Can You Combine CanXida Products With Other Supplements?

Greetings. Eric Bakker. The formulator of CanXida products. Thanks for coming back. I’m talking about CanXida, you know, these
supplements. I’ll just grab them over here. You might be… whoops, there goes some books. You might be familiar with these pills. So these are the CanXida remove tablet. These are the CanXida restore tablets, and
then we’ve got the CanXida rebuild tablets.But the question is can they be used as part of
an overall or a larger protocol? Can they be successfully combined with other
dietary supplements? Of course they can. And many people around the world use CanXida
as part of a range of supplements that they would use on themselves. So this will partner quite well with a multivitamin,
with an omega fish oil, fatty acid supplement, with a protein powder, with a liver-cleansing
formula. There are different formulations you can successfully
use this range with. It works well as a standalone, and that’s
originally what I designed it for, was to put these products together to help to clean
the gut, repair the gut, get that to a higher level and then other supplements can come
in there and these can be withdrawn. So CanXida supplements are normally used any
where from three months up to 12 months by most people, to get their gut in a higher
state. And generally as the gut improves, your [inaudible]
improves more and more, you can add more supplements in there. For example, like el glutamine, you could
put in there, or colostrum power, or chlorella, spirulina. Protein powders like yellow pea protein, for
example. So there are many different supplements that
work okay with these products. But if you really want to get the best effect
for your gut, I believe try and use them alone for a little while, for a few months if you
can, whilst going on the dietary recommendations, which I’ve always recommended on this channel. The Mevy kind diet approach, meats, eggs,
vegetables and maybe a bit of ferments like yogurt, cultured food like yogurt, for example. So first we like to get the lifestyle correct,
the diet correct, and start working on the digestion to improve it up to a better level,
then a higher level and then a good level and incorporate other supplements, not a problem.Don’t
put too many supplements prematurely when you’re using CanXida. Some people I’ve worked with over the years
used 10 to 15, up to 30 supplements per day whilst they put CanXida in on top of all that. Gets a bit messy and it’s quite difficult
really for the digestive system to handle that kind of a load of all those ingredients.So,
best to back off and keep it simple, silly. Okay, K-I-S-S, keep it simple silly. So keep things easy and simple for yourself
in terms of dosages and what to take, how much to take and only take a limited range
to begin with and then expand. And, yes, you can get interactions with dietary
supplements, with other supplements or drugs. So if in doubt, check it out. Check it out with your naturopath or doctor. But taking lots of pharmaceutical medications,
for example, and dietary supplements together is not really a good idea. Because interactions are quite common and
oftentimes I’ve had to pull out a supplement from someone’s regime because it was making
them sick because they were taking a drug at the same time. So just be aware of that, that combinations
sometimes are not that great. Okay? Especially if we’re looking at acid-blocking
medication for the stomach, for example. Or immodium, you know, drugs that help you
to stop you from having diarrhea. Taking those at the same time, for example,
as probiotics. Not really a good idea sometimes.So, that’s
my spell on it, my take on it. Just start slowly, build this things up. As your level of health improves, you can
add more things in there and take some of the digestive products out, but don’t over
complicate things and take too many things at the same time. Thanks for the question.


  1. Can we use canxida remove restore rebuild to improve bile acid malabsorption diahrea. Means to much biles in stool. which is led to inflammation of the large intestines

  2. Hi Dr Bakker, how are you meant to use remove, restore and rebuild, complete a course of each separately or simultaneously? Thank you!

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