Can a New Gene Therapy Cure Cancer?

Dimas Padilla: Everything started in July
2011. I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma
and I was in stage four when they found out. I started getting a lot of tumors around my
neck to the point that it pressed my vocal cords. I lost my voice. They told me Dimas, I don’t have
good news. The chemo is no longer, is not working. Your tumors are keep growing so at this point
pretty much there’s not much we can do. Frederick Locke: These patients are without
other hope. Their life expectancy is, is a matter of months. When I first saw Dimas his lymph nodes were
growing rapidly despite all the available standard treatment options. So yeah, he was in bad shape. The “CAR” is simply a GPS navigation on
the front of that T-cell so it knows where to go and to get to its target. So a 100-kilogram man would get 200 million CAR
T-cells. Padilla: Think about like an army of soldiers. And once they see or they feel the cancer
cells, they destroy it. But what happen is in your blood, so then
you get toxicity…and because it stays in your blood that’s why out get those high
fevers. I’m talking about 104, 105 degrees. There is this phrase that I always keep in
my mind which is never broken because I didn’t want the cancer to break me.


  1. These researchers are angels, God bless them, humanity fights back, awesome video. Class doctors and researchers.

  2. I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in 2011, and that year we were excited to be celebrating my six year survivorship anniversary – a survival that was not remotely contemplated in 2016. Since i diagnosis i have learnt a lot about lung cancer, the first few years were confronting.
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  4. so long as profits from chemo keep rolling and idi ot elites think they can just import low quality population there is little incentive to remake the system

  5. Do a hydrogen peroxide cleanse to cure cancer! No doctors needed! Research on google. Up your dose from 3 drops 3x per day to 25 drops 3x per day (one additional drop each day until you reach 25) and hold that level for 2 weeks then go back down at same rate! This is a secret not allowed to public because of corrupt health organizations profiting from cancer.
    Make sure to use 35% food grade h2o2 and add to 8oz distilled water

    My gift to humanity!

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