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  1. I actually don't want universal health care, but what I would like is affordable health care. As an example, last October, I went into the hospital because of a kidney stone. They gave me IV fluids and a room to sleep in for the night. Nothing else was done for me, which is OK for what I was experiencing, but the final bill was $5,000 which is total bullshit. I guess, they'll place a lien on my home, but they ain't getting paid anytime soon.

    Back in the early 2000s, I had a tooth break. It needed to be pulled, but I had no insurance. I called some dentists, but they wanted over $600. I know how simple pulling a tooth is. I waited until 2008 when I traveled to the Dominican Republic. I talked to a dentist, and he did it for about $35.

    Bottom line, we need to get costs under control.

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