Cameroon: Incentivizing Hospitals to Improve Maternal and Child Health Care

nigga Anita ChaCha is on a mission she's a community health worker she keeps tabs on the well-being of residents in her village BAM belong in Northwest Cameroon today she's visiting her neighbor this year and Green who is pregnant with her fourth child Anita wants to find out why Prix skiers missed an important antenatal doctor's visit I'm Chris Koegel after a long council is aware that if you go out and see clearly reality gear we fell upon sit on drops for it and she started it on go why you as Anita explains the importance of attending antenatal visits she learns that priests care missed the appointment because she didn't have enough money for a scheduled test Anita points out that many services are now free or offered at a reduced price until Friday regret it and sue clinic near non Michigan Anita is part of a countrywide effort to increase access to health services for women and children Cameroon's Northwest region has some of the worst health and poverty outcomes in the country since 2011 with financing from the government Ida the World Bank's fund for the poorest countries and others Cameroon has been improving those outcomes with a program called performance based financing or PBL rewarding health facilities with cash based on their performance way winning such missions with disinfected big sister Vera Angeline is head nurse at st. John the Baptist Catholic Health Center in end up district within happy it would water source with rough electricity problems within our most form of officials did not have a monkey on their bed and this task some of them used to complain about the appeal and not being motivated now we have a well and able to have what through in India sent us always performance based financing has also benefited public hospitals in the same district what TV ever done before yet it is easily a magic piece that extend things around since the start of PDF the hospital has added 16 new staff members they've bought mosquito nets bed sheets installed a new floor and they've invested in solar energy for backup power well or busy let's go to the panel for the hospital's budget for pharmaceuticals has nearly quadrupled I took over four point two wheeler we are now looking at early 1640s by increased quantity and share in to what love senioritis is one my colleague is having the other way they've also been able to provide free services to remove one medication the transaction is free yeah to only pay for that job taking care of the poor and vulnerable we never used to do that but now even in our budget we plan and we take care of them the Saucony chai activity but the price when activity hospital people know like that so they there's a reduction this time yes when they do like that we to feel relief patients are also now encouraged to give feedback on their health care experiences every quarter former patients are asked about what they liked and disliked about a health centers service the feedback effects our health centers overall score which determines how much money they'll get since 2015 the Global Financing facility has been building on this work along with the government and partners to make prioritized results-focused investments in the health and well-being of women children and adolescents in the country and what GFF is if that concerted effort dedicated to women and children and we haven't done that before it's never been people centered it's been disease centered we will give this one and this one is video answered is this really working because a community love it you love it so much way more on advise them on her issues oh so do la camera Lada Priora P LaGrant purity silicon teleMed lava in Okinawa Jeff Ezra no permit Absalom oh no sir mondo progressive element logic very sanitary vessel Mexico de priori represent a ratio key woman direction Lapham ed lava


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