Cancer Clinical Trials: Understanding Clinical Trials

each year over a million Americans from all life learned that they have at first many react to the diagonal first reaction in Harlem telephone had cancer was oh my god I have cancer I'm gonna die a terrible death no one had ever talked about cancer because it was something that was a frightening word in our community when I first heard of cancer years ago it meant that you had a terminal situation having gone through what I've gone through and having studied and read quite a bit not only about breast cancer but other types I realize that cancer isn't a death sentence but more like an obstacle in your life more than 10 million Americans are living with cancer more than ever before it can be a difficult battle but many are winning thanks to significant advances in medical research researchers are continuing to make important discoveries that result in new advances in treatment surgery chemotherapy radiation and you know therapy and the development of new drugs one way patients get access to promising new therapies is by participating in clinical trials also known as cancer research studies when your doctor recommends that you participate in a clinical trial you are being offered the ability to go one step farther than the standard ploy to do a little bit and even though it's not proven it might benefit for me participating in the trial was about receiving treatment but with a lot of special attention these and many other individuals were touched by cancer some were empowered to benefit from new treatment options all were empowered to help others rural and urban sick and healthy young and old and everyone in between empowerment access and choices that's what clinical trials and the people who make them happen are all about the clinical trials may not be the best choice for everyone I chose not to participate in a clinical trial because I was too scared to try something experimental we looked at the distance and the fact we need to travel to treatment visits for weeks at a time it seemed like a lot to put my family through when I could just go to the cancer center near my house and you know it was a bit scary to think about trying a new treatment so it was a tough decision the decision to participate in a clinical trial should be made with your family and doctors to weigh the possible benefits with risks or drawbacks ultimately it's your personal decision whether or not to participate in a clinical trial

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