditation technique and then I said and more so here we go okey-dokey oh this is fun I like this little connection here I don't know if you guys can read it but it's funny when I show this because you actually see my my handwriting which I don't try to make look beautiful okay how to receive messages from angels and spirit guides so that was a real question how do you receive messages from angels and spirit guides well this is very much alive with all of this and they always are isn't it kind of amazing like how much all the stuff you know lines up you know calm yourself first so a lot of times a lot of times when you are in a state of how do you put any kind of anxiety or heightened whatever is going on you find that you want these answers right usually something is happening and you're just worn out and you're like oh my gosh and you want to answer because that's what most times when people connect to or want to connect to deities angels spirit guides your loved ones it's always in the not always but most of the time it's in a sense of like desperation things are not working out you're just begging for answers it's something you ask and you asked and you're praying or whatever it is that you do and nothing seems to be coming or you're hearing a whole lot of stuff but none of it is really that clear and you don't know why and you're in it's frustrating and so think about the technique that I just offered you have to calm yourself you have to get to a place of quiet to be able to listen I was reading somebody's facebook post and it was really cute and the fact that it was a gentle post but it pretty much said that your spirit when spirit talks to you it's like in a whisper and I agree it's not loud it's not it's not in-your-face it's not all over the place it's quiet and so you have to become quiet to communicate to ask those questions to get those answers it's not going to be when you're in a frenzy it's not going to be when you're all over the place you need to get quiet to listen to what's really happening because if you're not even what's gonna happen is you're gonna hear yourself you're gonna hear all your thoughts you're gonna hear all your fears and anxieties all attempting your ego all attempting to give you a quick answer because you want it right now right you want this answer right right now because of how you're feeling and you haven't taken the time to actually get to a place of feeling calm and clear so that may be an answer can come through they'll be a little different then the immediate fire one that you're feeling right now so my advice would be to calm yourself first calm yourself get to a place of calmness and then from there ask your questions and I like to ask questions I hear pretty well so I don't really feel the need to do much but what I do do is this after I am hearing everything and getting the information that I asked for I write it down because it's so easy to forget all of that so I write it down right away and then I reflect back on it so it's important to find a way to document you know your experiences versus just trying to get something documented so then I write it down and I reflect on it you know I write it down first close it forget about it and then come back and reread it and see if it still resonates with me see if it answers what I you know like I it you know I double-check their work in mind and seeing how I feel about it do I still feel connected to this when I read it do I feel a sense of anxiety or do I feel a sense of calm that's gonna give me a nice little way to check to see where did this information come from what level or what not lovable you know like what frequency did it come from is it aligned to like the greatest part of who I am or is the line to my fear my anxiety me trying to be perfect you know what is it aligned to and so when I read it if my feelings of it remain calm and clear secure and I know that this is a good message from an angel or spirit guide or whoever it is I'm connecting to if I am feeling otherwise it's time for me to go back and do some work okay so really you know you have to I know people don't like to question things it's like you know they want to have contact or I talked to you know whatever it is deity and they want to be just left right then and there and they don't want to question what happens from there I think it is important to question it's important to see if the feeling is the same it's important to test your feelings about it because your emotions lets you know where your energy is going energy in motion so if something isn't feeling quite right about it it means that you need to go back and do the work the same work where you calm yourself and you listen and you take in the information and then you document it and you go back and see how do I feel about this well you know you start to observe yourself just as you observed yourself and you realize that you're breathing in and you're breathing out same observation I'm happy about this I'm calm about this I have a fear about this I feel anxious about this I'm really mad about this how are you feeling because if you feel calm if you feel happy about a feel sense of peace about it then to me that's great information that you've gotten but if you feel anything else go back to the drawing board and do more work so that to me and says how do you contact them you know I can give you could of giving you such a shorter answer and said just say hello but I know that sometimes it's being able to filter the information that's why readings can get really funny when you want a reading but you're so caught up in it and how many people I see a lot of I see this a lot with in relationship kind of readings I don't give readings everyone please let's be clear I don't like readings and that into it I think I'm not it's not my thing but I observed people who give readings and observe people who ask for readings okay and what you'll find is that there's always a sense of anxiety right you know when I find the one it's you do is he the one for me is she the one for me so on and so forth and there's like this anxiety that they already have about it okay and so then the reader is essentially responding to that anxiety like they are essentially matching them with the same energy and the energy that's going to pull from whatever divination tool is going to be matched to that as well and so they'll get I answer all right but if you ever notice it's rare there's always makes them feel better there's still anxiety about it and it just becomes like this weird circle-jerk of just like you know of anxiety and there's no real solution there's some times where if you already have come to peace with the situation and then you go to confirm it with you know a reader or some sort then yeah you're gonna feel at peace but you already have you already knew the answer in the first place you're just looking for someone to confirm it for you but there are other times when there's when you're in a frenzy you'll find that the information that comes out is really weird you know and often this is random but I remember you know one of my old friends who was a reader you know she had this person who wanted to be read by her who was also you know a reader as well and she was like is my relationship with my husband gonna work out now might her anxiety and her energy was like all the way up here and it's just in the the response back of like you know I really don't know it you know it looks like you know it just depends on what you want and she's trying to be nice about this but you know the person was a crackhead this person was having high anxiety about wanting to have a relationship work with someone who was a crackhead and the reading because of that it was hard to get the reading out because it was like there were some really obvious stuff going on but the reading was fuzzy how could you have given her a clear and calm reading when you're having that much anxiety about Bullough relationship with a crackhead workout I see laughing here I know I'm very calm right now but I'm just trying to explain to you that we have to get to a place of calm and rational mind before you start to even ask the kind of questions that you want before you get calm before you even start the conversation right it's all about communication skills at the end of the day it's about communication skills the most effective conversations come from too level-headed people if you have one person it's totally up out of here and the other person is maybe calm it's gonna be hard to cut it's gonna be hard to connect to that person who is all the way up there okay especially if you think about what they were even caught up on so it's important for you to get to a place of calmness and then connect or if you know that you're up in that place don't go don't go to a healer or a reader or any kind of like someone who offers things and expect answers for your life come to them and and expect maybe a possible opportunity to be around calmness because if you're so high energy it means that maybe you're not around any kind of like calmness so you want to look for the opportunity to be around that so kind of know what you're going there for because if you can learn that technique then what you might find is that it's gonna help inform you in every other decision it's like that first step to get to a place of it mean anyway like a homeostasis and then step off from there okay so I hope I answered that in a kind of different way how do you how do you receive messages from angels and spirit guides and to me you have to calm yourself and I'm one of my more popular videos is communicating with your ancestors and loved ones and I say that that essentially you have to realize that it's like what do you want to connect to do you want to connect to you know the trauma of that ancestor and loved one then find be all crazy and wild and still you know in a complete mess and you'll connect to the trauma or do you want to connect to who they really are beyond everything you thought they were well that means you have to get into a place of calmness you have to realize that they are not necessarily miserable you have to get to a different state to connect to them and so that was what the video was about but to me to which if you want to receive something you have to be in the receptive state right in an aggressive state and I'm gonna get this kind of state or give it to me now a kind of state isn't gonna get you what you want right desperation is that give it to me now alright when you're desperate for something I'm desperate to feel this person again I'm desperate to have this experience it's not going to happen right then in there what will happen a lot of times you might be desperate for something right and I've given I kind of explain it you know when I lost someone of course I mean I was desperate times I just want to hear them I just want to see them to do it and I had that anxiety well every time I felt that way absolutely nothing would happen but then I would have these moments of complete calm maybe I just watched her like a romantic comedy I've just relaxed maybe had a calming conversation just just relax and then something would happen in which their presence was made very clear to me and I'll give you kind of two examples of that you know there was a joke that we had you know regarding the phrase up up and away okay it was a really silly silly joke but up up and away was just a funny kind of joke that we had well I had reached this state of calm I was on the train a super super super calm and all of a sudden I hear this little child go in a way in a way and I look over they did it it was almost like they stopped to do this and then right back and they went right back into everything else that they were doing right back into that I thought that was really interesting another experience was that you know there was another joke that we had regarding a particular catalog for men and this catalog every time you saw the catalog I would always joke like this isn't very masculine I mean it was just a funny funny joke because the the person's mother loved to order things for him from this catalog but it wasn't essentially it wasn't clothing that a guy you know was more kind of not really from the streets but you know and more street wear would want to wear for any occasion let's just put that way but she loved to order clothes for him so it's just it was just a biggest joke you know it comes to particular catalog well one day like I said relax just ask you know just super relax everything was chill the wrong male came to the house and it was that catalog and then when he opened up the catalog the main model and the catalog looked just like him and it was just a funny situation I'm like I laugh for like so long about that cuz it just tickled me so much and that wrong male never came to the house again it just happened one time and there was that particular magazine it was just it's like how does even get there and he opened it up and it was that particular person it looked just like him it really did it was the funniest funniest funniest thing I was tickled by Annalise because of just the it was like there were so many like layers to the joking at that point it was like wow so but one but I had noticed one thing I noticed is that every time those things happen is that I was in a very clear state of calm I wasn't asking for anything there was no sense of desperation there was no please please going on I wasn't in some kind of state where I was like you know like I wasn't in a frightened state I wasn't in a desperate state at all I was in a peaceful state and that's when the information came so it's it's just to kind of help you understand how do you get those messages there was another time and this was a time where I felt my grandmother contacting me and what happened was I was the clear thing is is that it what there was a very kind of like hi I was actually in a weird kind of argument with someone and in that argument the person said something that calmed me dramatically kind of like I don't you know I just a calm a calm calling me because I also the stress like left me any kind of anxiety that it had but it was was there pretty much saying you know we don't have to be friends anymore well when I heard that I had never felt so calm because I had because that was the source of my anxiety that was truly the source of my anxiety the friendship and so the moment I heard that all that anxiety lifted off of me I felt so so calm and that was when I felt my grandmother and she's like it was she – and my finally baby or something like that it was clear as day though but I was just like and Here I am having this in clear clear moment and I just walked away called it a day and I always had peace about it never had any kind of other feeling about it because of how clear it was so I have a lot of moments like that in which when I gave myself peace and calm and when I created peace and calm that was when all those messages would come in that's when all these you know kind of divine ideas would come in by creating a peace peaceful place for myself within myself you know in that last scenario of course the calm was kind of given to me by lifting off that that little kind of thing that I was holding on it's like I was this that friendship I was holding on to it and it was so heavy for me and in a moment it was lifted off I was like it was like I could breathe I didn't you know the whole time I didn't feel like I was breathing and then the moment was lifted off I could breathe and that was when I felt that ancestral president's kind of come in and be like you're good huh you're good so anyway I say all that to say that's how you can use the techniques and maybe why you use a calming meditation technique so a reason why you might use a calming meditation technique it's also to receive those other divine messages and there you go so how about giving enough information and also background I think that I kind of want to leave it there does anybody have any questions before I go let me know I'm looking for them any questions before I go and yeah and and for those of you guys who might be new I have so many videos covering so much I realized this when I watched God itself put in when I see her put in all the videos that I've done and I'm just like I have talked a lot about this in different ways so you know if you have certain questions a lot of times you can find the answer just in the previous video so that's done and no matter I'm in my early days of youtubing I would do a lot of shorter videos so you can do that oh and then a little announcement the group thank you reminding me so my private group on Facebook so let's do a little bit of like I guess house stuff in my private group on Facebook we are beginning a new homework and this is announcement to the group as well so shiny ashes homework begins I'll be writing something up within the week kind of giving you the details and kind of where we're going but I will give you one word and this will pretty much give you pretty much the whole homework but not necessarily how we're gonna approach it but rituals so that's that's that's where we're going with the homework so the way to join the shiny ashes group and how we approach things is of course by supporting me via patreon com Kiki scenes up and what we do in that group is what what would be considered spiritual work work that is done by people who see themselves as spiritual who are doing all kinds of stuff and is always laughing I'm ahead you might be ahead but I think that the slant that I'm taking on this is gonna be beneficial for you and anyone connected to you especially your children you know or your child or however that works for all the people who have children so I kind of have I have a idea of parents involved in my mind people who are also kind of having their hand on the next generation I anyone who might be mentoring people and also the connection of course that you help yourself so this isn't just about you I would say there is a larger view that I have in my mind regarding this particular homework that we're going to do so ritual is the key word but of course I have to see it from a different perspective right a grander perspective or maybe a way that I think will be beneficial to us all moving forward okay so it like a thing in the group that's what we do we do spiritual work we do what have we done we made portals we've explored speaking in tongues we have worked with deities we have thank you we have done chanting kind of work we have we just chanted we just explore chanting which I really really enjoyed all kinds of stuff so far man I think about it of course I think I've forgotten some and that's okay but in that work what we've done is essentially worked to establish a real practice in our lives versus it being something that we just read about or see about that we actually become doers in our spiritual life versus the observers or someone just kind of peeking in or even just being weirdly curious but never actually doing anything about it so that's why I created the group that we could have a group of people who would support each other and doing the work but also to give people a space to explore it in a way that feels safe that feels good and I have to say like it's it's for me it's not it's not about a large group it's about a good group of people who are willing to actually put in the work to explore different things in different ways and we also of course have a book club within the book this particular homework is very much connected to the book that we are reading so I'm very happy about that it's nice you know in the past maybe the book kind of connected but this time I really wanted to pull together and it next to the book that we are reading so it really feels class like you know anyway that's what we're doing and so if you want to be a part of that PG scenes uh it's how you can gain your entry into it as well now if you're not ready to spear to work but you still want to support the work that I do that I've been doing for five plus years you can do that and there's like levels you know so one of the tiers of course are sparklers and sparklers are people who have committed but they're not saying I don't want not quite ready to do all that but I do appreciate what you have done and I just want you to know that and so that's what that's about and of course the next level of course people who are ready to actually really really do it so anyway that is all I'm gonna leave it right here and oh yes I do offer spiritual coaching sessions which are great one-on-one sessions to deal with your stuff and can help you explore what's really going on I'm really good at seeing things I don't like to consider I don't give you a reading I give you a really wonderful healing space and of course a listening ear but also my perspective on what's happening yeah so don't come me with your man stories you know just be clear I don't care about your man or your woman come to me with the real stuff the stuff that is happening in your life spiritually that you're trying to find a way to connect to that you are trying to explore where you might have felt like you've reached a little like kind of stopping point and you need to get over the hump that's what that work is about you know something has happened something is odd something is different and you just need to be able to talk it over you want to know that this you are not crazy and you want to have some tools and techniques to walk away with to who to enrich your path that's what those sessions are for they're really literally me coaching you on your spiritual journey but yes they're not for you and your man I do not care are you and your woman do not care oh when I tell you I do not care I do not care so anyway that's that I'm very calm right now the technique works very well if you cannot tell and that is all everyone I'm gonna go I'm gonna skedaddle I'm not playing their harmonica today and that's it and I just have to ask that before I go who are you who's writing in all caps I'm so curious the energy here let's just let this person tell me who they are cuz I want to know because you're very excited is I almost feel like you're yelling at us and I just want to know who you are where did you come from and let's find out who this person is and then I will say goodbye okay so you're new thank you welcome I appreciate your enthusiasm and how did you find this channel just curious I want to know and I'm calm today so your excitement like what's going on oh you're from England that's exciting whereabouts what are your interests and what brought you to the Kiki scenes a channel just curious oh snap I'd walk up there's no drama no song I'm learning here I have a new someone new and they're excited and I want to know who they are you know before we go you just ran Church in my channel looking for spiritual stuff okay well thank you for being here I do not add just so you know I don't answer personal questions like that that I think you asked from Manchester very nice I'm not an open book in that sense I give nice anything that just share about myself is for learning purposes but it has absolutely nothing to do with the the message that I'm seeking to convey it is not any of anyone's business okay so that's how I do things here and I do appreciate you being here today and all caps I'm gonna tell you it's very intense but you know that because you've probably been writing in all caps for a long time but and you say who the hell cares I'm gonna write in all caps and so I understand I get it I do so standing who you are thank you for watching and thank you for being here and yes subscribe if you haven't and subscribe you haven't liked this video share this video for all your high anxiety perfectionist friends and that's it okay bye bye shiny ashes I think I might meet you over in the group I don't think I know I'm going over to the group right now so we can connect and

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