Cameraman Give Nurse & Medicine For LOLA | LOLA Still Hurt Wound.


  1. Se lo tendria que sacar una temporada ..para que se recupere. A la madre..ahunque este mas pendiente del monito .Pero es que se esta apagando…poco a poco

  2. Depois deveria tos vídeos ,seguindo Lola, convennhos estamos todos errados quanto a essa vocês acham que do jeito que vocês estão fazendo é o certo,quem sou eu para discordar??Apenas uma espectadora Que não entende de símios.E sela morrer que diferença faz,são uma praga mesmo,tanto faz.

  3. I know the cameraman loves Lola and is trying to help her but as her open wounds are healing, she seems to actually be hungry and weak. I can't stand the thought of clicking of here and finding she died in the night so I won't be watching her anymore until I hear she has been treated by a real vet. Have a nice day.

  4. I just can’t believe how good her mother is with her. Much better than most of the mother’s.

  5. God job !
    Keep stressing animals with seringes and cameras !
    Make them run away and climb trees.
    Fast moves and jumps dificult the cure and hurt the baby.
    This way you have more time to film.
    Keep the good work !

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