Can You Solve This iPhone Puzzle?

So guys, you know I’m always on the hunt for the next crazy gadget. So like you don’t have to buy it so that like I do… and I tell you if it is worthwhile at all or if it’s just strictly crazy. Unless you’re into that. A guy like Jack, you never know what he’s into! Pffft Today is one of those days! Cause this thing right here, what is it? puzzlook? Man I saw this on Amazon and I’m like the people need to know. Cause that thing looks… there’s a word i like to use called Janky. It’s when you cant really describe why something is off well that’s off, my friends! That just might be janky It’s one of these camera adapters situations for your iPhone which gives you all these different lenses but this one does so in some kind of puzzle technique. So today I’ve got the one for the iPhone 5 5S and SE but they also make it for the bigger phones the 6 and so on On it there’s a fish-eye lens, a telephoto, a super wide, a different wide… and a micro lens, not macro okay interesting. It is all built into this case on the back of the box they give you a little example of what to expect. You can see in this one like that’s full fish-eye so you see the surroundings there as well. Maybe this is the future!? Probably not. Okay. Oh I see that it also has a tripod mount on it. There we go. Push the phone inside the side, there’s also a cleaning cloth for the various lenses. Ohhhh! [LAUGHING] Do you remember that game!? There was a game like this when you were a kid. I guess if you need to quickly switch between… certain ones, you’re going to have to play the puzzle a little [LAUGHING] So you go traveling… and you want to pretend that your smart phone is really a DSLR, this is one way to make sure it’s all on you at the same time. What is this part over here? Let me… Whoa! Is that a… USB? Integrated 8 gigabyte memory stick. To store some of those extra photos you took. That’s cool, alright, thank you. There’s also a little tiny compartment there. Secret compartment… I wonder what you can put in there? Alright… keep it legal! A little tripod mount. Listen, you’re a professional now, you’re pointing this thing at people. Get your tourist outfit on… one of those hats. You know that hat I’m talking about? With the vest! You get the hat, you get the vest and you’re ready for Disneyland. You think you’re cool right now. In high school… you got a certain look going on…. you got all your friends… You’re too cool for school! But you know what’s in you’re future? That hat, that vest, this thing and Disneyland! Got the rose gold… iPhone SE [CLICK SOUND] It’s a really tight fit when that thing is in… That’s in! That’s a bit of a scary fit. But listen, you’re committed to the cause here. Don’t forget the hat and vest. What do I got here? What should we kick it off with? Maybe this would be better if I used the video mode? There you go. Now I am going to slowly slide up one of these. And we ended up with the micro so everything is out of focus. Where’s the focus point here? I’m going to use this little card. Oh my god. Oh my, it’s right up… you, you’re like touching… And it’s a huge magnifier! What you got, you got like a coin? A coin would be cool. Anyone got a coin? Ryan you got no coins?! What are you broke?!! Oh that’s crazy. This is like… some bizarro detail in there. Let’s move to the next one here. So we’re back to normal. We switched to fish-eye. Boom!! Holy wide angle! You see the whole area! You even see Jack over there! Look at him! Got to get some meet on those bones. What did he eat for breakfast huh? A cheerio? You know what I mean, like one cheerio? Get it? [FAKE LAUGH] Back to normal. Badoom! Throw a little zoom on there. Beautiful, I mean that one is pretty straight forward. You can easily understand that. No zoom. Zoom. And that’s not digital, that’s optical. That’s an optical adjustment. Now we’re going to get into my favorites… which are basically just wide lenses. I love wide angles! I speak to you in a wide angle lens all the time. So here we go. Number 1. That’s a nice little adjustment right there. See just a little but better field of view. You want to get all your friends in the frame. This is super wide, so also… also very wide but not quite fish-eye. That might be my new favorite right there. That’s my new favorite. Nice and wide, a little bit of distortion. Ton of stuff in the frame. This is what I look at guys, you know. You think this job is easy? I’m getting fried by these babies all day. You know, this thing works!! It does the trick and it’s all on you at the same… you can get creative. Maybe you don’t want to take the plunge into a DSLR system. Maybe you want an all in one package. If you just want to embrace your inner tourist… and just get on with it… and take that trip, snap those photos… have those moments…. possibly change your life… this might be the way to do it.


  1. Did anyone else feel like they were at the ophthalmologist?
    "How is that? Better? Worse? About the same?" "Lens #1 or lens #2?"

  2. I've never seen you say whether something is crap. I've also heard you say that it's your job to hype something up.

  3. The cool part is, you can never lose a lens and changing one out for another is as quick as slide done. No custom software needed. Just wish it had higher level zoom and telephoto lenses rather than three different versions of wide lens. One wide and one fish eye would have been adequate, but 1.5 zoom is weak sauce.

  4. What is all this nonsense about jack, so its a meh joke about camera so what, can someone actually comment about the product please?

  5. jack may be real cause sometimes when lew asks jack like in 1 vid the camera nodded which means that jack might be a real person he has also appeared in the iphone jenga thing so jack may be a person who was not available in this vid

  6. "Whattya got? Like, a coin? A coin would be cool. Anybody got a coin? Ryan, ya got no coins?! What are ya, broke?!?!"

  7. These iPhone lens kits are no joke. I’ve bought several all in different price points for comparison, and they all did pretty good. Surprisingly, this isn’t the case in which you get what you pay for. Don’t waste your money on a $60 Olloclip set. Get the $8 clip on set from eBay or the Momax brand sets from Amazon. Just be sure to check the ratings, and you’re good to go. The macro lenses are particularly impressive. You can stack with most sets to multiply the magnification.

  8. Truly best channel , it’s sober, clean, very professional, really nice guy … too much addicted lol watching it every day , my favorite moment is during evening with cup of tea and macaron 😊

  9. So all the old iphone users u dont need to het iphone 11 for telephoto and ultrawide lens in this mod you get better ultra wide angle lens than the iphone since the field of view is 160 degree

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