Cancer patient highlights Nova Scotian's struggle to find a family doctor

look into my eyes and tell me that there is no healthcare crisis in my province of Nova Scotia I dare you – rutter ham is surviving cancer and is also a victim she argues of a failing health care system I am a 33 year old mother I went undiagnosed with anal cancer for two years because I did not have access to a family doctor Rutter Ham had a doctor who she says left town she had to rely on emergency room visits to access health care she says she went to three ers before in her words someone would listen to her are letting people die the backdrop here is this Nova Scotia has been trying to cope with a doctor shortage for years finding new ones and keeping them is difficult and many of them want lighter workloads and their predecessors right now 51,000 Nova Scotians can't find a family physician so you get cases like runner hams having a family doctor is your best bet at being able to catch those critical diagnoses there are challenges in the health care system the premier won't use the word crisis but promises to look into this case would you meet with her well the department I've asked the Department to do that and then I'll wait to hear back from the Department for Inez rudder ham it's been a draining ordeal and now she says she's infertile from 30 rounds of radiation it's okay though right because they caught it they caught it when it was stage 3 and I fought I fought for my life but there's no healthcare crisis after all of that another fight rutter ham says she's been waiting since January for mental health services to help cope with her cancer diagnosis she finally got an appointment for July Tom Murphy CBC News Halifax Tom mentioned the 51,000 Nova Scotians who can't find a family doctor those are just the ones on a formal Emily dr. waitlist it's about 5% of the population but in 2017 more than twice that number about 13% of Nova Scotians said they didn't have a regular health care provider and compared to the national average that's doing pretty well consider Quebec more than 20% of people there say they don't have a family doctor but wherever people without one lived they are less likely to be screened for serious underlying diseases

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