Camping Gear : Camping Gear First Aid Kit

I am going to talk a little bit now about
first aid kits. See this one here? Not a backpacking one. This one is way too heavy but for larger
group’s I can see maybe using this one. But really you want to go for the smaller ones.
You don’t want to have a whole medicine chest in your pack and have to carry it all that
way. You want to double up things a triangular bandage that would be in a first aid kit really
would only be a bandanna. So what you want to look for in a first aid kit small light
maybe some water proofing to it but you can pretty much just assemble it. Any premade
one you?re probably going to have to adapt. When you look at it here is a personal here?s
a trail made by Adventure Medical Kits there kind of the same first aid kit but the only
difference is how much of the stuff that they have in there. So the personal ones going
to have fewer medications fewer bandages. Trail is going to have more. What?s the line
of thought? The line of thought is if you get hurt on day one your going to have to
maintain through out it the entire trip. So the longer the trip you might need a little
more bandages or medications. If you have any questions give your local outfitter a


  1. brrr dislike pre made kits there full of crap. my kit has 2 small triangle bandages, 2 large triangle bandages, 3 Large non stick pads, 2x 15cm /1.5m bandages, medical tape, gloves, steri-strips, scissors, pocket mask, mobile phone, puffer and imodium. and with that i can handle burns, snake bites, lacerations, punctures, abrasions, suspected neck injuries, dislocations, asthma attacks, really all i would need is a defib and epi pen and i would be set 😀 i recommend do a senior first aid corse

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